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Kongming’s Archives is dedicated to Luo Guanzhong’s novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms (San Guo Yan Yi), related games (e.g. Koei’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Dynasty Warriors, Kessen II), and the history behind them. Kongming’s Archives is also a place for you to share your Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel and history work with everyone else in the Three Kingdoms community. Site Menu.

Notice: Archived version of Kongming’s Archives. This page contains out of date information and is stored only for archival purposes (to remember what the site once looked and acted link in months or years past). You should not use links on this page for navigation. If you are looking for the home page, follow this link: https://kongming.net/

Janurary 2004 Donation Wallpaper

Kongming’s Archives Support Donations
Due to the popularity of Kongming’s Archives, hosting fees have expanded beyond my budget. Rather than remove content we have started a donation program and now depend on viewers to assist with our monthly costs. As a “thank you” for your support, goodies are offered in exchange.

Feature Menu

Three Kingdoms Novel and History Section
Learn about the history behind the Three Kingdoms (San Guo)
novel and era along with the Jin and Han Dynasties.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms Games Series
Images, avatars, wallpaper, music, and more from Koei’s Romance
of the Three Kingdoms series
: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII and IX.

Dynasty Warriors Game Series
Images, avatars, wallpaper, music, and information for the following
Dynasty Warriors games: DW, DW2, DW3, and DW4.

Other Featured Games
Information pages for: Dynasty Tactics, Dynasty Tactics 2,
Kessen, Kessen 2, and Destiny of an Emperor (original and 2).

Simulated RTK (SimRTK)
Compete against other human players in this strategic forum-based
Romance of the Three Kingdoms simulation online role-play game.

The Scholars of Shen Zhou
Discuss Romance of the Three Kingdoms games, novel and history,
current affairs, world history, and more with other viewers.

Other Kongming’s Archives Features
Kongming’s Archives also features: avatars, portraits, game music,
wallpaper, fan art, walkthroughs, and links to other great sites.

Site Updates

12/29/03: FAQs and Walkthroughs have been updated for Dynasty Warriors 4 and Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends (including 10th and 11th weapons). Over the following week, additional FAQs and Walkthroughs will be added for these and other games. A ‘Walkthroughs’ option has been added to the right-hand menu under Games for quick access to this section from any non-novel page.

Oblivion embraces 50 more broken links, 151 remain.

Hua Tuo (Yuanhua)’s San Guo Zhi biography translated by Jiuwan has been added.

12/27/03: Today serves additional early spring-cleaning. The search engine now properly displays the layout, though it is not (and will probably never be) compatible with the site themes. Also, as of this morning Kongming’s Archives contained 274 broken links, mostly to external sites that have gone offline or moved. Over fifty of those links were removed or repaired today (with a few more added to the links page to replace them), and we will continue to whittle away at them until there isn’t a single broken link left on the site.

12/26/03: I’ve made new additions to the links page (including RTKGames.com and Jiuwan’s Realm of Three Kingdoms, both external) along with major updates to two other pages which I generally don’t make mention of here due to bandwidth considerations. Go ahead and check around if you like, but if you’ve been a regular you probably know what they are.

Announcing Parchment (external), a project by my friend Gravity (as she is known in forums). “[Parchment] is a Romance of the Three Kingdoms fanfiction contest, slated to start in December of this year. You can submit fanfiction based on one of the mediums Rot3K is portrayed in (the novel, Dynasty Warriors, Rot3K the game, etc). You could also nominate some if you would like; perhaps even become a judge to help decide the winners of the contest and all.”

And finally, a new donation wallpaper has been made for January 2004. Some of you, especially those of you who frequent the forums or have browsed most of this site, know I am a freelance Web designer. December and January are vicious months for me financially (holdays and slow business attack at once), so in an effort to pull through as well as possible I made this new wallpaper available as a ‘thank you’ in exchange to anyone who can donate a dollar or more to support this site and one Ramen-noodle-eating Webmaster.

12/23/03: Huang Gai (Gongfu)’s San Guo Zhi biography translated by Lady Wu and has been added, and the translation of Taishi Ci (Ziyi) has been updated, and now includes Pei Songzhi’s notes. After some research I have done, I also decided to update Yuan Shao (Benchu)’s Comprehensive Officer Biograpy. There may be yet another update to that biography in the future as well. Yeah, that’s what we call unexpected freetime.

12/22/03: Happy Holidays!Nearly a half year ago I began a full revision of the site, starting from the ground up, and reworking every single page included. That update, after quite extensive work over the past few days, is now nearly complete. During this process many dead or incorrect links were fixed, along with some broken images across the site. You will also notice that there are now three letters in the header menu, they represent three different themes. Internet Explorer 5 users, who do not enjoy full site compatibility, are advised to use theme ‘C’ or upgrade their browsers. Personally, I favor theme ‘C’ anyway. If you find theme problems, or wish to offer feedback, please make your comments in this thread (located in Scholars of Shen Zhou, account not required to post in this forum).

Following the holidays I will turn my attention to updating some existing content with revisions sent in by various authors, along with finishing the site conversion and perhaps linking the themes to the alternate document themes found in Novel and History. Once that is done, we may see new game content, along with the regular history content. Also, on the home page, the game news information has been updated with a new method of display and all new information, and various improvements have been made.

Enjoy the holidays, be it Yule, Christmas, Hanukkah, or Winter Solstice, and don’t forget to find some presents for your loved ones that come from the heart rather than a store to toss in with the new DVD or game you are getting them. I’m going to take a break (the work above was actually quite extensive) and will return after I enjoy some time with my own family and loved ones.

12/8/03: Cai Yan (Wenji)’s Comprehensive Officer Biograpy, by Jonathan Wu has been added.

12/4/03: Lu Xun (Boyan)’s San Guo Zhi biography, in PDF format, translated by Lady Wu and Sonken has been added.

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Game News

Game Title (Platform)NTSCPALAsia
Dynasty Tactics 2 (PS2)Sep 24, 2003Nov 11, 2003Jun 26, 2003
Dynasty Warriors 4 (PS2)Mar 26, 2003June 27, 2003Feb 27, 2003
Dynasty Warriors 4 (Xbox)Sep 5, 2003Nov 14, 2003Sep 4, 2003
Dynasty Warriors 4: XL (PS2)Nov 4, 2003Jan 23, 2004Sep 25, 2003
Romance of 3 King. IX (PC)N/AN/AMar 14, 2003
Romance of 3 King. IX (PS2)Feb, 2004UnknownDec 20, 2003
Romance of 3 King. VIII (PC)N/AN/AJan 1, 2002
Romance of 3 King. VIII (PS2)Aug 13, 2003Mar, 2004Jan 24, 2002

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