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Destiny of an Emperor: Officers Quicklist (All Officers)

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All officers found in Destiny of an Emperor, including a few non-stated officers (e.g. Cao Cao), are listed here for quick reference. For more detailed information, please use the alternate pages presented in the menu below (recruiting, tactics, appearance information). Presentation format inspired by chzn8r’s Destiny of an Emperor Walkthrough.

Heroes of China

Main characters and non-player characters of Destiny of an Emperor (in order of appearance).

Liu Bei180225314Noble member of the Liu line
Guan Yu245180VariesFirst Tiger General
Zhang Fei25075VariesSecond Tiger General
Tao Qian---Ruler of Xu Zhou
Cao Cao---Ruler of Wei
Sun Ce---Ruler of Wu
Lu Bu25540/72439Greatest warrior in all of China
Dong Zhou16272439Takes control over Luo Yang
Yuan Shu142152899Declares himself Emperor
Yuan Shao1701401754Relative of Yuan Shu, rules Bo Hai
Zhao Yun245216VariesThird Tiger General
Huang Zhong235147VariesFourth Tiger General
Zhu Ge Liang122255VariesGreatest strategist in China
Guan Xing237175VariesSon of Guan Yu
Zhang Bao240150VariesSon of Zhang Fei
Ma Chao245162VariesFifth Tiger General
Liu Zheng1101104142Ruler of Shu
Sun Quan22820719087Murders brother Sun Ce to rule Wu
Jiang Wei204225VariesJoins to study under Zhu Ge Liang
Cao Pi21620420020Murders Cao Cao to rule Wei
Si Ma Yi18025040972Betrays Cao Pi to rule Wei

Officers of China

A complete listing of all non-hero officers in Destiny of an Emperor.

Bao Long126631255Serves in Jing Zhou
Bu Xi1241927003Serves in Wu
Cai Yong117180380Serves Dong Zhou
Cao Ang1808418197Serves Wei
Cao Chun1684813665Serves Wei
Cao Ren18015614333Serves Wei
Cao Xiu16810815034Serves Wei
Cao Zhang24216819087Serves Wei
Cao Zhen19219210763Serves Wei
Cao Zhi13222013665Serves Wei
Chen Deng94157153Joins in Qing Zhou
Chen Ji8547531Serves Yuan Shu
Chen Jiao4819211841Serves Wei
Chen Lan7657460Serves Yuan Shu
Chen Qun7222824233Serves Wei
Chen Wu1611155014Serves in Wu
Chen Ying136421197Serves in Jing Zhou
Cheng Yu14821624233Serves Wei
Cheng Yuan Zhi8568195Serves Yellow Scarves
Dian Wei2224820020Serves Wei
Ding Feng12018415769Serves in Wu
Dong Min7236380Serves Dong Zhou
Fa Zheng661982965Serves in Shu
Fan Zhang185904780Serves in Wu
Fen Chou15336399Serves Dong Zhou
Gao Lan10060942Serves Yuan Shao
Gao Pei172882827Serves in Shu
Gong Zhi941571197Serves in Jing Zhou
Gu Yong1271845014Serves in Wu
Guan Ping200137418Joins in cave northwest of Jie Men Xia
Guo Ji12872418Serves Dong Zhou
Guo To180901317Serves Yuan Shao
Han Dang1801155516Serves in Wu
Han Xian11438585Serves Yuan Shu
Han Xuan1361261519Ruler in Jing Zhou
Han Zhong8030204Serves Yellow Scarves
Hou Cheng19210818197Serves Wei
Hu Zhen9045299Serves Dong Zhou
Hua Xiong16236439Serves Dong Zhou
Huang Gai2171039326Serves in Wu
Huang Quan661652695Serves in Shu
Huo Hu80175236Joins in Hu Lao Guan
Ji Ling19247613Serves Yuan Shu
Jia Xu18220418Serves Dong Zhou
Jiang Gan13618019087Serves Wei
Jin Xuan147421317Ruler in Jing Zhou
Ju Shou401801449Serves Yuan Shao
Kan Ze1601995259Serves in Wu
Le Xin1687229332Serves Wei
Lei Bo14276643Serves Yuan Shu
Lei Tong184883110Serves in Shu
Leng Bao180992024Serves in Shu
Li Dian15610823103Serves Wei
Li Feng7657557Serves Yuan Shu
Li Jue12072399Serves Dong Zhou
Li Ru18200362Serves Dong Zhou
Li Su9945299Serves Dong Zhou
Li Yan901602827Serves in Shu
Liang Gang8528506Serves Yuan Shu
Liang Ji8576643Serves Yuan Shu
Ling Tong1611035516Serves in Wu
Liu Ba991762569Serves in Shu
Liu Dai1688426661Serves Wei
Liu Du1261571672Ruler in Jing Zhou
Liu Feng187162399Son of Lie Bei; Joins in Xu Zhou
Liu Kui1101103262Serves in Shu
Liu Xun132993110Serves in Shu
Liu Yang1261261381Serves in Jing Zhou
Liu Ye6018016540Serves Wei
Lu Fan76161817Serves Yuan Shu
Lu Guang160501037Serves Yuan Shao
Lu Ji5716111289Serves in Wu
Lu Meng13022514333Serves in Wu
Lu Sun21524011841Serves in Wu
Lu Wen16813222026Serves Wei
Lu Xiang15050942Serves Yuan Shao
Ma Dai2251753110Serves in Shu
Ma Liang592111449Joins in Jing Zhou
Ma Su1381951754Joins in Jing Zhou
Ma Yan9080942Serves Yuan Shao
Ma Yuan Yi7634177Yellow Scarf in Qing Zhou
Mao Jie1327224233Serves Wei
Meng Da1541323589Serves in Shu
Mi Zhe73157161Joins in Xu Zhou
Niu Jin2043620020Serves Wei
Pang De2122002965Serves in Shu
Pang Tong992403765Serves in Jing Zhou
Shen Rei601301255Serves Yuan Shao
Si Ma Shi19222027965Son of Si Ma Yi
Si Ma Zhao18023230767Son of Si Ma Yi
Song Ren80100110Joins at beginning of the game
Song Xian1686013665Serves Wei
Song Yong6040104Joins at beginning of the game
Sun Huan21511516540Serves in Wu
Sun Yi1724615769Serves in Wu
Sun Yu21018013027Serves in Wu
Tai Si Ci23012315769Serves in Wu
Tao Qian901602226Serves in Shu
Tian Feng1201601141Serves Yuan Shao
Wang Can3620426661Serves Wei
Wang Gui11040346Joins in Luo Yang
Wang Lei1351322827Serves in Shu
Wang Shuang2164820999Serves Wei
Wei Xu1808427965Serves Wei
Wei Yan2281361317Serves in Jing Zhou
Wen Hun190401449Serves Yuan Shao
Wu Fan691845014Serves in Wu
Wu Lan180992965Serves in Shu
Wu Yi1761433589Serves in Shu
Xia Hou De16813216540Serves Wei
Xia Hou Dun20419213665Serves Wei
Xia Hou Mao1808416540Serves Wei
Xia Hou Shang15614417349Serves Wei
Xia Hou Yuan20416811289Serves Wei
Xing Dao Rong168311519Serves in Jing Zhou
Xu Huang21610818197Serves Wei
Xu Rong90117314Serves Dong Zhou
Xu Sheng19510311289Serves in Wu
Xu Shou401701255Serves Yuan Shao
Xu Zhe73220643Joins in cave northwest of Nan Chang
Xu Zhu2282420020Serves Wei
Xue Rong691159326Serves in Wu
Xun Huo7222825418Serves Wei
Yan Liang180401381Serves Yuan Shao
Yan Yan2071543262Serves in Shu
Yang Huai165992965Serves in Shu
Yang Jin12540247Joins in Fan Shui Guan
Yang Ling168421197Serves in Jing Zhou
Yang Xiu12422820999Serves Wei
Yu Jin2004830767Serves Wei
Yuan Shang1701401672Serves Yuan Shao
Yuan Tan1601301594Serves Yuan Shao
Yuan Xi1401201519Serves Yuan Shao
Yuan Yin133142643Serves Yuan Shu
Zhang Bao68144299A leader of the Yellow Scarves
Zhang Hang11321110763Serves in Wu
Zhang He2101501317Serves Yuan Shao
Zhang Jao93136346A leader of the Yellow Scarves
Zhang Ji14736362Serves Dong Zhou
Zhang Liang10234259A leader of the Yellow Scarves
Zhang Liao23221613027Serves Wei
Zhang Ren2071653262Serves Wei
Zhang Xun18328675Serves Yuan Shu
Zhang Yi10090989Serves Yuan Shao
Zhang Zhao1402408082Serves in Wu
Zhao Fan1361051594Ruler in Jing Zhou
Zheng Mao9334153Serves Yellow Scarves
Zhou Cang21585506Joins in cave northwest of Nan Chang
Zhou Chao14020346Joins in Chang An
Zhou Tai1804510763Serves in Wu
Zhou Yu1952306365Serves in Wu
Zhu Zhi2109510261Serves in Wu

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