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Hu Zhi (Wende); Hu Chih (Wên-tê); 胡質 (文德)

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You are viewing the profile of Hu Zhi (胡質), styled Wende (文德), born in Dongwan. “Governor of Dongwan, took part in Cao Xiu’s invasion of Wu.” Hu Zhi was affiliated with and the Wei Kingdom. Return to the Three Kingdoms Encyclopedia to learn more or explore our Encyclopedia Directory to browse by kingdom or category.


Hu Zhi (Wende) 胡質 (文德)

Lived: AD ?–250

None Available

Served: Wei

Governor of Dongwan, took part in Cao Xiu’s invasion of Wu.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: Hu Chih (Wên-tê)
Simplified Chinese: 胡质 (文德)

Birthplace: Dongwan

Rank and Titles

General Who Conquers the East (zheng Dong Jiang Jun).

Family and Relationships

Hu Min (Father)

Literary Appearances

Romance of the Three Kingdoms: 96

Sanguozhi: Wei 27


Historic (Confirmed)

Hu Zhi, styled Wen De, held the rank of General Who Conquers the East (zheng dong jiang jun). When Zhou Fang, a general of Wu, feigned defection under orders from general Ma Kui, Hu Zhi went along with Man Chong to the eastern gate to support Cao Xiu.



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