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Site News Archives (Full Year, 2003)

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Archived Documents and Information. This page contains archived site wide news for the year of 2003 (02/03 - 12-03). Some of the information below may be out of date, please check the live pages (home page) rather than depend on dates and Internet addresses given below.

8/30/03: Umm… right. There are only so many server problems we can take in a row, and examples of bad customer service, before we say goodbye to a host. Scholars of Shen Zhou will be moving to the host that currently supports the Simulated RTK within a few days. I am not playing games with all this downtime anymore.

3/24/03: The SimRTK, an online Romance of the Three Kingdoms role playing game in which you can compete against or play along with other Three Kingdoms fans over the Internet, has just been launched at a dedicated forum. If you are interested, pay a visit and go over the rules.

3/4/03: We were unable to find a reasonable solution to the traffic issues in the Game Music section, too many people would not download songs one at a time, so we have been left with no choice but to remove the content. More information is available.

3/3/03: As a temporary solution to a problem brought about by selfish people (i.e. people who download six songs at once) a download speed cap has been placed on all files over 256KBs in size (which is to say things like music and wallpaper will take a while). We are looking for another solution, and may have one soon, but people can only expect so much from us when we don’t charge a penny for this site and run with just about no donations (i.e. one).

2/28/03: Scholars of Shen Zhou will be back online somewhere around 7AM GMT when March starts in the server’s time zone. The “bandwidth exceeded” message just means we went beyond our traffic allowance. This problem will be avoided in the future.

2/26/03: Kongming’s Archives has been fully converted from a table-based HTML layout to a CSS2 based XHTML and PHP layout. Improvements include things like download and display speeds along with faster updates on our end (which means more content for you).

2/24/03: Kongming’s Archives was offline for half the day because the primary hard drive crashed. Data had to be recovered from that hard drive, and then the site had to be restored. A new mail server was also set up. If you have not received a reply to email you sent a while ago, it was probably lost, so please resubmit.

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