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Ahuinan; Ahuinan; 阿會喃 ()

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You are viewing the profile of Ahuinan (阿會喃). “Served and executed by Meng Huo. Marshal of the Third Cave. Captured by Zhang Yi.” Ahuinan is a fictional character. Ahuinan was affiliated with and Nanman. Return to the Three Kingdoms Encyclopedia to learn more or explore our Encyclopedia Directory to browse by kingdom or category.


Ahuinan 阿會喃 ()


Lived: AD ?–225

None Available

Served: Nanman

Served and executed by Meng Huo. Marshal of the Third Cave. Captured by Zhang Yi.

Officer Details

Wade-Giles: Ahuinan
Simplified Chinese: 阿会喃
Min-Nan: Ohhweelam

Name Notes: Some translations depict his name as Ahui Nan.

Rank and Titles

Chieftain of the Third Ravine

Literary Appearances

Romance of the Three Kingdoms: 87, 88


Sanguo Yanyi

Ahuinan was the third chief of a group called the “Three Ravines”, which was created by Meng Huo; the other two were Jinhuansanjie and Dongtuna. Meng Huo called the three to a meeting, and instructed them that whoever defeated the invading force would be the chief of the three. Meng Huo sent Jinhuansanjie with the center force, Dongtuna the left, and Ahuinan the right, all having 50,000 tribesmen. After Zhao Yun and Wei Yan had killed Jinhuansanjie, Zhao Yun and Ma Zheng attacked Ahuinan’s camp early in the morning. Ahuinan was able to escape this attack, but was captured by Zhang Yi, who had been sent by Zhuge Liang to wait for Ahuinan to flee that way and capture him. Zhang Ni had captured Dongtuna as well. Zhuge Liang treated the two well and, when they asked for freedom, released the two.

After Meng Huo was released (or, as he claimed, escaped), Dongtuna and Ahuinan feared that they would be executed, which they weren’t. Meanwhile, in Shu’s main camp, Zhuge Liang instructed Ma Dai, who had recently arrived with 3,000 troops, to ally with Dongtuna and Ahuinan so that the Shu forces would have help on the inside. When Meng Huo learned that Ma Dai had crossed the River Lu, which was poisonous, from Shakou and killed Mangyachang, he sends Ahuinan to guard the crossing point and Dongtuna to engage Ma Dai.

After Meng Huo was released the second time (he had been captured by Dongtuna and other discontented troops), he planned to kill Ahuinan and Dongtuna. He sent someone to the two chiefs to inform them that a messenger from Zhuge Liang was waiting for them. Ahuinan and Dongtuna were assassinated when they arrived at the so-called meeting place.



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