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He Xun (Yuangu); Ho Hsün (Yüan-ku)

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You are viewing the profile of He Xun, styled Yuangu, born in Dunhuang. “Fought against the Qiang tribes, later plotted against Dong Zhuo but then joined him.” He Xun was affiliated with the Han Dynasty and Dong Zhuo. Return to the Three Kingdoms Encyclopedia to learn more or explore our Encyclopedia Directory to browse by kingdom or category.


He Xun (Yuangu)

Lived: AD 140–190

None Available

Served: Han, Dong Zhuo

Fought against the Qiang tribes, later plotted against Dong Zhuo but then joined him.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: Ho Hsün (Yüan-ku)
Simplified Chinese: Undefined

Birthplace: Dunhuang

Rank and Titles

Senior Clerk of Hanyang; Grand Administrator of Hanyang; Gentleman-Consultant; Colonel Of Elite Cavalry; Intendant of Jingzhao; Intendant of Chang’an; Consultant

Family and Relationships

He Siqi (Father); He Shun (Son)


Historic (Confirmed)

He Xun was from a family that had served as officials during the Han dynasty. During the Liang rebellion, He Xun successfully won several skirmishes against the Qiang. In one battle, he was heavily defeated and wounded three times. The Qiang chieftain Dianyu greatly respected He Xun and released him quickly after said battle’s conclusion. During a later famine in Hanyang, He Xun charitably gave grain to the peasantry. He Xun warned the Emperor about the growing power of the court eunuchs and problems in the countryside, but no effective action was taken in response.

After Dong Zhuo took power in Luo Yang, He Xun attempted to rebel. He unsuccessfully tried to incite Huangfu Song to raise arms against Dong Zhuo. In the end, He Xun gave up and accepted various official posts. There was mutual distrust between He Xun and Dong Zhuo until He Xun succumbed to illness and died in AD 190.

Source: A Biographical Dictionary of Later Han to the Three Kingdoms by Dr. Rafe de Crespigny



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