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Dynasty Warriors 2 (Shin Sangoku Musou) 「真・三國無双」

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Dynasty Warriors 2 (Shin Sangoku Musou) is the second installment of Koei’s Dynasty Warriors series. Characters and events (to some degree) in Dynasty Warriors come from the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong and written during the Ming Dynasty. Most of the novel is factual and correctly describes the events that occurred in the Later Han Dynasty, many more minor (and a few larger) details are fictional.

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3/11/05: Linked game information to our database and made new additions (e.g. Google, forums). Access new information through the resources and links above.

1/15/04: Cleaned page up, organized release dates, added Walkthroughs (below).

8/30/02: Uploaded the whole Dynasty Warriors 2 soundtrack in .mp3 format to the music page (my thanks to Matt for sending me the disc from with it was burned).

7/13/02: Added Dynasty Warriors 2 game ending music to the music page. Still looking for all other Dynasty Warriors 2 songs. Added 10 new (and very nice) Dynasty Warriors 2 desktop pictures.

5/5/02: Kongming’s Archives layout and navigation revised, Dynasty Warriors 2 section navigation and layout improved drastically (for the first time I consider the site layout to be complete). The new navigation may be a little odd at first, but I am sure you will come to like it. Moved credits to the new credits page. Created a requests page. Created a new site menu (with a Dynasty Warriors section).

4/23/02: Main menus updated (for novel and history page) and search engine added.

4/2/02: Updated all Dynasty Warriors 2 pages with the new site design, let us know what you think one way or the other if you have the time. Cleaned up minor inconsistencies between the individual Dynasty Warriors 2 pages and fixed some very minor HTML issues.

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