Destiny of an Emperor III: Gold Cheat

Destiny of an Emperor III: 9,999,999 Gold Cheat

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An incredibly basic glitch exists in Destiny of an Emperor III (the fan-made version for Sega MasterSystem) that allows you to go from broke to filthy rich. To make things even more enticing, it is easiest to pull off right at the beginning of the game. Have a look! Thanks go out to (no surprise) Taishi Ci 2.0 for pointing this secret out and for sharing screenshots, and to Perhong_Angtong for actually discovering it!

10-Million Gold Cheat Instructions

So you don’t want to be broke? You want to be able to buy absolutely anything you want, whenever you want? You don’t mind cheating? Well, if so, then this trick is for you. As a brief overview, you start the game with 500 gold (1,500 if you checked that basket). Your first objective is to totally blow it all. Go to the weapon shop and buy items or gear in increments that eventually leave you with 0 Gold.

You Start With Money—Remedy That!

Liu Bei, once wealthy, blew his fortune on booze and women…

Now, sleep at the inn (choose the first option).

No Rest for the Weary?

Choose to sleep at the inn. That’s the first option.

Now inspect your gold total. Hello, the number seems to have changed! You may be left with either a glitched number, or a normal-looking number with a very high value. Sometimes in the later case, it becomes a glitched number after you visit the shop again.

Heh heh heh…

No more peddling straw shoes and mats!

In either case, if it does become glitched, head out into the wilds and win a single battle. Afterward, inspect your gold again, and you will find the total is now 9,999,999. You are now filthy rich!

Stabilize Your Fortune

After this battle resolves, your gold should read 9,999,999!

Destiny of an Emperor III (SNES) © Hiroshi Motomiya, Motokikaku, Shueisha. © Capcom Co. Ltd. 1995.
Destiny of an Emperor III (Sega MasterSystem) © SKOB.






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January 16, 2023