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Destiny of an Emperor: English to Hexadecimal Conversion Tool

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Are you familiar enough with hex editing to manually edit the Destiny of an Emperor ROM? If so, this page contains two tools which can help to edit game scripts: 1) A near-complete .tbl file to load in your hex editor for display of English text, and 2) This utility, which converts English to Destiny of an Emperor-compatible hexadecimal values. Want to learn more? Begin with the forum links below!

Enter Your Script

Create a script for the game here.

(Do Not Exceed 18 Horizontal Characters)

Review Your Results

Check for errors and suggestions.

Indexed Values Only
Enter a Script Above.

Review Output For Tips!

Unindexed Characters can be avoided by using indexed words. Unindexed characters do have a place in scripts and can be used, but this is where to look when trimming a script which has grown too long.
Manual Returns can be avoided by using indexed words which support carriage returns. Periods and other punctuation also cost space here.

Hexadecimal Output

Enter these values into your ROM.

Hexadecimal Output
Enter a Script Above.

Enter This Into Your ROM!

Indexed Words are words which are supported by built-in Destiny of an Emperor word indexes. Use as many of these words as possible.
Special Values are special functions which have been built into the game. They may combine punctuation characters (e.g. “. ”) or they may serve a special purpose in the game (e.g. typing [LEADER] into your script calls for the hexadecimal value ‘F6’, which causes the speaking officer to reference the player’s party leader by name.
Punctuation Values are spaces, exclamation points, question marks, and other special characters which are not supported by indexed values. Punctuation support is rare, but does sometimes appear as is the case with ‘Attack!’ and ‘Hurrah!’ Watch for spaces—they can usually be avoided by using the right indexed words.
Unindexed Characters represent characters which required a hexadecimal value (e.g. ‘32’) for each character. Unindexed characters are an important part of writing good scripts, but they cost a lot of space.

Destiny of an Emperor © 1989 Hiroshi Motomiya, © 1989 M and M Co., © 1989 Shueisha, Produced by Capcom Co. Ltd.




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