Destiny of a Pikachu: Coming Soon!

Welcome to the exciting world of Pokémon!

Inspired by the recent release of Pokémon Platinum Edition, we have decided to devote our time and resources to developing the most ambitious Destiny of an Emperor modding project yet: Destiny of a Pikachu! In this exciting Destiny of an Emperor mod you will assume the role of Ash’s Pikachu, forced to strike out on his own in the new land of Sinnoh after a terrible accident befell his beloved master. His path will not be an easy one, however. Meowth, formerly of Team Rocket, has followed him, and will oppose his bid to make Sinnoh a new home at any cost.

  • Features exciting new kingdoms, each based on Pokémon generations!
  • A modified combat system using brilliant Pokémon sprites!
  • A revamped tactic system, loaded with your favorite Pokémon moves!
  • More than 160 individual Pokémon from present and past titles!

Will Pikachu be able to find a home for himself and his friends, or will Meowth succeed, casting him out to the streets where he is forced to bite and scratch strangers in a fruitless effort to scavenge up his next meal? Find out for yourself in the culmination of this exciting new Kongming’s Archives project!

And who knows. It might even be possible to save Ash!