This section of our Destiny of an Emperor page is devoted to hacking the Destiny of an Emperor ROM in order to create new themes or even an entirely new game. This is done through use of hex editing software (search for Wind HEX) and various tools which have been created by members of the community. Detailed instructions and explanations are not yet available, but if you read existing discussions in the forums listed below you will catch on quickly!

Under Construction

It is going to take some time to adequately document the process of hacking Destiny of an Emperor so this section will be ‘under construction’ for a while. Because a number of people are already hacking the game I have decided to publish this section online anyway.

ROM Hacking Reference Pages

Below are some ROM Hacking reference pages which we have already created.

Editing Battles to Change Opposing Officers

English to Hexadecimal Text Conversion Tool

Level-up Experience Requirement Adjustment Tool   NEW!

Hexadecimal Values for Officer Sprites

Getting Assistance Through Community Forums

If you are interested in hacking Destiny of an Emperor without a background in ROM hacking you should start by reading relevant topics in the forums below (or you can study ROM hacking in general). The process is not terribly complicated and can be learned quickly by someone with enough drive.

Destiny of an Emperor 2.0 Discussion Thread

Destiny of an Emperor at Lord Yuan Shu’s Forum

ROM Hacking Programs

Quality executables by Niahak! Read carefully before using. Keep backups.

Destiny of an Editor: Officer Editing

Destiny of an Editor: Text Editing Edition