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Guan Ning (Youan); Kuan Ning (Yu-an); 管寧 (幼安)

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Guan Ning (Youan) 管寧 (幼安)

Lived: AD 158–241

None Available

Served: Miscellaneous

Former friend of Hua Xin. Tail of “The Dragon”, a group of scholars. Became a hermit.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: Kuan Ning (Yu-an)
Simplified Chinese: 管宁 (幼安)
Pronunciation: Guan3 Ning2 (You4an1)

Birthplace: Beihai

Family and Relationships

Hua Xin, Bing Yuan (Head, Belly of ‘The Dragon’); Chen Qiu (Teacher)

Literary Appearances

Romance of the Three Kingdoms: 66


Sanguo Yanyi

Guan Ning was good friends with Hua Xin and Bing Yuan, they made a little coterie called the Dragon, and Guan Ning was the tail. One day he and Hua Xin were hoeing their garden to grow some vegetables when they found an ingot of gold. Guan Ning went on with his labours without giving the find a second glance but Hua Xin picked it up, regarded it for a moment then threw it away.

Another time the two friends were reading together when there arose great shouting outside the study window as a Minister from the Palace was passing. Guan Ning took no notice but Hua Xin went to the window, for this Guan Ning despised Hua Xin and the two soon parted. Sometime later Guan Ning fled to Liaodong to live the life of a hermit, wearing a white cap, living in the upper floor of a house so his feet would never touch the ground. He refused to serve Cao Cao.



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