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Cen Wei; Ts‘ên Wei

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Cen Wei

Lived: Unknown

None Available

Served: Han

Disguised as a guard, he took part in the killing of Dong Zhuo.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: Ts‘ên Wei
Simplified Chinese: Undefined

Other Names: Chen Wei

Name Notes: Also called Chen Wei in the ZZTJ.

Cen Wei


Historic (Confirmed)

Cen Wei was a Han general who participated in the assassination of Dong Zhuo. When Wang Yun and Lü Bu decided to do away with him Wang Yun ordered Shisun Rui to write an imperial order in his own hand for Lü Bu. Lü Bu ordered the Chief Commandant of Cavalry Li Su, a man from his own commandery, with the swordsmen Qin Yi, Cen Wei, and a dozen others, to disguise themselves as guards and wait behind the Northern Lateral Gate for Dong Zhuo.

On May 22, AD 192, Dong Zhuo arrived and Li Su stabbed him with a lance. Dong Zhuo wore armor, however, so the strike did not kill him. Instead he suffered a wound to this arm and fell from his chariot. Realizing his danger he called out, “Where is Lü Bu?” Lü Bu came forward and said, “I have orders to kill a rebel minister!” Dong Zhuo cursed him, “Useless dog, how dare you do this?” Lü Bu said nothing and simply stabbed Dong Zhuo with his spear and ordered the soldiers to sever his head. (1)

(1) Source: Zizhi tongjian.



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