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Tim's Web SiTe!

M<y email!

Here we discuss three kingdom and things like that. Oh! And i forget. My daddy buy this site from that James guy. My daddy have a lot of money, so he offer that jame guy twelve thousan american for his site. he take it, so now I get to start working on it myself!!!

Dynasty warriors 4!

Dynasty warrior 4 is my favorite game! It came out a few days ago, and I love it very much. You should all try it.

Kong Ming

See the Kong Ming I hav emade? He is sleeping on the bed as in Destiny of the emperor!

Red hare is Red Rabbit!?

How can Lu Bu ride a red rabbit? This does not look like a rabbit!


Oh! I nearly gorgot! James wanted me to tell you that you can still reach him with the old email form!!! YOu can click here to see it. Oh, and also, if you are lost, you can also visit our other home page. ;)

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