Dynasty Warriors 4: Game FAQ

Dynasty Warriors 4: Game FAQ

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Presenting a general gameplay and troubleshooting information repository for Dynasty Warriors 4. Featured bits include a collection of Frequently Asked Questions along with my answers, some information on hardware and software glitches, and some tips and tricks. Feel free to submit any additions you like.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions from my inbox. These are the questions that I generally get asked every single day by people who are looking to buy the game. If you have any questions please read this full document before contacting me.

How many players is Dynasty Warriors 4?

Can I import data from previous Dynasty Warriors games?

Online gameplay: does it exist in Dynasty Warriors 4?

When will the English cheat codes come out?

When will it be released for <game system>?

Will you post a guide for <insert various element of gameplay>?

I think <element of game> sucks, don’t you?

Do you like Dynasty Warriors 4?

Do you think I should buy it?

Why did they take out Nu Wa and Fu Xi?

Game Glitches (Hardware/Software)

Below you will find a list of various hardware and software game glitches that we have encountered or had reported to us. Some of them are actually pretty serious (the dueling system is basically messed up) while others might be amusing or useful.

Controller vibrates non-stop sometimes after being knocked down

Item Bonuses are lost after Duels

Aim an arrow outside the duel area to “hide”

Cheat Zhuge Liang’s Stone Warrior Formation

Horses can get stuck in walls and hills

The lightning stole my kill!

Gameplay Tips and Tricks

A collection of gameplay tips, tricks, and suggestions mixed with a few frequently asked questions (like the first two). Read these tidbits to speed up officer progress or generally simplify an element of gameplay (as if Dynasty Warriors 4 wasn’t easy enough).

How do I get the Elemental Orbs?

What is the best way to get Lv. 20 Items and Lv. 4 Orbs?

Easy Weapon Experience from your Horse

Live through a duel when things get rough

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