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For nearly a year and a half I have hosted Kongming’s Archives out of my own pocket, and updated it with content regularly to share with Three Kingdoms fans all around the world. Every day Kongming’s Archives serves pages to hundreds of thousands of viewers worldwide using more than one hundred gigabytes of bandwidth each month. I have also watched Kongming’s Archives grow beyond my free time schedule into more of a community project with infinite possibilities for expansion.

We were able to do this at no cost to you because our host was able to give us a significant discount, but unfortunately that is no longer possible. March 2003 was our last month of discounted hosting, and now I find myself presented with the requirement of paying hundreds of dollars every month, but that is something I cannot do (as much as I would like to). This leaves me with only a few options. I can either take down the vast majority of game content, or I can turn to the viewers in hopes of keeping the site online through donations. Not wishing to select the first option, I now turn to you for support.

From this point on, each month I will take time out to make a beautiful desktop picture to offer in exchange for all donations of $1 or more. Viewers who donate $5 or more will get regular access to the new “Odds and Ends” section, which will include content we cannot post in the main pages due to bandwidth limitations (everything else will remain available in public pages). I have also set up a post office box for everyone that is unable to use PayPal for one reason or another. If enough people donate a single dollar or more, this site will remain for years to come and content updates will become more frequent than ever before. See below for more details.

Gifts for Donation

As a special “thank you” for your donations, every month I will make a new Three Kingdoms wallpaper (640x480 to 1280x1024) and give it out to every person who donates $1 or more (you will receive the latest wallpaper from the list below, but you may also specifically request an older one if you are interested). This month’s wallpaper can be seen to the left. Furthermore, the new “Odds and Ends” section, a private part of Kongming’s Archives containing content we cannot host in the public pages due to bandwidth limitations, will be made available to anyone who donates more than $5.


Gan Ning
April Donation Wallpaper
Sizes: 640, 800,
1024, 1280
April 2003
Author: James

Three Brothers
May Donation Wallpaper
Sizes: 640, 800,
1024, 1280
May 2003
Author: James

Zhao Yun
Janurary 2004 Donation Wallpaper
Sizes: 640, 800,
1024, 1280
Janurary 2004
Author: James



Kongming’s Archives
1584-A Schenone Ct.
Concord, CA 94521

Sign up for PayPal

We accept donations across PayPal (credit cards included) from those of you who hold accounts (see button above), and for those you who have no PayPal account we also accept donations through the regular postal service. All you have to do is put a check*, cashier’s check*, cash (a dollar bill, for example), or money order* in a regular envelope and mail it to the address above. (please make all checks, cashier’s checks, and money orders payable to James Peirce).

With every donation make sure you include an email address if you are interested in the monthly wallpaper ($1 or more) or access to the “Odds and Ends” section ($5 donations or more). To avoid abuse, the “Odds and Ends” section may be moved from time to time, so make sure your address is a permanent one. (Your address will not be used for anything else, we hate spam every bit as much as you). If you have any related questions at all, no matter how small, please feel free to submit them over our email forum. Thank you in advance to everyone who is able to assist us in keeping this project alive!

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