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Presenting the Dynasty Tactics Items Guide. On this page you can find out what the various items in the game do, where they are found, and several additional tidbits of information regarding them. I am even listing a trick you can use to get more powerful troop types faster (if you don’t mind using what could be called a “cheat”).

Professor Worm has created a hand-made graphical items map that compliments this guide wonderfully (especially if you don’t know any locations by city name).

Explanation: Items are displayed in three lines. The first is the item name, the second is the item type followed by the item effect, and the third is the requirement you must fulfill to get the item.

Items – Abilities Up

“Ability Up” type items increase Strength (Str), Intelligence (Int), or Leadership (lea) by an amount defined by the item (e.g. Abilities Up – Str +15).

Abilities Up – Lea +15
Occupy Zi Tong

Abilities Up – Str +15
Occupy Chang An

Blue Blade
Abilities Up – Str +15
Occupy Xu Chang

Book of Gods
Abilities Up – Int +20
Occupy Liao Dong

Abilities Up – Lea +20
Occupy Yu Lin

Spell Book
Abilities Up – Int +10
Occupy Jian An

Seven Star
Abilities Up – Str +20
Occupy Luo Yang

Sun Blade
Abilities Up – Str +10
Sun Ruler (take with high combo)

Abilities Up – Lea +10
Occupy Jian Ning

Way of Peace
Abilities Up – Int +15
Occupy Ping Yuan

Items – Experience Up

“Experience Up” type items increase troop class experience (Infantry, Archers, Cavalry, or Special) by an amount defined by the item (e.g. Exp UP – Archer Type +30) allowing you to select stronger troop types. Also see the troop type trick at the bottom of this page.

Abilities Up – Archer type Exp +30
Occupy Cheng Du

Book of Arms
Abilities Up – Special type Exp +30
Occupy Xiang Yang

Abilities Up – Cavalry type Exp +30
Occupy Tian Shui

Abilities Up – Infantry type Exp +30
Occupy Pu Yang

Items – Skills

“Skill” type items allow you to change the Skill of the equipping officer (e.g. Giving Xu Shu the Crescent changes his skill to Menace). A complete list of all possible skills along with their functions can be found in the manual. Also note that some officers don’t need the item they originally come with in order to have that skill (e.g. Guan Yu and Cao Cao). You can safely take their items away without changing their skill.

The 6 Books
Skills – Change to Strategy
Occupy Wan

3 Strategies
Skills – Change to Wile
Occupy Ye

Skills – Change to Speed
Occupy Jiou Chuan

Blue Dragon
Skills – Change to Might
Guan Yu (take with high combo)

Skills – Change to Menace
Lü Bu (take with high combo)

Lao Tzu
Skills – Change to Hero
Yuan Shao (take with high combo)

Skills – Change to Fortitude
Occupy Bei Ping

Meng De
Skills – Change to Overlord
Cao Cao (take with high combo)

Mo Tzu
Skills – Change to Guard
Occupy Ru Nan

On Archery
Skills – Change to Archery
Huang Zhong (take with high combo)

On Policy
Skills – Change to Diplomat
Occupy Ping Yang

On Valor
Skills – Change to Zeal
Occupy Ling Ling

Sun Tzu
Skills – Change to Genius
Occupy Jian Ye

War Manual
Skills – Change to Spy
Occupy Han Zhong

Wu Tzu
Skills – Change to Support
Occupy Yun Nan

Xun Tzu
Skills – Change to Fame
Occupy Xia Pi

Troop Type Trick

Go to an officer that is of the same troop type as a troop type experience-enhancing item you already own. Equip the item to increase their class experience. Now, upgrade the officer’s troops to a better version of his troop type (e.g. Cavalry to Brigadiers). Now go back and unequip the type-enhancing item. Your officer will still have the better troop class, even though he isn’t using the item. You can go from one officer to the other in your army increasing the troop types with no limit. You can even equip new items without loosing the prematurely enhanced troop type.

Item Guide Credits

The following people helped out in one way or another, thank you very much! A good portion of this guide was developed at The Scholars of Shen Zhou (the-scholars.com) the Kongming’s Archives (kongming.net) forum

DianWei – Arbalest (city)

Drakaji – Seven Star

Evil R – Mo Tzu (city), On Valor (city), On Policy (city), Histories (city)

Hrunginir – Book of Arms (city)

Professor Worm – Treatise (city), Wu Tzu (city), Analects (city), On Archery (error)

Strategist Ju Bei – Pike, Way of Peace

TheAkh – Arbalest (city)

Xiahou Mao – Avenger, Blue Blade, Lao Tzu, Sun Tzu

zhaoyun – On Valor (city)

Zhou Dexiang – Xun Tzu, War Manual (city), 6 Books (city)

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