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Site Update Archives (Second Quarter, 2002)

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Archived Documents and Information. This page contains archived site wide updates for the second quarter of 2002 (07/02 - 12-02). Some of the information below may be out of date, please check the live pages (home page) rather than depend on dates and Internet addresses given below.

12/30/02: You have been waiting for it (we know, you tell us every day) – some real information on Dynasty Warriors 4. Aside from updates to the Dynasty Warriors 4 home page, a screenshots page, Game Information and FAQ page (similar to our DW3:XL FAQ Page), and the first portraits to be released by Koei are now available. My thanks go out to Spookybanana (especially) and everyone else that contributed information.

12/28/02: Spookybanana’s Lair has been updated with some information on Dynasty Warriors 4 with much more to follow tomorrow or the day after (it just needs to be posted). In addition to that, new content for Dynasty Tactics 2 and Romance of the Three Kingdoms 9 is just around the corner. Time to catch up after the KMA holiday vacation.

12/25/02: “Nothing like a phony blue present to spruce up the holidays, eh?”Happy holidays everyone! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas/Hanukkah/Winter Solstice, and a wonderful new year. Remember to be careful when driving on the roads.

12/23/02: Today marked some notable source code HTML and CSS updates. Most of them were made to improve site accessibility in modern browsers (for viewers with poor vision, for example, learn more about this update), some were focused on small interface improvements, and others were simple browser bug fixes (although two noteworthy Internet Explorer bugs still exist, I am attacking them during the next update which will also include some new fan art). If you see text size errors please report them to me via email and including your browser name version so I can get them fixed. A few kinks will probably be worked out in the next few days seeing as how the text-display CSS was completely rewritten.

12/22/02: Great Deer and myself would like to wish the most excellent of birthdays to our good friend Dennis, make sure you go out and have fun even if work takes away some of your time. To mark this occasion Great Deer has also prepared for him a requested present, Liu Biao (Jingsheng)’s Sanguozhi biography. Happy birthday Dennis!

12/15/02: For those that haven’t heard, Koei has announced a March 2003 release date for the new Dynasty Tactics 2. We will be putting up a Dynasty Tactics 2 home page soon. This information from Spookybanana.

Spookybanana’s Lair has been updated.

The Dynasty Warriors 3 manual has been translated to plain text, converted to HTML, and uploaded. Hat tip: Inhuman for text conversion.

Over the holidays me and others in the Kongming’s Archives staff will be relaxing a little, a few of us are on vacation. Submitted content will still go online, and updates will still be made, but until later this month our major projects will go on hold.

12/9/02: Added the Romance of the Three Kingdoms III soundtrack to the music page. It is a little different than what old console gamers will remember, it is actually done with real instruments, but we think you will like it much more.

12/7/02: The broken image links on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms IX items page have been repaired.

12/6/02: I have uploaded the Kessen soundtrack to the music page (thanks ManY MusiC) and posted scans of the Kessen CD and the full Kessen manual (accessible from the Kessen page). We still need someone to convert it to plain text though (thanks Dan).

A new wallpaper by Janus has also been added to the wallpaper page.

12/3/02: A new Dynasty Tactics tactic mini-guide was prepared for display here by Inhuman. It includes basic tactic information, notes, and tactic illustrations. Take a look.

The “Coming Soon” section was removed, I didn’t update it enough. Now everything is a surprise unless you hear us jabbering about it at SoSZ first.

Finally some solid release information on Dynasty Warriors 4: The Japan release will be in early February 2003 with a United States English release following quickly in March 2003. It looks like the exact release date being received by stores is 3/18/02. Sources: Spookybanana, Koei (Christmas release information) (offline), and Arsonist18.

The Dynasty Tactics PAL release has been delayed to 12/13/02. Thanks Krist.

Netscape 4.x and Internet Explorer 4.x users, I have improved the layout for you a little more. I even tossed in a new preview of what the site looks like in a modern browser (upgrade, you know you want to, come over to the dark side).

12/1/02: Added new “Good Reading” links to the links page, all by Dr. Rafe de Crespigny (offline) (publications). They include Ladies of the Court of Emperor Huan of Han, Later Han Military Organization, and South China under the Later Han Dynasty. And don’t forget the wonderful Man from the Margin: Cao Cao and the Three Kingdoms.

11/29/02: New Comprehensive Officer Biographies have been completed: Guo Huai (Boji), Liu Shan (Gongsi), Wei Yan (Wenchang), and Zhang Fei (Yide). Guan Xing (Xingguo) has been revised. Portraits and hanzi have also been added to some of the older biographies (we will do this a few more times until all are up to date).

Spookybanana’s Lair has been updated with this week’s news, a tidbit on Dynasty Warriors 4. The same content has been added to the Kongming’s Archives Dynasty Warriors 4 home page.

11/24/02: Presenting new Comprehensive Officer Biographies for Cao Zhen (Zidan), Dian Wei (Ziman), and Sima Yi (Zhongda). Also notice that we listed a style name with Dian Wei: Ziman. This may come as pleasant news considering the fact that it was previously unknown to most, it has been added to the Style Name list.

11/23/02: I have edited and prepared 390 new avatars/portraits from SGQYZ2 (another Three Kingdoms game that will never be translated) and uploaded them for your viewing pleasure. We find them to display particularly amusing variety and characteristics; you may enjoy them just as much. In the future you can access them through the avatars or portraits pages, they were designed with SoSZ size limitations in mind.

Spookybanana has updated his section, Spookybanana’s Lair, with all new Koei and gaming news; take a look if you like the Three Kingdoms games.

11/20/02: New Comprehensive Officer Biographies by Jonathan Wu include Guo Jia (Fengxiao), Liu Ye (Ziyang), Yuan Shao (Benchu), Zang Ba (Xuangao), and the often-requested Zhang Liao (Wenyuan).

The Zhuge Family Tree has been prepared and uploaded; you can access it in the future through the novel and history section right-hand menu.

11/18/02: The sheer volume of Xtreme Legends related mail in our inbox over the past few days has surprised us. To accommodate these questions (and more) we have created the Xtreme Legends release information page. One visit to this along with our Xtreme Legends home page and you will be as XL-enlightened as we are.

We have added more common questions to our site FAQ.

Koei Corporation informs us that they are looking for a few good men in the Burlingame, CA area to “help create the next Dynasty Warriors”.

11/16/02: And for the third day in a row we are updating Jonathan Wu’s Comprehensive Officer Biography section, this time with the additions of Xu Huang (Gongming), Yuan Shu (Gonglu), Yue Jin (Wenqian), and Zhang He (Junyi). We would also like to point out there earlier we posted in incorrect link to Cao Ren’s Sanguozhi biography; this has been fixed.

We dedicated some time to general site cleanup today, several minor issues have been resolved and we improved the appearance of some Romance of the Three Kingdoms pages.

Presenting another collection of viewer-submitted fan art, in fact, one might call it a plethora. New submissions include two from Wentian, one from Pure Evil - Dian Wei, one from Jason Molden, two from Falk, and two from Pat Chen. We are looking forward to more.

11/15/02: Cao Hong (Zilian), a new Sanguozhi (SGZ) translation by Lady Wuhas been uploaded. New Comprehensive Officer Biographies have been completed by Jonathan Wu and include He Jin (Suigao), He Miao, Li Dian (Mancheng), and Yu Jin (Wenze). With this update we also introduce the new ‘Family’ header.

The Sun Family Tree by Lady Wuhas been completed. Zhuge family tree is coming soon. Best if viewed at 800x600 resolution or higher. Link can be found on the right-hand menu in the novel and history section under “Family Trees”.

Officer Ranks by Reign Year (translations by Lady Wu) – a new addition to the novel and history section – starts with the kingdom of Shu. You may view the large data table in the provided inline frame, or in a new window. Wei and Wu may be coming in the future. The link, “Officer Ranks by Year”, can be found under the “Novel and History” header in the novel section.

11/14/02: Cao Ren (Zixiao), a new Sanguozhi biography by Lady Wu, and Pan Zhang (Wenqui), a new Comprehensive Officer Biography by Jonathan Wu have been uploaded. Lu Xun (Boyan) and Empress He’s Comprehensive Officer Biographies have also been updated.

And for all those Dynasty Warriors 3 fans out there, we are including something new. Biographies for Fu Xi and Nu Wa have been uploaded, you can finally figure out who they were and why they can’t be found in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel. Links to them can be found here on the biographies page and on all Dynasty Warriors 3 pages.

The Dynasty Warriors 3 voice actor and officer name translation page has been updated with a large amount of additional information; take a look. Hat tip: Shohoku79.

Despite my best efforts I have been located and attacked by an illness that seems to have found everyone else in my area. To combat it I take NyQuil, and I must honestly say that I am not sure which is worse; a drug that makes you fell good, but renders you too tired to function, or an illness that leaves you functional but miserable. Normal updates will resume when I have defeated it. Humph.

11/6/02: Presenting two new Sanguozhi (SGZ) translations by Lady Wu: Xiang Lang (Juda), and Xiang Chong, one new Comprehensive Officer Biography from the desk of Jonathan Wu: Empress He, and one new Sanguo yanyi (SGYY) biography by Dan Liao: He Jin (Suigao).

The Scholars of Shen Zhou section of the Kongming’s Archives staff page has been fully updated. We intend to keep it current from this point. Take a look if you like to know strange things about the SoSZ moderators.

11/4/02: Today yield three more Comprehensive Officer Biography project biographies: Mi Fang (Zifang), Mi Zhu (Zizhong), and Pang Tong (Shiyuan).

11/1/02: “Girls”, a new wallpaper by Dragon_Girl, along with “Wei”, “Shu”, and “Wu”, three new wallpapers by Beautiful Zhang He have been added to the Dynasty Warriors 3 section of the wallpaper page (which has been reorganized). “Art of Battle”, a new fan art by Beautiful Zhang He, has also been added.

In case you haven’t heard yet, Koei will be releasing Dynasty Warriors 3: “Fierce Warriors” in English (United States) under the name of “Xtreme Warriors”. See the game news for more information. A PAL release may follow.

My apologies to everyone else who has send me email and received no reply or submitted content which has not yet gone online. Life has been hectic lately, and I have nobody to help me with graphical preparation. It will all find its way online in time though. As for email, please remember to read the FAQ before contacting me.

10/31/02: “Meow”Happy Halloween! Remember to keep your kids safe and dentists in business (kids certainly do love candy). Also, please don’t forget to keep your pets indoors (better safe than sorry).

10/29/02: Presenting five new biographies in the Comprehensive Officer Biography project, proceeding as always in no particular order: Zhang Yi (Boqi), Zhang Zhao (Zibu), Zhu Ju (Zifan), Zhu Jun (Gongwei), Zhu Zhi (Junli). Enjoy!

Added a “Scholars of Shen Zhou” section to our site FAQ. Basic forum information is included in addition to links that can be used to identify the cause of potential downtime and to perform a traceroute (something that can help us in certain circumstances).

10/27/02: Taishi Ci (Ziyi)’s Sanguozhi biography (translated by Lady Wu) has been uploaded and listed on the biographies page. The footnotes will be included soon, and there is one sentence that we would like feedback on from viewers who can read the Sanguozhi (in the footer).

10/20/02: Four wonderful new drawings from Clarinet and one from WilliamL have been added to the Fan Art page. The other two drawings by Clarinet are also available in crisper and larger versions (each uniformly scaled to 700px wide).

10/19/02: Romance of the Three Kingdoms IX: Two new screenshots have been added to the screenshots page (third row) and a collection of preview portraits have been included in a new portraits page.

Our forum, The Scholars of Shen Zhou, is back online, fully repaired, and fully restored. Drop by and visit.

The older Kessen 2 soundtrack has been replaced with Koei’s official release, a total of 34 tracks. Enjoy! Thanks go out once again to ManY MusiC.

10/18/02: The Dynasty Tactics soundtrack has been uploaded along with some fun lines from the game. It is possible that a few tracks are missing; they may be included at a later date. Thanks go out to ManY MusiC.

10/15/02: The links page has been complete rebuilt from the ground up, is now easier to navigate, and also include a large amount of new web and sections. Some dead links have also been repaired. If you know of any good sites that should be listed (under any category) please drop me a line so I can add them.

Dynasty Warriors 3: Both Circuit translations may be accessed via the “Circuit Lyrics” link on the right-hand menu (in the DW3 section); it has been turned into a drop-down menu.

10/13/02: The Dynasty Warriors 3 Circuit Lyrics page has been completely revised based off content in the Shin Sangoku Musou 2: Official Settings and Information Book (external). Hat tip: Shohoku79 for kindly preparing the hanzi and text for presentation here. Muni Shinobu and Peas on Earth’s alternate translation is still online.

Our Dynasty Tactics Items Guide has been updated with new locations and Professor Worm has also sent me a wonderful graphical item map that compliments it nicely.

The news section from this page has been removed and is now only accessible from the update archives news section. New announcements and news will display in the box at the top of this page.

We received a very positive response to the drop down “Forums” option in the right-hand menu that we have decided to expand on it. You may now click on the “Three Kingdoms”, “Dynasty Warriors”, “Kessen”, or “Other Games” options in the “Features” section to bring up a list of direct links to games pages on this site. We have also added the “Nostalgia” drop down menu to the “Indulgence” section. Back by popular demand, it contains links to past versions of Kongming’s Archives.

10/12/02: Some new wallpaper by Dragon_Girl (Dynasty Warriors 3) and Beautiful Zhang He (Kessen2) has been added to the already vast collection.

I have repaired the link to Jack Yuan’s Three Kingdoms Chronicles, another great source for Sanguozhi biography translations.

I have been asked why the abbreviations and acronyms on this site have a gray dotted underline (e.g. SGYY), why their text is a little smaller, and how this affect is achieved. This has been explained with a new entry in the Site FAQ.

The Sanguo yanyi (Romance of the Three Kingdoms) book introduction has been completed and uploaded with assistance from the highly respectable Lady Wu. Take a look if you like.

10/11/02: Yuan Shao (Benchu)’s Sanguozhi biography (translated by Battleroyale) has been added to the biographies page along with Comprehensive Officer Biographies for Huang Zhong (Hansheng) and Xu Chu (Zhongkang) – that’s Xu Zhu for the Koei fans out there.

I have rewritten the search engine from the ground up to avoid some CSS compatibility issues in IE WIN. The original HTML was fairly archaic, and simply didn’t get along with Kongming’s Archives’ modern design. Hat tip: Nandezx and my friend Justin for extensive Windows testing.

10/10/02: Great news. Our old search engine has been replaced with a far superior alternative (the old one was ghetto, I admit). Atomz.com offers a wonderful search engine for free to sites with 500 or less pages. If your site would benefit from a search option you may find this alternative to be worth your time. Be warned, if you want to beautify the results page will need to be proficient with HTML.

You can access the new search engine using the form in the lower right-hand corner of this and every other page (although at this moment it is only accessible from this page, but that will change soon). Try a search once to see if it will improve your Kongming’s Archives experience. If you have any problems please report them to me right away for repairs.

10/9/02: Zhou Yu (Gongjin)’s Sanguozhi biography translation has been updated by Battleroyale. Zhao Yun (Zilong)’s Comprehensive Officer Biography has been completed and uploaded. We are now including the Chinese hanzi in addition to English for officer names in these biographies.

A link on the portraits page has been fixed along with some alt text.

If you are looking for updates on The Scholars of Shen Zhou please visit the forum and read the posts in the “Imperial Edicts” section. Whenever there is progress, or an update, I share it there.

10/8/02: The whole home section now has a new look. Even the top menu has been snazzed up. Many pages were also improved or updated during this revision. As always, if things don’t look right clear your cache. If that doesn’t do the trick please send me an email explaining the problem.

Links to external forums from the home page have returned by popular demand. You can now click on the “forums” link under the “Sections” division in the right hand menu to bring up a list of good Three Kingdoms forums. This option is only available to viewers that use modern browsers; if your browser is too old you will see “(disabled)” next to the “forums” option.

Just a note: The Scholars of Shen Zhou forum database corrupted. We will get it restored soon; almost no data will be lost. Please be patient.

10/7/02: I made several mistakes on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms IX screenshots page and there was also an Internet Explorer bug that impacted hanzi rendering. All of this is now fixed.

10/6/02: Our Romance of the Three Kingdoms IX page has just gone online with some sneak-peak screenshots and four portraits. This game should be available Winter 2003 in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. Hat tip: Liu_Jin (Web site).

The fan art page now features work by Clarinet, WilliamL, Beautiful Warrior Zhang He, and Falk. We are especially fond of Clarinet’s gorgeous Zhuge Liang portrait and Beautiful Warrior Zhang He’s contribution. Take a look.

My apologies to everyone that has sent me email, but not yet received a reply. I am backlogged at the moment and will reply to most of them soon. I would like to remind everyone that our forum, The Scholars of Shen Zhou, is a much faster way to get game-related information than sending me an email.

10/4/02: Here is the first installment of a new wallpaper series I have planned (Cao Cao/Wei). I will also make one for Liu Bei and Sun Quan, and if they are popular I shall probably make at least six additional sets. Let me know what you think if you have an opinion on them.

Fixed some incorrect links in the Novel and History section.

I have been sent some wonderful fan art that will be going up very soon. Check for it tomorrow or the day after.

10/1/02: That’s right, I am prying myself away from Dynasty Tactics for yet another update. A nice amount of new things will go online today, so check back later for more updates. I have also updated the XBox Dynasty Warriors release information in the Game News.

Lady Wuhas updated her wonderful Sanguozhi translations of Cheng Pu (Demou), Han Dang (Yigong), and Jiang Qin (Gongyi). She has also finished translating Zhou Tai (Youping)’s biography, take a look, he was a great fellow.

Five more Comprehensive Officer Biographies by Jonathan Wu have also been prepared and uploaded: Gan Ning (Xingba), Guan Xing (Xingguo), Li Yan (Zhengfang), Yan Yan, and Zhou Tai (Youping).

The wallpaper page revision has finally been completed. It should download faster now, and now includes one new Dynasty Warriors 2 wallpaper, one new Dynasty Warriors 3 wallpaper, four new Dynasty Warriors 3: Fierce Warriors wallpapers, and 20 new Fate of the Dragon/Dragon Throne wallpapers (bringing the total size of the wallpaper directory to 47MBs of carefully compressed images). Enjoy, and look for some new wallpaper by yours truly tomorrow. Also note that 1152x870 wallpaper is no longer available and that the preview wallpaper is all 640x480.

9/28/02: Presenting a list of Han reign years (with names in both English and Chinese) brought to you by the good fellow Jonathan Wu. Wei, Shu, Wu, and Jin may be coming around the corner.

Lately I have been busy rebuilding the wallpaper page. I underestimated the amount of content that would appear on it and the download size was getting too large. The final redesign, which will be presented soon, will be much smaller and will come with some all-new wallpaper.

9/24/02: The Dynasty Tactics Item Information Guide and the Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII Item Information Guide have both been updated with new locations, names, and general information. If you want to contribute email me.

9/22/02: Added a new Dynasty Tactics Item Guide to the Dynasty Tactics page. It is currently a work in progress, but will be completed before too long. Click here if you want to help out or send me an email with information.

9/21/02: New Comprehensive Officer Biographies have been added for Bao Xun (Shuye), Jia Kui (Liangdao), Jia Xu (Wenchu), Lü Bu (Fengxian), and Mao Jie (Xiaoxian). Someone asked what order I was posting them in, and the answer is, “alphabetical from a pool of .doc files from Jonathan Wu”.

On an unrelated note, Koei’s Dynasty Tactics is a wonderful game. If you enjoyed Final Fantasy Tactics or Ogre Battle, and also like Three Kingdoms, I strongly suggest you go pick it up.

9/19/02: It has been requested that the Zhuge Liang (Kongming) and Zhou Yu (Gongjin) Comprehensive Officer Biographies (by Jonathan Wu) be posted sooner than scheduled, so I put down Dynasty Tactics for a moment and prepared them for the Internet. Enjoy! A few minor biography errors and typos were also corrected.

9/16/02: New Sanguozhi biography translations by Lady Wuhave been added: Jian Yong (Xianhe), Mi Fang (Zifang), Mi Zhu (Zizhong), and Sun Qian (Gongyou).

9/14/02: New Comprehensive Officer biographies include Ling Tong, Lu Su, and Lu Xun.

9/13/02: I have made a few noteworthy changes to this section’s layout (they have been noted in today’s news update). New Comprehensive Officer biographies include Guo Si, Han Dang, Han Fu, Huang Gai, and Jiang Qin.

9/12/02: New Comprehensive Officer biographies include Cao Pi, Chen Jiao, Cheng Yu, Chun Yuqiong, and Guan Yu. Pang Shiyuan has finished Zhou Yu’s portrait and it has been added to the fanart page.

9/11/02: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” - George Santayana The biographies sections have been completely redesigned and a new type of biography (the Comprehensive Officer Record) has been started. There are now two biographies pages, one that lists all biographies by kingdom (e.g. Wei, Shu, Wu) and another than lists all biographies by type (e.g. Original, SGZ, SGYY). New Comprehensive Officer biographies include Cao Cao, Cao Chun, Cao Hong, Cao Ren, Liu Bei, Bu Zhi, Cheng Pu, Ding Feng, Sun Quan, and Chen Gong.

9/7/02: Uploaded two new Dynasty Warriors 3 wallpapers that were submitted by viewers Kerikhan and spookybanana, take a look. Michael submits this most amusing portrait of “Lu Bu the Monkey” (added to the fan art page). How could I not share this with you?

9/1/02: Gan Ning’s Sanguozhi biography, translated by Lady Wu, is now online in the Sanguozhi biographies section. The Dynasty Warriors 3 Fierce Warriors (Shin Sangoku Musou 2 Moushouden) page has been updated with a new feature list. We are also now linking to Muni Shinobu’s excellent Dynasty Warriors 3 Fierce Warriors FAQ. (it may be offline from time to time due to bandwidth regulations). Also added a Fierce Warriors sub-menu in the right-hand menu of the Dynasty Warriors 3 section. Chinese hanzi translations have been added to the Dynasty Warriors 3 officer officer name translation page.

8/30/02: Uploaded the complete Dynasty Warriors and Dynasty Warriors 2 soundtracks to the music page (thanks go out to Matt, I appreciate this).

8/27/02: Added an absolutely wonderful Huang Zhong portrait by Ron (Pang Shiyuan) to the fanart page. Go take a look.

8/26/02: Completed PayPal donations page, take a look for more information if you are interested. Taishi Ci’s officer biography is now online in the Sanguo yanyi officer biographies section (authored by Dan Liao). Added a collection of 64x64 and 64x80 pixel Dynasty Tactics avatars (removed the old 100x100 pixel avatars from viewable pages). Added a collection of 200x200 pixel Dynasty Tactics portraits along with high-resolution versions of Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Quan, and Lu Bu. Updated the avatars and portraits pages.

8/24/02: New additions to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms television series portraits and avatars page: Sima Yi, Sima Zhao, Cao Pi, and Meng Huo.

8/22/02: Added some framed 64x64 and 64x80 Kessen 2 avatars.

8/21/02: At long last I have finally prepared a “Fan Art” page for our reader’s site related (e.g. Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Dynasty Warriors, Kessen, etc.) drawings, paintings, etc. (located on the right-hand menu). Included with the new page is Pang Shiyuan’s wonderful Romance of the Three Kingdoms art. Added a “staff info” link to the right-hand menu. On this page we will keep an updated list of everyone that works with us at The Scholars of Shen Zhou and this site, Kongming’s Archives, along with information about them.

8/20/02: Added a page for Dynasty Warriors 4 (it will contain actual information when some is made available). Updated the search engine to support the newer design (I hate updating this thing). Because it no longer searches text files (there were too many of them) it should also be much faster. Made many improvements to the style sheets used in the novel and history section.

8/19/02: The Dynasty Warriors 3 FAQ (ver 1.0.2) has received a much-needed usability and text overhaul. We think you will enjoy the changes.

8/18/02: I have completely revised the Kongming’s Archives FAQ and added a great deal of new information too it. I also prepared a really cool JavaScript/CSS combination that allows you to hide and show content on that page (thus making 8 pages of information accessible from only one). You will probably need to clear your cache or restart your browser to use this update.

8/17/02: Snazzed up the tables in the site with some paper-like background images. Dynasty Warriors 3 section: added another collection of screenshots from Fierce Warriors. Also added a list of officer names along the Japanese officer names and Japanese Voice Actors.

8/16/02: I was away on work for a while, but now I have returned. The main menu has been updated across the site and now takes up less space and works in more browsers. The novel and history section right-hand menu has received multiple additions. There is a large amount of content planned for the following days. Added a Han Dynasty Introduction by Jonathan Wu. Also take a look at Jonathan Wu’s new novel (based off SoSZ members).

8/5/02: Finally finished a very large CSS/HTML update that will improve many things about the site and help with future updates. There is a spiffy new menu to boot. If things look strange (or completely messed up) clear your browser’s cache (which will solve the problem).

8/3/02: Created a reference table for creating Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII GameShark codes to determine the starting skills of created officers (great for people that base their officers off things like role-playing characters). Updated the Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII items page.

8/2/02: Updated the Dynasty Warriors 3 FAQ to version 1.0.1 (HTML version only). The first hanzi in our link buttons, “Kong3” was incorrect, thank you very much Steven for pointing it out (clear cache to see correction). New wallpaper by Vegetabcool (web site) and spookybanana added to the wallpaper page. Started naming the officers on the Kessen portraits page (hat tip: Kebo). Added some new cheat code guides to the Dynasty Warriors 3 section, updated walkthroughs on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII page, and added a new FAQ to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV page. General site cleanup, thanks go out to everyone that reported issues.

7/29/02: Snazzed up the Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII avatars by adding frames, drop shadows, and turning faces so they look better in forums.

7/28/02: The credits page has been completely revised. I am migrating to a new form based email system in an effort to avoid spam and the wretched people that send it to me. An all-new collection of link buttons has been developed for use on your Web page. The new set features nine animated 120x60 buttons and nine static 120x60 buttons (these new buttons replace the old 120x60 collection). The link buttons page has also received a full revision.

7/27/02: New Eastern Han emperor biographies by Jonathan Wu: Liu Da, Liu Long, Liu Yu, and Liu Zhao. Updated the Dynasty Warriors 3 – Fierce Warriors page with new screenshots and information found on Koei’s Japanese home page.

7/25/02: New link buttons for The Scholars of Shen Zhou, our online forum.

7/22/02: Site Menu completely updated and revised. In the novel and history section: new Sanguozhi biography translation by Duke of Goats: Zhu Ran. New full-length Sanguo yanyi biography by Jonathan Wu: Lü Bu.

7/19/02: Completely revised the Dynasty Warriors 3 portraits page and added a large amount of new high-resolution content. The popup portrait viewer, which now includes Wei Yan, is still available from the menu on the Dynasty Warriors 3 page. Uploaded a complete collection of Kessen portraits (still need names), thanks go out to Kimberly. Today also marked some site cleanup in several sections.

7/18/02: Some new submitted wallpaper for Dynasty Warriors 3 is online at the wallpaper page. 5 Dynasty Warriors 3 .mp3s have gone online with more to come in the music section.

7/15/02: New FAQs and guides online for Dynasty Tactics, Romance of the Three Kingdoms VI, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII. FAQs updated for Dynasty Warriors 3. Fixed a broken Dynasty Warriors 2 wallpaper link in the wallpaper section.

7/14/02: Some submitted content has gone online in several places with more to come over the next few days. I have been away and I am just now getting around to uploading content and replying to e-mail. A new Sanguo yanyi officer biographies section has just gone online with two biographies and more to come. Take a look, and if you have any thoughts please feel free to share them with me.

7/12/02: Added a collection of Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII ending screenshots. The events section for the Romance of the Three Kingdoms Television series has gone online.

7/8/02: Introductions for the kingdoms of Wei, Wu, and Shu are now online in the novel and history section. All by Jonathan Wu. They are partial drafts and revisions will be made soon. Take a look.

7/7/02: there was some confusion regarding avatars due to my image linking policy and avatars. I have always intended for it to be okay for you to link to avatars on this site from forums that do not allow uploads (or to which you cannot upload for some reason). Site FAQ and Viewer Agreement updated.

7/6/02: Jacob Anderson sent in some Legends of Cao Cao and Kongming portraits a few weeks ago and I have just put them online. My additional thanks to Jacob for the portrait names.

7/1/02: The Dynasty Warriors 3 Circuit Lyrics are now online thanks to Muni Shinobu and Peas on Earth, the people who made it possible. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII items page has received another huge update and is now nearly complete.

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March 7, 2014