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Gao Gan (Yuancai); Kao Kan (Yüan-ts‘ai); 高幹 (元才)

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You are viewing the profile of Gao Gan (高幹), styled Yuancai (元才), born in Chenliu. “Nephew of Yuan Shao. Defeated Li Dian and Yue Jin at Huguan Pass.” Gao Gan was affiliated with and Yuan Shao. Return to the Three Kingdoms Encyclopedia to learn more or explore our Encyclopedia Directory to browse by kingdom or category.


Gao Gan (Yuancai) 高幹 (元才)

Lived: AD ?–206

None Available

Served: Yuan Shao, Gao Gan

Nephew of Yuan Shao. Defeated Li Dian and Yue Jin at Huguan Pass.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: Kao Kan (Yüan-ts‘ai)
Simplified Chinese: 高干 (元才)
Pronunciation: Gao1 Gan4 (Yuan2cai2)
Cantonese (Yale): Gou Gon (Yun-choi)
Cantonese (Jyutpin): Gou Gon (Jyun-coi)
Min-Nan: Kho Kan (Goan-cai)

Birthplace: Chenliu

Other Names: 高干

Name Notes: Gan written as 干 in HHS.

Rank and Titles

Inspector of Bing Province

Family and Relationships

Gao Ci (Grandfather); Gao Gong (Father); Yuan Shao (Father-in-law); Gao Rou (Younger Cousin)

Literary Appearances

Romance of the Three Kingdoms: 31, 32, 33

Sanguozhi: Wei 1, Wei 6, Wei 13, Wei 15, Wei 18

Hou Han shu: 49, 74, 75

Zizhi tongjian: 64-65



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