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Bu Chan (Zhongsi); Pu Ch‘an (Chung-ssŭ); 步闡

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You are viewing the profile of Bu Chan (步闡), styled Zhongsi, born in Huaiyin in Linhuai. “Served Wu. Bu Zhi’s son. Surrendered his city to Jin. Killed by Lu Kang.” Bu Chan was affiliated with the Wu Kingdom and the Jin Dynasty. Return to the Three Kingdoms Encyclopedia to learn more or explore our Encyclopedia Directory to browse by kingdom or category.


Bu Chan (Zhongsi) 步闡

Lived: AD 222–272


Served: Wu, Jin

Served Wu. Bu Zhi’s son. Surrendered his city to Jin. Killed by Lu Kang.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: Pu Ch‘an (Chung-ssŭ)
Simplified Chinese: 步阐
Pronunciation: Bu4 Chan3

Birthplace: Huaiyin in Linhuai

Rank and Titles

Controller of Xiling; General Who Manifests Might; Marquis of Xiting; Controller of the Imperial Guard; General of the Guards; Honorary Palace Attendant; Designated Governor of Jiaozhou; Duke of Yidu

Family and Relationships

Bu Zhi (Father); Bu Xie (Older Brother); Bu Xuan (Younger Brother); Bu Ji (Nephew)

Literary Appearances

Romance of the Three Kingdoms: 120

Sanguozhi: Wu 3, Wu 7, Wu 13

Zizhi tongjian: 79


Historic (Confirmed)

Bu Chan was Controller of Xiling, and was promoted to General who Manifests Might and given the noble title of Marquis of Xiting. In the first year of the Fenghuang reign [AD 272], he was summoned back to the court to be Controller of the Imperial Guard. Since Bu Chan’s family had lived in Xiling for generations, he feared that this sudden recall implied that he had not performed his duties well. Fearing as well that he would be slandered against, he surrendered his city to Jin. The Jin court had Bu Chan control all military affairs of Xiling, and made him General of the Guards, and allowed him the honours of the Three Lords. He was also made an Honorary Palace Attendant, given the jiajie privileges to be designated Governor of Jiaozhou, and granted the noble title of Duke of Yidu. The Jin court then ordered Yang Hu, General of the Chariots and Cavalry, and Yang Zhao, Inspector of Jingzhou, to go to Bu Chan’s aid. Sun Hao had Lu Kang march west [to engage them]. Yang Hu and his company retreated, and Lu Kang was able to take the city and behead Bu Chan and his familiy. The line of the Bu’s was thus destroyed; only Bu Xuan’s line remained.



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