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Destiny of an Emperor, a well-played and well-loved game, contains a number of secrets which fans have discovered over the years. Some of the caves in Destiny of an Emperor can be particularly difficult, but there is a way to trick the game into allowing you to face weaker enemies from much earlier in the game, instead of, oh, Wan Fu and An Sha wielding maniacs, for example. Read on to learn more, and maybe you won’t dread the two long caves in Wei quite as much.

Change Cave Enemies (Difficulty Secret)

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Destiny of an Emperor contains some very nasty caves, the two-cave sequence toward the end of the game in Wei being among the nastiest. If you have a high level and decent equipment, and know how to pick your battles, you can usually come through the other end without much concern at all, but if you are weaker or challenging yourself in some way, this cave can mean the difference between certain death or fighting Sima Yi without Power Pills. Not good. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could fight enemies from Xu Zhou’s region (the first part of the game) in this cave instead?

Changing Enemies: How It Works

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The enemies in Destiny of an Emperor are divided by region on the overworld map. These regions are basically large blocks, and the land masses you fight across are strategically formed to (mostly) fall into one of these regions—this is how they ensure that you fight Jia Xu around Dong Zhuo—not around Cao Pi. The game’s caves, however, do not have these regions. How does the game know what enemies to pit you up against then? Simple, it lets you fight enemies from whatever region you were most recently fighting in. Usually, nobody would think twice about this, as Smoke Pots are generally the only way to travel through a region without ever facing its enemies until you reach a cave. Of course, with this information in hand, you can now alter the enemies you face in battle.

Changing Enemies: Make It Happen

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We will use the caves late in Wei as an example, as this is the point of the game where this trick is most helpful. If you just want to see it in action, however, get a few Smoke Pots and travel to the gate far south of Xu Zhou where you fought Hua Xiong, and plan to smoke pot your way over to the first cave in Dong Zhuo’s territory. Back to our example. Follow the steps below.

Congratulations! You have just skipped one of the most challenging parts of the game.

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January 18, 2023