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Unicode Decimal Entity Encoder for Special Characters (2.0)

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Presenting the unicode to decimal entity conversion tool, a tool we happily share with anyone interested in getting decimal-encoded entity values (e.g. © => ©) for special characters they may be working with. It might be that you are encoding curly quotes (“” and ‘’) or another language (曹操), it doesn’t matter, this tool supports every tier of Unicode. Possible uses include preparing data for a database which uses a Latin encoding, using foreign language on an English page without sacrificing your fonts, or pasting special data into an internet forum such as phpBB 2.

Web authors, you are welcome to contact me with any questions using this form.

HTML is optionally encoded. You can safely use it with this tool.

HTML-Ready Decimal Entity Encoded Convert-o-Matic!


A Note About Typographical Conversion

Select this option and this conversion tool will attempt to apply some professional typographical presentation to your text. Where appropriate, curly quotes will be used instead of regular quotes, dashes will be inserted in place of hyphens and other common text-based symbols will be swapped for their corresponding special character equivalent. Great! But please read the cautionary note below.

Other functions of this tool play on consistent rules, and thus, are able to perform predictably. Language and typography, while based on a system governed by rules, do not require the same degree of rigid consistency. For this conversion to be possible certain assumptions are made in terms of grammar and character placement. As such, please use this option with care and review your results—some things may not work as you expected, especially if you are working with irregular notation or a foreign language. Still, if you have found a problem, or can suggest a change that would help in your case, you are welcome to send me the suggestion. If feasible I will improve the tool for you.



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January 18, 2023