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Chen Qun (Changwen); Ch‘ên Ch‘ün (Ch‘ang-wên); 陳群 (長文)

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You are viewing the profile of Chen Qun (陳群), styled Changwen (長文), born in Yingchuan. “Known for his quarrels with Guo Jia. Creator of the Nine-Rank System.” Chen Qun was affiliated with Lu Bu, the Shu Kingdom and the Wei Kingdom. Return to the Three Kingdoms Encyclopedia to learn more or explore our Encyclopedia Directory to browse by kingdom or category.


Chen Qun (Changwen) 陳群 (長文)

Lived: AD ?–238

None Available

Served: Lü Bu, Shu, Wei

Known for his quarrels with Guo Jia. Creator of the Nine-Rank System.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: Ch‘ên Ch‘ün (Ch‘ang-wên)
Simplified Chinese: 陈群 (长文)
Pronunciation: Chen2 Qun2 (Chang2wen2)
Min-Nan: Tan Kun (Tiang-bun)

Birthplace: Yingchuan

Other Names: Zhangwen

Name Notes: Sometimes his style is referenced incorrectly as ‘Zhangwen’.

Rank and Titles

Clerk for Personal; Magistrate; Imperial Censorate; Palace Assistant Imperial Clerk; Palace Attendant; General; Excellency of Works

Family and Relationships

Chen Ji (Father)

Literary Appearances

Romance of the Three Kingdoms: 57, 58, 7880, 91

Sanguozhi: Wei 1, Wei 2, Wei 3, Wei 4, Wei 5, Wei 9, Wei 10, Wei 12, Wei 13, Wei 14, Wei 21, Wei 22, Wei 23, Wei 25, Shu 5, Shu 9

Jin Shu: 17, 30

Zizhi tongjian: 66-73, 81

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Chen Qun Biography [ZZTJ Compilation]
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Historic (Confirmed)

Chen Qun served as an advisor to Liu Bei in Xuzhou. When Lü Bu arrived, without a home and looking for assistance, Chen Qun advised him not to accept him. When Liu Bei lost Xuzhou, Chen Qun left his service and returned home.

When Cao Cao took over Xuzhou, he visited Chen Qun and convinced him to serve as an advisor. Under Cao Cao he never achieved fame, overshadowed by established advisors such as Xun Yu, Guo Jia, and Cheng Yu. At once point while Cao Cao was trying to defeat Liu Bei and Sun Quan, Chen Qun proposed a classic ‘Divide and Conquer’ strategy, but the plot did not succeed.

It wouldn’t be until established commanders such as Cao Ren and Jia Xu died that new officers such as Chen Qun and Sima Yi were promoted and given a positions where they could prove themselves. Under Cao Pi, he rose in rank to the very exalted position of Supreme Commander, a rank which held similar responsibilities to that of a Prime Minister. He established a very efficient system of simple but efficient laws that streamlined the Wei government, allowing Cao Pi, and later, Cao Rui, to focus better on important tasks. His skill in administration was rivaled only by the likes of Zhang Zhao and Zhuge Liang, but he was not recognized as a talented military commander. Sima Yi described him as “Ignorant of the Art of War.” His son, Chen Tai, was also very loyal to Wei.



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