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Emperor Ling [Liu Hong]; Emperor Ling; 靈帝[劉宏]

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Emperor Ling [Liu Hong] 靈帝[劉宏]

Lived: AD 156–189

None Available

Served: Han

Ruled the Han from 168 to 189. Ruled through the Yellow Turban Rebellion.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: Emperor Ling [Liu Hung]
Simplified Chinese: 灵帝[刘宏]
Pronunciation: Ling2 Di4 [Liu2 Hong2Pronunciation

Other Names: Liu Hong

Name Notes: In Chinese the name of the emperor comes before the use of the word emperor hence Ling (the name) Di (emperor). The posthumous name of Ling can mean “Keen”, but it can also be interpreted as even though the state is in chaos, its roots have not been hurt. Fan Ye actually commented that the posthumous name was quite lenient for Emperor Ling.

Family and Relationships

Emperor Shao [Liu Bian] (Sons); Emperor Xian [Liu Xie] (Emperor Xian)

Literary Appearances

Romance of the Three Kingdoms: 12, 45, 3637, 57, 93


Sanguo Yanyi

Son of Emperor Huan. He placed all his trust with the eunuchs, in particular Zhang Rang, whom he referred to as a foster father. He had two sons, one from Empress He named Liu Bian and one from Lady Wang known as Liu Xian. Emperor Ling favored Xian and wished for him to succeed his throne. However, the Emperor died before he could see this through. Liu Bian succeeded Emperor Ling.



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