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He Qi (Gongmiao); Ho Ch‘i (Kung-miao); 賀齊 (公苗)

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You are viewing the profile of He Qi (賀齊), styled Gongmiao (公苗), born in Shanyin, capital of Kuaji Commandery. “Served Wu, first under Sun Ce. Became governor of Xuzhou. Father of He Da.” He Qi was affiliated with and the Wu Kingdom. Return to the Three Kingdoms Encyclopedia to learn more or explore our Encyclopedia Directory to browse by kingdom or category.


He Qi (Gongmiao) 賀齊 (公苗)

Lived: AD ?–227


Served: Wu

Served Wu, first under Sun Ce. Became governor of Xuzhou. Father of He Da.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: Ho Ch‘i (Kung-miao)
Simplified Chinese: 贺齐 (公苗)
Pronunciation: He4 Qi2 (Gong1miao2)

Birthplace: Shanyin, capital of Kuaji Commandery

Rank and Titles

Chief of Yan County; Chief Commandant of Kuaiji (AD 196); General of the Gentlemen of the Household Who is Majestic and Firm (AD 208); Grand Administrator; General Who Exerts Himself Martially (AD 213)

Family and Relationships

He Fu (Father); He Jing, He Da (Sons); He Shao, He Zhi (Grandsons); He Chun (Uncle); He Xun (Great-grandson)

Literary Appearances

Sanguozhi: Wu 15

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Historic (Confirmed)

He Qi, styled Gongmiao, served Wu during the reigns of Sun Ce and Sun Quan. He was born in Shanyin, capital of Kuaji commandery, and joined service with Sun Ce in AD 196. Initially he served as Chief Commandant of the Southern Region (the region around Dongye) but was soon given command of the county of Yongning, which had previously been under the rule of Wang Lang. Before long he had greatly expanded the southern borders of Wu. By 205 he had recruited an army of 10,000 and had formed eight new counties. In AD 208 Sun Quan appointed him General of the Gentlemen of the Household Who is Majestic and Firm and ordered him to subdue the Yi and She counties, which he did easily.

He continued to expand Wu’s borders and served in the failed battle of he fei. Along with Lu Xun, he destroyed the rebellion of You Tu in AD 216. He remained on the Yangzi frontier and defended the region from the Shan Yue. As his achievements were critical to the development of Wu he is often considered one of the most important officers of the country. His progress made possible future expansions conducted by Bu Zhi and Lü Dai. He Qi was also known for being extravagant, favoring showy weapons, armor, and ships. (1)

(1): Source: De Crespigny, Rafe. Generals of the South.



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