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Consumable items, special items, weapons, armor, and helmets as found in Destiny of an Emperor. Destiny of an Emperor is a role playing game released around 1990 by Capcom for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Destiny of an Emperor is based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a novel by Luo Guanzhong, but it doesn’t follow the same storyline. You play the role of Liu Bei, and by the end of the game you unify China as the emperor of Shu-Han.

Consumable Items

Consumable items can be purchased in most cities in the normal merchant’s shop. Each is consumed after a single use and must be purchased again. Several are quite important for playing the game.

Elixir A
Cost: 20
Effect: Recovers 100 soldiers.

Elixir B
Cost: 50
Effect: Recovers 500 soldiers.

Elixir C
Cost: 200
Effect: Recovers 1000 soldiers.

Elixir D
Cost: 500
Effect: Recovers 4500 soldiers.

Cost: 100
Effect: Bring back a wounded general with 400 soldiers.

Cost: 200
Effect: Sometimes requested when attempting to hire officers.

Cost: 200
Effect: Teleport to any Gullwing-selling location.

Power Pill
Cost: 50
Effect: Doubles damage, stacks with the tactic Bei Ji.

Smoke Pot
Cost: 200
Effect: No random battles for a short period of time.

Special Items

Special items are used for specific purposes in the game, and then they are lost. Some special items can remain in your inventory if you don’t use them when you are supposed to, which can be annoying as you cannot drop them. Use all special items you obtain properly, or don’t pick them up in the first place.

Given to Lu Bu in order to recruit him.

Gold Key
Opens panel in Wang Yun's home [Luo Yang] to obtain Gemsword.

Intro Letr
Given to Shui Jing for him to speak to you.

Destroys rocks in northwestern cave (Yuan Shao chapter) to speak to Dan Fu.

Silver Key
Use to free Zhao Yun’s sister from the fortress guarded by Xu Shou.

Zhou Letr [Zhao Letter]
Given by Zhao Yun’s sister to hand over to Zhao Yun, letting him know she is safe.

Ingredient for gunpowder to destroy Mt. Po Yang; found in northwestern cave.

Dead Wood
Ingredient for gunpowder to destroy Mt. Po Yang; found under tree in city.


Weapons are the most important item you equip your officers with, as many battles depend almost completely on physical attacks. Physical attacks are also free (compared to tactics), which will be useful when fighting random battles as well as boss fights. You should always upgrade your weapons when you reach a new area as soon as Spears become available.

Cost: 50
AP (Attack Power): 10

Cost: 100
AP (Attack Power): 15

Cost: 200
AP (Attack Power): 20

Cost: 500
AP (Attack Power): 30

Cost: 1000
AP (Attack Power): 50

Cost: 2000
AP (Attack Power): 70

Cost: 4000
AP (Attack Power): 80
Special: Two attacks, second at half strength.

Cost: N/A
AP (Attack Power): 100
Location: Found in Nan Yang.

Cost: 6000
AP (Attack Power): 120

Cost: 10,000
AP (Attack Power): 140

Cost: 20,000
AP (Attack Power): 150

Cost: 45,000
AP (Attack Power): 130
Special: Two attacks, second at half strength.

Cost: 65,000
AP (Attack Power): 170

Nu Long
Cost: N/A
AP (Attack Power): 240
Location: Inside the mountains after Wu Castle.

Qing Long
Cost: N/A
AP (Attack Power): 240
Location: Jin Du, given after defeating pirates.

Bo Ye
Cost: N/A
AP (Attack Power): 190
Location: Guang Ling, search by an eastern tree.

Wan Sheng
Cost: N/A
AP (Attack Power): 240
Location: Inside first cave after Ru Nan, past lava.

Qing Guang
Cost: N/A
AP (Attack Power): 240
Location: Later inside second cave after Ru Nan off twisty path.

Cost: N/A
AP (Attack Power): 250
Special: Damage appears to be much higher than indicated.
Location: Earlier in second mountain passage after Ru Nan.


Each officer can equip a helmet to raise their AC (Armor Class). Helmets frequently come at cheaper prices than armor though the AC bonus provided is usually not much lower, making them the better purchase when short on gold at times. You should start upgrading your headgear as soon as Hoods become available. If you have an abundance of money at this point, save some for W. Hoods instead.

Cost: 50
AC (Armor Class): 10

Cost: 150
AC (Armor Class): 20

Cost: 500
AC (Armor Class): 40

Wood H
Cost: 1000
AC (Armor Class): 60

Bronze H
Cost: 4000
AC (Armor Class): 80

Iron H
Cost: 15,000
AC (Armor Class): 90

Steel H
Cost: 40,000
AC (Armor Class): 100


When buying armor compare the price and AC to that of any available helmets. You may be able to save a lot of money purchasing helmets over armor when you don’t have enough money to buy both. You should start upgrading your armor as soon as Padded armor becomes available.

Cost: 100
AC (Armor Class): 20

Cost: 300
AC (Armor Class): 35

Cost: 800
AC (Armor Class): 45

Ring M
Cost: 2000
AC (Armor Class): 50

Chain M
Cost: 4000
AC (Armor Class): 70

Splint M
Cost: 10,000
AC (Armor Class): 85

Plate M
Cost: 30,000
AC (Armor Class): 100

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