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Beigong Boyu; Peikung Poyü; 北宮伯玉

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You are viewing the profile of Beigong Boyu (北宮伯玉). “Lead mutiny of troops then Qiang revolt. Huangfu Song and Zhang Wen failed to put him down.” Beigong Boyu was affiliated with the Han Dynasty and Qiang. Return to the Three Kingdoms Encyclopedia to learn more or explore our Encyclopedia Directory to browse by kingdom or category.


Beigong Boyu 北宮伯玉

Lived: AD ?–187

None Available

Served: Han, Qiang

Lead mutiny of troops then Qiang revolt. Huangfu Song and Zhang Wen failed to put him down.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: Peikung Poyü
Simplified Chinese: 北宫伯玉

Rank and Titles

Auxiliary of Loyal Barbarians of Huangzhong; Leader of the Qiang

Literary Appearances

Hou Han shu: 8, 57, 72, 87

Zizhi tongjian: 58


Historic (Confirmed)

Beigong Boyu was an early leading member of the Liang rebellion. Given the nature of the rebellion, Beigong Boyu might have been of Qiang stock. He also might have been of Yuezhi stock, similar to Song Jian. Beigong Boyu, Li Wenhou and other leaders managed to kill Ling Zheng, the Han protector of the Qiang, in AD 184. They also occupied Jincheng prefecture and found other success. In AD 185, Beigong Boyu led cavalry into the Wei valley and threatened the Han city of Chang’an. The Liang rebels successfully combated punitive expeditions sent against them by Huangfu Song and Zhang Wen. In AD 185, they were beaten by Dong Zhuo at Meiyang. A follow-up pursuit attempt by Zhou Shen failed. Beigong Boyu, Li Wenhou and other early leaders were probably killed shortly afterwards in a feud amongst the rebels.



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