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Destiny of an Emperor is a role playing game released around 1990 by Capcom for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Destiny of an Emperor is based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a novel by Luo Guanzhong, but it doesn’t follow the same storyline. You play the role of Liu Bei, and by the end of the game you unify China as the emperor of Shu-Han.

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Section Updates

6/21/10: An additional game genie code has been added to deal with the Open Treasures Glitch. Use this code to repopulate all missing searchable items, such as the Halberd. See this code, and others, here: Destiny of an Emperor Game Genie Codes.

3/19/09: Our guide to the Open Treasures Glitch has been revised with an accurate explanation of the bug, what causes it, and how it can be avoided. GameGenie codes are available to fix or work around various problems caused by it, a fix is being hard-coded into our mods of the game, and a solution has been shared for mod authors who which to hard-code it into their own versions. A cleaned up and patched version of the Destiny of an Emperor ROM will be released on the site soon. Thanks, MeteorStrike, for all your research!

5/26/08: We have accumulated a great deal of information about Destiny of an Emperor while working on Destiny of an Emperor 2.0 and working with others as they create their own game remakes and tools. Documenting this process would take quite a bit of time but I have published a fair chunk of useful information to the internet. While it is confusing to try and comprehend it independently, if you combine this information with a few dedicated discussion forums you’ll be creating your own Destiny of an Emperor in no time. To aid in this process I have created our new Destiny of an Emperor ROM Hacking Page. I would also like to introduce our Guide to Changing the Opposing Officers in Battles, our English to Hexadecimal Text Conversion Tool, and the Hexadecimal Values for Officer Sprites. Visit the forum links in this section to get started.

5/25/08: Added a collection of Destiny of an Emperor Game Genie Cheat Codes! Also added a writeup on the Opened Treasure Chests and Missing Items Bug that a number of players have encountered, adding new insight into how it might be solved.

5/17/08: Added the Destiny of an Emperor Mini-Guide (FAQ) Mini-Guide, a community project. See also the Destiny of an Emperor Mini-Guide (FAQ) at Scholars of Shen Zhou.

1/27/08: I would like to introduce Destiny of an Emperor 2.0, a fan-made remake of Capcom’s classic title, Destiny of an Emperor. It is the first of several Destiny of an Emperor remakes I am going to produce, and it features a greater difficulty, numerous name and script corrections, many new officers (including old familiars), the ability to recruit officers who couldn’t be recruited before, english tactic names, and plenty of special surprises just waiting to be discovered. More to come in the future!

11/10/06: Previously just a bullet-point on our game downloads page, Capcom’s Destiny of an Emperor for Gameboy has now been given proper homage. Long overlooked due to a lack of English menu translations and no gameplay guide, it may be that you haven’t even heard of it, but not only can you hear about it now, you can also play it. In addition to the normal Destiny of an Emperor Gameboy Screenshots section, you can also start off by learning the menus with our Destiny of an Emperor Japanese-English Playguide and get a head start in the game with our Destiny of an Emperor Gameboy Quick-Start Guide. Thanks go out in great part to Niahak for extensive assistance with translation and gameplay introduction. His contributions have made this section possible.

10/26/06: Corrections made to the Achieving Perfection: 160 MTP section of Secrets: Mastering Your MTP. Also added a helpful list of important tactic level-ups. Thank you, MiDKnight!

Improbable as it may seem, we have migrated the Destiny of an Emperor III games from this page to a new one, and given them some new content to kick off the launch. Now, four years after this page was migrated to Kongming’s Archives, it is once again dedicated to the original Destiny of an Emperor. And we are one step closer to featuring everything there is to know about this wonderful game series. A fan of Destiny of an Emperor? Be sure to check out Destiny of an Emperor III.

10/25/06: Finally, the secrets of MTP have been unlocked! Learn all about it in Secrets: Mastering Your MTP. Thank you MiDKnight, for fleshing out the final details, thank you Yan Ying Fu for helping to overcome a final hurdle, Scholars of Shen Zhou forum members for putting up with me, and last, but certainly not least, Lord Yuan Shu forum members for tossing ideas around with me.

6/3/06: Today presents another landmark event for the Destiny of an Emperor section! The Officers Guide has finally been completed, with the whole Wei Officers Section having gone online just moments ago. All pages in the section have been cleaned up a little, and some additional information has been added. (Officers now feature whiter teeth, too!) With this update, there are also no more dead links in this section, meaning it is no longer ‘under construction’. It isn’t far from being the wonderful section we had always envisioned.

6/2/06: Could it be? An actual Destiny of an Emperor Tactics Guide? Miracles do happen!

6/1/06: About a month ago, I introduced a very fun Destiny of an Emperor challenge in the Scholars of Shen Zhou and Lord Yuan Shu forums, and I enjoyed it thoroughly (and it seemed the other people who played it enjoyed it a great deal as well). I had so much fun with it, I wanted to share it with everyone viewing this site, and as a result I have given the Destiny of an Emperor Challenge its own page here at Kongming’s Archives. There, you can learn about how you can participate in the challenge as well. I’ve also included an introduction to another unique Destiny of an Emperor Challenge created by Lord Yuan Shu. Enjoy!

5/15/06: The time has come for Destiny of an Emperor II to move out and claim its new home. We have created a new Destiny of an Emperor II home page, populated it with some content from the game, and we are now working on a new Destiny of an Emperor II walkthrough. If you love Destiny of an Emperor, keep your eye on this section over the next month or so, as many additions will be made, and not all will be independently announced.

You may have also noticed new content being uploaded to this section. We have started working on this section of our site to finally make it what we always wanted it to be. Far too many updates will be made for them to be documented individually, but those worthy of note include the new Secrets Section, progress in the formerly incomplete Officers Section (e.g. Wu is online!) and progress and revisions to our game walkthrough.

5/7/06: Added the ‘Super Rebels’ secret page, the first of several game secrets pages that will appear in the upcoming future. Thanks go out to Darklancer for reporting this interesting secret to us, and sorry we didn’t put it online sooner!

1/13/06: A few quick updates. First, I want to share the website Lord Yuan Shu’s Army with all the Destiny of an Emperor fans viewing this page—it has a lot of wonderful information, including sections on Destiny of an Emperor and Destiny of an Emperor II (they have been added to the ‘Release Dates and Links’ section). The webmaster, lordyuanshu, has also put together a Destiny of an Emperor II game walkthrough which you can view at the bottom of this page.

2/25/05: Linked game information to our database and made new additions (e.g. Google, forums). Access new information through the resources and links above.

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Submitted FAQs and Walkthroughs for Destiny of an Emperor (Gameboy).

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