Destiny of an Emperor II: Item Duplication

Destiny of an Emperor II: Item Duplication Secrets

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Destiny of an Emperor II, like many role-playing games of its time, fell victim to item duplication through programming bugs and mistakes. In fact, there are several ways to duplicate items in Destiny of an Emperor. We will explore each of them here in our Destiny of an Emperor II Guide to Item Duplication.

Duplicating Equipment

Follow the steps below in order to duplicate weapons, armor, shields, and helmets: With the equipment you wish to duplicate equipped, the first five item slots of the first character should be filled. In this example we start with no sword equipped, and with the sword we wish to duplicate found in the sixth inventory slot of our first character, Ma Su. We equip the Thunder Sword as our first step.

Thunder Sword, the item we wish to duplicate, is in the sixth slot of our first character's inventory. We equip it.

Now unequip that item again (so it is in the sixth inventory slot), and re-equip it once more.

Unequip and Re-Equip
We unequip it. We equip it again.

Now drop the item. Without moving or doing anything else, select ‘Check’ from the main menu to pick it up again. Go back into your first officer’s inventory, and drop the item a second time. Now the magic is worked, and you will notice that the item is still in your inventory after you dropped it! (See the fourth screenshot above.) If you did not retain your item, search to pick it up, read these instructions again, and give it another shot.

Drop and Pick Up the Item
We drop it. We search...
And pick it up! Only to drop it again... but wait!!

Now either equip that piece of equipment (as we did above) or pass it to another officer, then search a second time. You will discover a second copy of the item you just dropped. Do with it as you please, and duplicate it more if you wish!

Recover Your Duplicated Equipment
It stayed in our inventory! We equip it for the last time.
We search, and find our duplicate! Two Thunder Swords!

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January 16, 2023