Dynasty Warriors 3
Game Manual

Table of Contents:

Controller: (top)

Basic Controls (Main Menu and other sub menus):

Directional Buttons: Item Selection
X Button: Enter
Triangle Button: Cancel

Basic Battle Field Controls

L1 Button: Guard/Shift
L2 Button: Name/Life Display
R1 Button: Prepare for a Bow Attack
R2 Button: Toggle Maps
Square Button: Normal Attack
Triangle Button: Charge Attack
O Button: Musou Attack
X Button: Jump, Mount/Dismount Horse
Start Button: Pause/Display Information Screen
Left Analog Stick/Directional Buttons: Move Character on Screen

Starting a Game: (top)
1. Place the Dynasty Warriors 3 disc in the disc tray of PS2.
2. Place a Memory Card (8MB) (for PS2) in MEMORY CARD slot 1.
3. Title screen appear after an intro movie, press Start Button to bypass.

Choosing a Mode:
Press the Start button to show the Game Select screen from the title screen. Saving (You can save a game and play it at a later time. There are different ways to save your game).

Saving a game at the end of a stage (Musou Mode/Free Mode):
When you successfully complete a stage, the game will ask you whether or not you wish to save the game. The game will be saved when you select yes from the dialog box.

In Musou Mode:
Choose the number you wish to save the game at. You can save up to three locations.

Saving a game in the middle of a stage (Musou Mode/Free Mode):
Press Start button during stage to display the Information Screen. Choose Quit. You can only save one game.
NOTE: The second time you save your game in the middle of a stage the new game will overwrite the previously saved data from the middle of the same stage.
NOTE: If you save your game at the end of a stage, it will delete the previously saved data.

Saving a game from the options screen:
You can save a game’s option settings or records. Choose save from the save/load menu in the options screen.

Loading (Continue a previously saved game)

Saved game In the middle of a stage (Musou Mode/Free Mode):
If you saved a game in the middle of a stage, Continue appears on the menu screen. Choose continue to play.

Saved game: At the end of a stage (Musou Mode/Free Mode):
Choose Musou Mode or Free Mode from the menu screen. If you had previously saved data, New Game and Load Game appear on the screen. Choose Load Game and select a game you want to play from the saved data list.

Game Mode: (top)
Choose a mode you want to play from the menu screen. Press the Select button and the Start button at the same time to return to the menu from each mode.

Musou Mode (2p available)
Select and officer to play. The game situation changed depending on which officer you choose.

You can choose from the following when you have completed a stage and saved:
New Game: Start a new game
Load Game: Load a previously saved game

Free Mode (2p available)
Select a stage and play.
When you play in Musou Mode or meet certain conditions in the game, more stages or troops become available.

You can continue the game once you have quit and saved in the middle of as stage. Continue appears only when you save your game in the middle of a stage.

2Player in Musou and Free Mode:
In Musou Mode and Free Mode, a 2 Player option is available. Player 1 and player 2 can fight together. When you choose Musou Mode or Free Mode, 2P Push Start appears in the Character Select screen or on the top right of the Information screen.
NOTE: In Musou Mode you can play a previously saved game (Completed Stage) in either 1 Player or 2 Player Modes.

Develop Your Character:
As you clear the Musou Modes or Free Mode, your character is able to improve his abilities. A character developed in the Free Mode can be used in the Musou Mode and vice versa. In fact, if you reach a stage in the Musou mode that you just can’t seem to clear, you can always take your character to the Free Mode, raise his abilities, and then try again in Musou Mode.

Increase the Number of Characters:
In addition, when you clear the entire Musou Mode or meet a certain conditions in the game, more characters become available. There are some characters, however, that only appear in the Free Mode.

Versus Mode (2P available)
Two players fight against each other within the given time (90 min.).

There are eight (8) stages to choose from.
NOTE: In the Versus Mode, the character’s abilities are set up specifically for this mode. Weapons are set to a maximum of six (6) hits.

3 vs. 3 Elimination
Set in the plaza at Hu Lao Gate, three officers on horseback fight.

Skirmish of the Chang Ban Bridge
Destroy the wall of enemy soldiers blocking the Chang Ban Bridge.

Struggle of the Imperial Seal
Who is going to be the one to get the Imperial Seal hidden in the Wu territory and earn additional warriors?

Battle At Sea
Sea Battle! Throw the enemies into the ocean!

Team Battle
Defeat the three officers at Fan Castle!

Valley of the Stone Soldiers
Thick fog covers the entire valley but don’t let it confuse your vision! Fight your way out to nail the enemy officer.

4 vs. 4 Elimination
Climb up the slope of Mt. Ding Jun and join the commander at the top.

At the deserted summit of Mt. Jie Ting, achieve a total victory in this one-on-one combat.

Challenge Mode:
The goal is to defeat as many enemies as possible. The game ends when your life bar reaches zero. Given time: 90 min.

Time Attack
The goal is to defeat as many enemies as possible within the given time limit. The game ends when your life bar reaches zero. Given time: 90 min.

Data Base:
View list of officers’ descriptions, weapons, and items.

Displays officers’ descriptions. Put a cursor on the name of the officer you wish to view. When the officers are available to you, they show their detailed descriptions.

Displays a list of weapons you have. Put a cursor on the weapons you want to check . The detailed descriptions will be shown.

Displays a list of items you have. Put a cursor on the items you want to check. The detailed descriptions will be shown.

Set game options and configure controller buttons.

Difficulty: Set game difficulty (Easy/Normal/Hard)

Event: Event messages on/off
Vocal: Set voice over language for movies and narration (English/Japanese)
NOTE: Difficulty setting is only available to Musou and Free Mode.
NOTE: There are some event messages that will be displayed even when the event display is turned off.

Vibration: Turn analog controller vibration on/off

Bow Type: Set the targeting method for aiming when using a bow (Normal/Reverse)

Edit: Reassign buttons on the game controller

Speaker: Set the speaker output (for audio dialog) (Stereo/Mono)

BGM Volume: Set the volume of the background music (0-15)

SE Volume: Set the volume of the sound effects (0-15)
Sound Replay: Hear the background music played in the game

Screen Adjust:
Use the directional buttons to adjust the display position of the game screen.
NOTE: Press Start to return the screen to its default position.

Point: display the officer ranking by points

K.O. Count: Display the officer ranking by number of enemies defeated.

Clear Time: Display officer rankings by game clear time.

Endurance: Display the officer ranking by enemies defeated in Endurance Mode

Time Attack: Display officer ranking by game clear time in Time Attack Mode
NOTE: Use the left and right directional buttons to select items and the up and down directional buttons to toggle between stages (except in Endurance and Time Attack Mode.)

Save: Save game options, records and other game data

Load: Load previously saved game data

Movie Gallery:
Watch movies shown in the game

Opening (Available once player meet certain conditions):
Edit Characters

Game Progression (top)
Plan a Strategy: Check Conditions for victory and defeat. Check terrain and locations of both enemy and your troops. Prepare for battle in the Equipment.

To the Battlefield: Check map to know your current location. Pay attention to battle messages.

Between the battles: Check the battle condition in the Information screen. Quit the game if you want to save in the middle of the stage.

Break though the tough enemies: Defeat high-ranking officers. Get Items.

Target is the Commander!: Look closely to the enemy movements. Defeat the enemy commander.

After the Battle: Check the battle results, and check victory items.

Game Rules (Goal):
Become an officer and fight your way though battle to lead your army to victory. The battle conditions will change constantly depending on how you fight. You will also get points based on events, the number of enemies defeated, and the time needed to clear the victory conditions for each stage.

Victory Condition:
Defeat the enemy soldiers by decreasing their life to zero. The following events determine if you are victorious and whether you clear a stage:
- Defeat the enemy commander
- Meet a victory condition(s) set for each stage

Game Over:
The following events determine when your game ends:
- Your character’s life reaches zero
- Commander of your army is defeated
- Time runs out (You have 100 minutes in which to clear each stage)

Game Screen: (top)
Enemy Life Meter:
Displays life of enemy, Life meter decreases when character takes a hit. When life meter reaches zero, the enemy is defeated.

Enemy Information:
Name of enemy soldier or officer/troop name and its morale (Stars). The number of stars indicates the enemies’ morale. The number decreases when a member of the enemy units is defeated.

The number of hits in your combo

Life Meter:
Displays your character’s life. Your life decreases when you take a hit. When the life meter reaches zero the game ends.

Musou Charge Bar:
When the charge bar reaches its maximum you may use the Musou Attack.

Ability Bars:
Displays the length of time an acquired ability is retained.
Orange Bar: Offence 2X (30 Seconds)
Bright Green Bar: Defense 2X (30 Seconds)
Pink/Red Bar: Musou Charge Max (10 Seconds)

Arrows (Maximum = 99):
Displays the number of arrows you currently have (You start 20 arrows). Arrows appear on the battlefield as items.

Battlefield Message:
Displays messages according to a battlefield condition. The location on the map pertaining to the message will blink.

Displays troop or officer name and remaining life. Press the L2 button to display this information.

Displays morale of both armies. Morale is affected by the outcome of each battle. The blue portion displays the morale of your army and increases when the battle fares well for you.

Remaining Time:
Appears when the remaining time is less than 10 minutes.

Displays a map of the overall battle conditions and your current location. Press the R2 button to switch between the Zoom map and the Complete map.

K.O. Count:
The number of enemies you have defeated.

2 Player Screen:
In a two-player game the screen is split horizontally.

Information Screen:
The Information Screen appears at the beginning of each stage or when the Start button is pressed during the game play.

Equipment (At the beginning):
Equip for a battle when you choose Equip from the Information screen the following items appear on the screen:
-Weapon: Choose a weapon for your character. You can choose up to 4 types of weapons for one character.
-Item: Choose items for your character. You can equip up to 5 types of items for one character.

Personal (During a paused game):
This screen shows your character information. You can check items such as equipped weapons/items, and bodyguards. Press the Square Button to edit your body guards orders (Attack/Protect).

Displays the conditions for victory or defeat in a stage.

Unit Info:
Displays you and your enemy’s unit info. You can check your army’s leader, overall morale, troop strength, officers, and current location here. Use the left and right directional buttons to toggle between troops.

Displays an overview of the stage.

Give a history of battle messages during the stage. You can view messages and their display time/location in this section. Using the up and down directional buttons, you can view up to 16 previous messages.

Lets you quit the game you are playing and save in the middle of a stage.

Start/Resume (When starting a game/when paused):
Starts or resumes the battle.

2P Quit (When starting the 2 Player game):
Stops 2Player game

Displays game results at the end of a stage.

Replays actions that were taken between you and your enemy commanders in the stage.

Get Items (only when there are new items):
Displays acquired weapons and items
-Weapon: When the same types of weapons are acquired, you need to choose which weapon to keep. Press the Triangle button to go back and change the weapon to keep.
-Item: When the same type of items are acquired, the one with the higher effect is kept automatically.

Displays earned points:
-Worthy Opponents
-Clear Time
-Points (Stage Total)

Displays class, ability, and bodyguards’ information.
-Points (total)
-Class-Level (1-16)/Name of Class
-Ability: Life/Musou/Attack/Defense
-Ability: Life/Musou/Attack/Defense

After the points are displayed, press the Square button to view the top 10 scores for each ranking.
-Total Points
-K.O. Ranking
-Clear Time Ranking

After the points are displayed, press the Triangle Button to view the password screen. Using the password on this screen, you can compare each ranking with other players on the Internet. To register the Internet ranking, visit the URL listed here: http://www.Koeigames/DW3/DW3.htm
NOTE: The site may be changed, or discontinued without notice.

End (Confirm Saving):
After points are displayed, press the O button to display the save prompt.

What Happens to the Acquired Weapons and Items?:
Items you acquired during a stage are kept in your possession throughout the game, even after clearing a stage or mode. These items can be used with officers with either Musou Mode or Free Mode. (There are some weapons that can be used only with certain officers).

Moving on the Battlefield & Attack Controls: (top)
Move (Move/Mounted):
The Character moves in the direction the directional buttons are pushed or in the direction the right analog stick is pushed.

Press the X button to jump. To jump in a particular direction press the X button while moving in the desired direction. The height of the jump depends on how long the X button is held down.
Note: You cannot jump when you are on a horse or when the bow is raised.

Use the L1 button with the directional buttons or analog stick to keep you character facing forward while moving in the direction desired. When using Shift to move, the camera angle is set behind your character. The direction the character faces is also set.
Note: This is best used when you are trying to set an attack target or when you are surrounded by enemy troops. You can use Shift when you are on a horse or when the bow is raised.

To mount a horse, press the X button when next to it. Use the same controls to mount or dismount an elephant.
Note: You can move around the battlefield much faster when riding a horse. You can knock over an enemy whose horse’s level is lower than yours. However, to ride a high level horse, your character’s level needs to be high or you will be thrown off.
Note: An elephant is not as speedy as a horse, but it can do more damage to the enemy.

Levels for Horse and Elephants?:
As with officers there are different levels for horse and elephants. High-ranking officers ride a talented horse with more power and speed. Lu Bu’s horse, Red Hare, is praised as the “horse among horses” and its ability is tremendously high. To ride a horse of that level you need to raise your characters level or equip a special item. If you don’t want to be shaken off by a horse or elephant, keep raising your points and wait for a special item to appear in a stage.

Normal Attack:
Square Button: Attack with a normal blow. Press repeatedly to execute a combination attack of up to 4-6 blows.
Note: This attack is very quick, so use it when the enemy is close or when you are surrounded. The maximum number of the combination attack depends on the weapon. Check "Max Hits" from Weapon in the Information screen.

Jump Attack:
Square Button during a jump: Attack during a jump.
Note: When you press the Square button during a jump, you are able to reach mounted enemies. The damage from the attack expands below and can be used to break through a siege.

Dash Attack: Square Button while moving: Attack going forward.
Note: Press the Square button after running six steps to execute a Dash Attack. Use this attack to charge into the enemy unit.

Bow Attack:
Square, Triangle, or the O button while pressing down the R1 button: Attack with bow.
R1 Button- Raise your bow
Directional buttons or Right Analog Stick- Take Aim
Square Button- Normal attack
Triangle Button: Enemy hit with this arrow is paralyzed
O Button: Fire repeatedly (Available only when Musou Charge reaches its maximum)
Note: You need arrows for bow attacks. You will begin each stage with 20 arrows and can carry up to 99. Arrows are found as items in the stage. You can use Shift when the bow is raised.

Mounted Attack:
Square, Triangle, or the O button when on a horse: Attack on a horse
Square Button: Alternately attack enemies on the right and left
Triangle Button: Do a charged attack on enemies on the left and right
O Button: Do a Musou Attack on enemies on the left and right (Available only when Musou Charge reaches its maximum).
Attack While On an Elephant:
Square Button: Knock over enemy
Triangle Button: Shake ground and stop an enemy movement
O Button: Rush at the enemy and step on them. (Available only when Musou Charge reaches its maximum).

Use Bow Attack Properly!:
When your life is low or when the enemy is stronger, attack from a safe distance using your bow. Use bow attacks when the enemy attacks you with arrows from a distance or high place. Also, you can attack on horses or elephants. Use the proper bow attacks for different situations. A charge bow attack (Triangle Button) is slow and more powerful. It can paralyze an enemy. With a Musou Bow Attack (O Button) you can create a combination attack using the Musou Charge Bar. When you choose an officer who has high bow skill, the effect becomes greater.

Charge Attacks:
Triangle Button (Charge One):
Attacks enemies within in a broad area. Makes the enemies on the guard stumble.

Square Button, Triangle Button (Charge Two):
Knock an enemy into the air. There is enough time to attack while the enemy is in the air, so make sure to deliver a follow-up blow.

Square Button, Square Button, Triangle Button (Charge Three):
Paralyze an enemy.

Square Button, Square Button, Square Button, Triangle Button (Charge Four):
Send an enemy flying backwards through the air. If his body touches other troops while still in the air. It will inflict damage to them too.

Square Button, Square Button, Square Button, Square Button, Triangle Button (Charge Five):
Send an enemy flying through the air really high. There is enough time to attack while the enemy is in the air, so make sure to deliver a follow-up blow.
NOTE: You need 5 Max hits in Weapon

Charge Drive in the air!:
Charge drive is a combination of Charge 5 attack and the follow-up blows. Throw the enemy in the air with the charge 5 attack and continue attacking with the triangle button. When you do it successfully, you can see special follow-up blows unique to each officer.

Square Button, Square Button, Square Button, Square Button, Square Button, Triangle Button (Charge Six):
Execute different combination attacks depending on the officers.
NOTE: You need 6 Max hits in Weapon

Another Charge Attack Available?:
Some officers can add yet another attack after charge 6. Try pressing the Triangle button repeatedly.

Musou Attacks:
You can use a Musou Attack when the Musou Charge Bar is at its maximum. The Musou Charge Bar is charged in the following situations.
-Give damage to the enemy
-Receive damage from the enemy
-The Life Bar becomes red
-Press the O button constantly
NOTE: When the Musou Charge Bar is completely charged at its maximum, the character’s body is full of power and his hands emit light.

Musou Attack:
O button: Use Musou Attack
While holding down the O button, attack until the Musou Charge Bar reaches zero.
Note: Normal enemy attacks will not affect you during this time. Use this attack when you are surrounded or a high-ranking officer appears on the battlefield.

True Musou Attack:
O button: Use when Life Bar becomes red: Use the more powerful Musou Attack.
While holding down the O button, attack until the Musou Charge Bar reaches zero.
Note: When your Life Bar is low, Musou Attack becomes a True Musou Attack.

Double Musou Attack
O button: When fighting in the 2Player cooperation play: Use the most powerful Musou Attack
When player 1 and player 2 are within a fixed distance from one another, and both perform Musou Attacks, its becomes a double musou attack
Note: The light emitted from both of the characters’ hands will change when they are within the distance to execute a Double Musou. Keep an eye on the other player’s movement.

Normal Guard:
L1 Button: Guard against frontal attacks
When you press the L1 Button, the camera moves behind your character and he guards himself while the L1 Button is held down
Note: You can use the Guard for Bow Attack too. Its use is not limited to defense. You can use it to move around the battlefield or to change viewpoints.

Power Guard:
Square Button after a guard: Push back an enemy’s attack
Press the L1 Button to guard, and the square button to attack
Note: Press the Square Button after a successful guard. When you do this successfully, you can push the enemy back and create a distance between you.

Defensive Position:
L1 Button while in the air: Correct the characters position in the air after being thrown by an enemy.
Press the L1 Button in the air.
Note: This defensive position can be used when you bounce on the ground. When you do this successfully, you can get right back into attack position. There are some attacks where this does not work.

When you can’t move:
When you can’t move after taking damage press the directional buttons or the right analog stick or any other buttons (except start and select) repeatedly. You might be able to recover faster.

Weapon Deadlocks?:
If you and an enemy are equal in strength and in a weapon deadlock, press the Square button repeatedly. When you do this successfully, the enemy loosens his guard. Make sure to deliver follow-up blows and take him off guard.

Item List: (top)
You can increase your character’s ability to recover your charge bar by acquiring items during the game. There are different types of items. With items such as Meat Buns and Arrows, you will see the effect only on the stage you acquired the item. With items such as a Sword or Shield, the effect lasts after the stage is over.

You can view the weapons or items you acquired in Get Weapon on the results screen after clearing the stage.
You can also check Items or Weapons from Data Base.

Meat Bun:
Recover Life
-Meat Bun: Life +50
-2 Meat Buns: Life +100
-3 Meat Buns: Life +200
- Special Meat Bun: Full Recovery

- 5 Arrows: Arrow +5
-10 Arrows: Arrow +10
-15 Arrows: Arrow +15
- Quiver: Arrow +20

Increase attack level (Effective even after the stage is over):
-Bronze Sword: Attack +1
-Iron Sword: Attack +2
-Silver Sword: Attack +4
-Gold Sword: Attack +8

Increase defense level (Effective even after the stage is over):
-Common Shield: Defense +1
-Noble Shield: Defense +2
-General’s Shield: Defense +4
-Emperor’s Shield: Defense +8

Dim Sum: Life Max +10
Musou Wine: Musou Max +10
Chinese Wine: Musou Max
Healing Ointment: Life & Musou Max
Battle Axe: Attack 2X for 30 seconds
Battle Armor: Defense 2X for 30 seconds
Emperor’s Seal: Musou Max for 10 seconds
Weapon Box: Weapons
Item Bag: Items

Items appear when:
Items mainly appear in the following situations:
- Destroy boxes and jars
- Defeat an enemy above Captain class
These Items disappear after a certain amount of time.

Increase the ability of your officer by equipping more powerful weapons. Only certain officers can equip some weapons. One officer can equip up to 4 types of weapons.
Sword (Zhou Yu’s Case): Iron Sword - Steel Sword - Elder Sword - ???
Spear (Zhao Yun’s Case): Spear - Long Spear - Dragon Spear - ???
Big Sword (Xiahou Dun’s Case): Scimitar - Great Scimitar - Kirin Sword - ???
Rod (Huang Gai’s Case): Iron Rod - Steel Rod - Shadow Rod - ???

Increase the ability of your officer or earn a special ability by equipping items. Only certain officers can equip some weapons. One officer can equip up to 5 kinds of items.
Speed Scroll: Increase Speed
Dragon Amulet: Increase Musou Max
Tiger Amulet: Increase Attack
Huang’s Bow: Increase bow attack
Wind Scroll: Increase Reach
Hex Mark Saddle: Begin stage mounted on Hex Mark
The Way of Musou: Enable to use True Musou attack regardless of health
Survival Guide: Attack 2X when near death
Power Scroll: Never lose in weapon deadlocks
Gold Harness: Prevents dismounting when hit by arrows

Effects of Weapons and Items:
There are a total of 13 types f effects and they have different effect ranges. One weapon/item can have up to 5 types of effects. You might get the same weapon/item sometimes. Choose carefully which one to keep by comparing the type and range of the effect.

HP Max: 1-60
Musou Max: 1-60
Attack: 1-20
Defense: 1-40
Bow Attack: 1-40
Bow Defense: 1-40
Mounted Attack: 1-40
Mounted Defense: 1-40
Speed: 1-16
Jump: 1-16
Luck: 1-20
Reach: 1-20
Musou Charge: 1-20

Characters: (top)
Cao Cao’s Force (Wei):
Wei is the large area of Northern China rules by the legendary Cao Cao. Fueled by his ambition to unite all of China under his rule, Cao Cao refuses to settle on his own warriors and has built up an impressive army by gathering the best fighters in all of china. Of the three warring states, his is the closest to realizing the dream of unification.

Xiahou Dun:
A relative of Cao Cao’s whose valor was known throughout the land. Even after losing his left eye in battle, he continually fought on the front lines. A fast attacker and never off guard.

Dian Wei:
A personal guard. His intimidating appearance and prowess in battle earned him the title, “Coming Evil.” A powerful warrior superb in attack and defense.

Zhang He:
A cunning warrior who was always aware of the entire battlefield in war. It was said even Zhuge Liang feared his abilities. Has great move, speedy and balanced in both attack and defense.

Sun Jian’s Force (Wu):
The rise to power of the Wu kingdom has spanned three generations. Founded by Sun Jian, hero of the South, the Kingdom was father developed by his two sons. At their position in the basin of the Yangtze River, they have been using their most loyal officers and new talent to strengthen the sphere of their influence.

Huang Gai:
A veteran warrior who had served under Sun Jian ever since he took up arms. An eternal soldier who has always sought to be first on the battlefield. Has tremendously powerful attack and strikes his enemies viciously.

Sun Shang Xiang:
Daughter of Sun Jian. Her beauty was surpassed only be her skill on the battlefield. Her rooms were adorned with weapons, and here handmaidens wore swords. Her quick movements are perfect for executing combination attacks.

Zhou Yu:
A handsome, cultured man of many talents. Gifted on political counsel, he was the Sun Clan’s guide on their road to conquest. Fast and has a wide attack range. His strong defense ability redeems the low physical ability.

Liu Bei’s Forces (Shu):
Liu Bei rules the kingdom of Shu. Many are attracted to this man of great virtue, so it is with his brother-in-arms, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, that Shu is founded. They gathered many great men, including the legendary strategist, Zhuge Liang. United in their dream to restore the Later Han Dynasty to power, this small kingdom pits itself against the much larger kingdoms of Wei and Wu.

Zhao Yun:
A brave and powerful warrior who knew nothing of fear. Known to charge enemy lines alone, his courage was unequalled under Heaven. Has a long reach and wide attack range.

Guan Yu:
One of the greatest of his time, he is known for his long beard and his blade, Blue Dragon. A man of honor, he served under Liu Bei loyally in countless battles. Has a long reach and great offensive ability.

Zhang Fei:
Voice of thunder, spirit of a wild stallion. A fierce warrior who favored the enormous Cobra Pike. In battle, his power was that of a thousand men. Offensive speed is slow, but power is tremendous.

Other Heroes:
Lu Bu: A mighty warrior who is loyal to only himself. Considered to be the strongest, but he is not trusted by any rulers after countless acts of betrayal.

Diao Chan:
A young songstress unequalled in beauty as well as song and dance. She gets close to Lu Bu and Dong Zhou in order to carry out a plan but...

Dong Zhuo:
He rose to power and controlled the Emperor like a puppet. He took over the government and proclaimed tyranny.

Zhang Jiao:
Founder of the religious sect known as the Way of Peace. Declaring himself “General of Heaven,” he led the Yellow Turban Rebellion.

Yuan Shang:
Great leader who comes from a distinguished family. Headmen of Dong Zhuo imperial force. He later confronts the expanded force of Cao Cao.

Meng Huo:
The great king of the Nanman followed by special units such as the Nanman Elite and Elephant cavalry. He controlled the lands south of Shu but led a rebellion against them.

Zhu Rong:
The wife of Meng Huo, king of the Nanman. She is said to be descendant of the legendary God of Fire. Noble, yet very strong and skilled in the martial arts.

Tips and Hints: (top)

Remain calm when your life becomes low:
Get life-recovering items:
When your life becomes low, find a Meat Bun to recover. Look for a jar containing an item. Go where soldiers are fighting and check if there are any items left. Defeated enemy soldiers may have left some health behind.

Break through a siege with a Musou Attack:
It’s not a good sign when you see enemy soldiers surrounding you. Use a Musou Attack to break the wall of enemies. Move away quickly when the siege is broken, and get ready for the next attack.

Fight together will allied officers:
Stay close together to other enemy soldiers until your character improves his ability. If you take off alone towards enemies, you might end up getting attack by a large group of enemies. Check where your allies are on the map before you make a move.

Always on your side: The Bodyguard
What about your bodyguard’s life?:
Bodyguards are always on your side protecting you or assisting you to defeat your enemies. But just like your life, the bodyguard’s life decreases after hard battles. To recover your bodyguard’s life, get life-recovering items while your life is fully charged. Make sure to always supply life to your bodyguards.

How do you improve your bodyguard’s abilities?:
Your bodyguard’s class goes up automatically when your character’s points increase. When the bodyguard reaches the next class, one of his abilities (Number, Rank, Title, Ability) randomly increases. You can check your bodyguard’s detailed information in the Personal screen during a stage.

How do you give an order to your bodyguards?:
To give an order to your bodyguards, select Bodyguards from Equipment item in the information. When you select Attack, the bodyguards will fight with you. When you select Protect, they refrain from attacking. You can change the bodyguard’s order in Personal item from the Information screen.

Strengthen your officer with different types of items:
Items that are effective immediately:
Items such as Sword and Shield become effective immediately after acquisition. Don’t wait to grab them when you see the items on a stage. Recover-items such as Meat Bun, or items with limited usage, such Armor and Axe, disappear after a certain amount of time. Get these items when you need the effect to work on you immediately.

Items that need to be equipped to be effective:
You can go to Weapons or Items at the results screen after the stage is cleared successfully, to check the newly acquired items. To try your new items, go to Equipment in the Information screen at the beginning of the next stage.

Increase your fame by defeating high-ranking officers:
How do you defeat high ranking officers?:
High-ranking officers are not only strong and powerful, but they have an ability to recover life themselves. When these officers recover life, they first collect their spirit. They then use life-recovering items. Watch their movements closely and attack to stop them from collecting spirit.

When you defeat high-ranking officers:
Rewards from defeating high-ranking officers are very valuable. Most of the items you get as a result increase your character’s ability. You can also increase your points greatly, and also gain fame.

Kick with a horse and step on with an elephant:
On a horse:
You can shorten your transportation time a great deal by riding a horse. You can execute most of the attacks, including Normal Attack, Charge Attack, and Musou Attack on a horse. If you have a high level horse, you can knock off low the low level soldier. But the horse will stop in front of high-level officers and soldiers. Be careful when the horse is off guard.

On a elephant:
You can ride on an elephant in some stages. Elephants are slower than horses but they are more powerful. They can knock over anybody and the damage is great. They also have their own special attack.

Execute a Combo for maximum damage:
When more than 5 attacks are executed continuously, the attacks are counted as a Combo. You can make Combos more easily when you execute combination attacks, Musou Attacks, or Charge Attacks. Also try to execute a Combo when the enemy is thrown into the air or bounces on the ground. Each officer has his/her own special Combo pattern. Try different Combos.

Increase moral and lead the war:
Moral of the entire army depends on the morale of each troop. The troop’s morale affects its attack strength. When you decrease your enemy’s morale, your troops morale increases and you get an advantage in battle. To increase morale, defeat high ranking officers or the entire enemy troop. You can also increase morale by defeating a fixed number of enemies. Encourage your allies with your brave actions and bring morale higher.

Victory or defeat depends on commanders:
Protect your army’s commander:
The game is over when your commander is defeated even if you are alive. Check the location of your commander in the Information screen. When the “HQ is in trouble!” message comes on, stop everything and rush over to the commander’s location to assist.

The target is the enemy commander:
The goal is to defeat the enemy commander. You should always know where the enemy commander is on the battlefield. If you are confident in your skills, you can attack the commander alone. But remember, one does not fight a battle. Check your battle conditions then bring the entire army to fight the ultimate enemy. The victory is certain.

If you have saved data from “Dynasty Warriors 2”:
You can use saved data from our previous title “Dynasty Warriors 2” to open some hidden characters. You can have more characters to choose from in the beginning. Place the memory card containing “Dynasty Warriors 2” data in Memory Card slot 1 before you start the game.

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