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Empress Zhen [Zhen Ji]; Empress Chên; 甄皇后[甄姫]

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You are viewing the profile of Empress Zhen [Zhen Ji] (甄皇后[甄姫]) born in Wuji in Zhongshan (in the vicinity of modern Wuji in Hebei). “Formerly Yuan Xi’s wife. Later married to Cao Pi. Became Empress.” Empress Zhen was affiliated with Yuan Shao and the Wei Kingdom. Return to the Three Kingdoms Encyclopedia to learn more or explore our Encyclopedia Directory to browse by kingdom or category.


Empress Zhen [Zhen Ji] 甄皇后[甄姫]

Game Name:
Zhen Ji

Lived: AD 183–221

None Available

Served: Yuan Shao, Wei

Formerly Yuan Xi’s wife. Later married to Cao Pi. Became Empress.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: Empress Chên [Chên Chi]
Simplified Chinese: 甄皇后[甄姫]
Pronunciation: Huang2hou4 Zhen1 [Zhen1 Ji1Pronunciation

Birthplace: Wuji in Zhongshan
(in the vicinity of modern Wuji in Hebei)

Other Names: Empress Zhen, Lady Zhen, Empress Zhen

Name Notes: Empress Zhen is frequently called Zhen Ji, as she is named by Koei. Referenced elsewhere as Zhen Luo (甄洛) or Empress Wenzhao (文昭皇后). I’ve recorded this as Huang2hou4 Zhen1 (Empress Zhen), with Ji1 as her given name. To say her name as Koei suggests, use Zhen (surname) and Ji1 (given name) together.

Rank and Titles

Illustrious of the Civilizing Emperor; Empress; (also Sometimes Called Madame Zhen)

Family and Relationships

Zhen Yi (Father); Zhang (Mother); Zhen Yu, Zhen Yan, Zhen Yao (Brothers); Empress Zhenang, Zhen Tuo, Zhen Dao, Zhen Rong (Sisters); Yuan Xi (Ex-husband); Cao Pi (Husband); Cao Rui Emperor Ming (Son); Princess Dongxiang (Daughter); Cao Jiong, Cao Mu, Cao Yin, Cao Shu (Grandchildren)

Literary Appearances

Romance of the Three Kingdoms: 33, 91

Sanguozhi: Wei 5

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