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Destiny of an Emperor II; Tenchi wo Kurau II; 吞食天地2

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Destiny of an Emperor II, sequel to Destiny of an Emperor, is a wonderful role-playing game which was originally released in the early 1990s by Capcom. Destiny of an Emperor II was not released in english, but a group of people at Magic Destiny (formerly Destiny Translations) translated the ROM to English. Now all Three Kingdoms and Destiny of an Emperor fans can enjoy this wonderful sequel! Destiny of an Emperor II is based on the novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, by Luo Guanzhong, and follows the story a little more closely than its father, Destiny of an Emperor (at least up until the invasion into Wei).

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Section Updates

12/14/06: Presenting several wonderful gifts from Samuel to anyone interested in the Wei and Wu modded versions of this exceptional game. Thanks to him, you can now enjoy a Japanese to English Playguide (translations of menus, items, equipment, tactics) and two wonderful walkthroughs, one for each mod. Now you spend more time playing and less fighting the language barrier.

10/30/06: Equipment Duplication. Recruit Zhang Lu.

10/26/06: Found out about two alternate versions of Destiny of an Emperor II, both created by fans. One, a Wei-Patched Version, the other a Wu-Patched Version. Both modify the Japanese version of the game. To celebrate this, I have created a new Destiny of an Emperor II Versions Guide to introduce all four of them, and I have also provided downloads for each. To save you trouble, I’ve uploaded pre-patched versions of all the games as well. We also have a new Introduction to ROMs and Emulation.

5/31/06: Completed Chapter 5 of the walkthrough. A layout bug exists in older versions of Firefox. For now, you can avoid this issue by upgrading to the latest version.

5/19/06: Completed Chapter 4 of the walkthrough. Made significant code revisions to resolve several layout bugs. Remember, the most thoroughly supported browser for viewing Kongming’s Archives is actually Mozilla (we suggest Firefox).

5/18/06: Completed Chapter 3 of the walkthrough, started Chapter 4.

5/17/06: Since we posted our last update, I have been working on a game guide/walkthrough for Destiny of an Emperor II. This time around, I’ve prepared a special treat—as I work on the plain text version of the guide, I’m going to convert an HTML version to go along with it. The plain text version is still in development, but I would like to announce the first sections of our Destiny of an Emperor II Graphical Strategy Guide! Presently, all of Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and a great deal of Chapter 3 are online! As time passes, Chapter 3 will be completed, and the following chapters will also begin to appear. If you see any problems, or would like to contribute information, please let us know!

5/15/06: The time has come for Destiny of an Emperor II, formerly Destiny of an Emperor’s little brother at Kongming’s Archives, to move out and claim its new home. We have created a new Destiny of an Emperor II home page, populated it with some content from the game, and we are now working on a new Destiny of an Emperor II walkthrough. If you love Destiny of an Emperor, keep your eye on this section over the next month or so, as many additions will be made, and not all will be independently announced.

1/13/06: A few quick updates. First, I want to share the website Lord Yuan Shu’s Army with all the Destiny of an Emperor fans viewing this page—it has a lot of wonderful information, including sections on Destiny of an Emperor and Destiny of an Emperor II (they have been added to the ‘Release Dates and Links’ section). The webmaster, lordyuanshu, has also put together a Destiny of an Emperor II game walkthrough which you can view at the bottom of this page.

1/16/04: […] added the the Destiny of an Emperor 2 Ending.

Destiny of an Emperor II FAQs and Walkthroughs

Submitted FAQs and Walkthroughs for Destiny of an Emperor 2.

Game IntroductionThe Infamous Zheng LetterCao Cao's l33t skillzCao Cao! Oh Nowz!

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