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Site News Archives (Full Year, 2002)

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Archived Documents and Information. This page contains archived site wide news for the year of 2002 (02/02 - 12-02). Some of the information below may be out of date, please check the live pages (home page) rather than depend on dates and Internet addresses given below.

11/20/02: The Scholars of Shen Zhou will be offline today at around 3PM GMT for motherboard replacement.

10/29/02, 11:00PM GMT: The Scholars of Shen Zhou has gone offline so a hard drive can be swapped out and replaced. In the future if you need information on The Scholars of Shen Zhou you can check this server information page (SoSZ is on the “Swordfish” server) or you can check the new SoSZ section of our site FAQ.

10/28/02, 1230, GMT-7: Sorry about the momentary error at Scholars of Shen Zhou some of you may have seen. There is no cause for concern. It looks like the host was doing some general server maintenance; all of their sites were offline.

10/19/02: Great news, The Scholars of Shen Zhou is back online. The forum has been restored to the state it was at on the morning of October 8th, 2002 (just before the corruption occurred). All previous issues have also been resolved; the forum is running perfectly. Thanks, everyone, for your patience.

10/18/02: Unfortunately the current host for The Scholars of Shen Zhou is not making progress fast enough and we feel our problem is not being treated as a priority (the main service providers, not our reseller). I am making inquiries with Burton Hosting (a company with a great reputation); the forum will probably be transferred soon.

10/14/02: The PHP 4.2.3 issue that caused our forum, the Scholars of Shen Zhou, to suffer from a corrupt database has been located and fixed. The database will be restored soon and the forum will return to the state it was at in the morning of 10/8/02.

10/8/02: The Scholars of Shen Zhou forum database has corrupted and we will need to restore it using a previous backup. The forum corrupted around Tue, 8, 2002 at 8:30PM GMT -7 and our backup is dated Tue, 8, 2002 at 2:02 AM GMT -7. Please be patient with us while the forum is restored (it could be anywhere from a few hours to a few days). There is no need for concern; important data will not be lost.

9/14/02: I have altered the home section layout (I know change is bad, but the menu was getting cluttered). Several links were rearranged in the right-hand menu: Site information links moved from “sections” and placed under “information”; “images” and “downloads” were combined under “sections”; and a new section, “Indulgence” was added. In the “features menu” Kessen merged with “other games”. The home page has shed 7K.

8/26/02: I have set up a PayPal account to simplify donations (don’t worry, the site is not in danger). Click here for more information.

8/20/02: I am happy to announce that Kongming’s Archives is ranked number 469,889 in out of all indexed Web sites at AlexaWebSearch! Given the short period of time we have been online and the limited scope of our content I am happy to see this. Here is our page at Alexa, drop by and give us a review if you have time to kill.

8/16/02: I am finishing up an earlier CSS update, so the main menu will look a little normal until I am done. I was away for a while with work, but now I am back. There are more than a few updates right around the bend.

8/12/02: I have just completed a very large CSS/HTML update that dropped page sizes by 1KBs to 7KBs each. It also allows me to make updates and create new pages faster (and comes with a spiffy new right-hand menu to boot). Even though you cannot see most of the changes they are very large. If the pages look messed up now please clear your browser’s cache.

7/28/02: The front page has been converted to XHTML from HTML and we will now start migrating a large amount of replaceable HTML to CSS. This means the main page and new pages will load faster as work is completed. The sites style sheet will be hidden from 4.x and older browsers soon.

7/22/02: The Scholars of Shen Zhou is back online and has been restored to the state it was at on 7/8/02. Post and account data from 7/9/02 to 7/22/02 has been lost, I am sad to say, but this problem will be avoided in the future. If you are wondering what happened, or would just like more information, please read this detailed explanation.

7/13/02: 100,000 original site viewers! This is a very large amount of people for a site that is just over four months old and dedicated to such a specific subject. I am overjoyed that so many people enjoy spending time here. I will continue to work with other authors and participants to bring you new and interesting content. Being a part of this project is reward enough for me.

7/13/02: (Resolved) The Scholars of Shen Zhou has been down far more often than we would like over the past few days and I suspect some people have been wondering about it. I just wanted to say here that we are aware of the problem (primary host incompetence) and we are working together with others to take the forum to a stable server. Do not worry about the future of SoSZ; we won’t let the project fade away.

7/13/02: 100,000 original site viewers! This is a very large amount of people for a site that is just over four months old and dedicated to such a specific subject. I am overjoyed that so many people enjoy spending time here. I will continue to work with other authors and participants to bring you new and interesting content. Being a part of this project is reward enough for me.

6/14/02: The Kongming’s Archives forum, The Scholars of Shen Zhou, has just gone online. If you want to discuss Romance of the Three Kingdoms games, novel, and anything else on your mind please stop by, register, and participate.

6/1/02: Today yields another major layout update. Home sections have been moved to a thin menu at the top of the page. That new menu will appear on all pages with this layout – another effort to keep things consistent. I have also slimmed down the right-hand menu on all pages. It may seem shorter, but that is just because I removed unnecessary text and duplicate links. Images have also been used in various ways to improve the appearance of this site. is sick, let us hope the best for him.

5/30/02: You can now get a POP3 account under the kongming.net domain (in addition to the badcompany.org (offline) and rot3k.com domains) from us. You can enjoy fast access speeds, nearly 100% uptime, and professional hosting and support for a small fee. I have turned down money contributions in the past, but now I have something to offer in exchange. If you sign up for an account the money received in exchange will help me dedicate more time to this site (and maintain your account). If you want to donate money I will now accept – contributions will go balance out site fees (which I gladly pay out of my pocket). Extra money, if it appears, will be split with my writers.

5/22/02: , my novel and history section partner and friend, will now be assisting me with appropriate e-mails (which will be forwarded to him). This means that I (or him) will be able to get back to you faster than before. Jonathan is especially good with Romance of Three Kingdoms (and other related historical) questions.

5/21/02: I took some extra time out to address several readability issues with some changes to Kongming’s Archives’ CSS files. Margins are now wider, paragraphs are justified (properly), and links are not bold anymore (this made link heavy pages, like this one, a little annoying). Text display pages (like this example) have received major CSS upgrades as well (to both the sans and serif styles). If you don’t like any of the changes please get in touch with us and share your thoughts. There may be a few minor visual issues to work out as the result of this, but you probably won’t even notice them.

5/5/02: site navigation and layout have both received a complete revision. I now consider Kongming’s Archives’ layout complete (see 5/4/02 and 5/5/02 updates for more information).

4/30/02: Hotmail users have been getting occasional delivery failures when sending to my primary e-mail address. If you are using Hotmail please send messages to my instead. I cannot fix this problem because it is a Hotmail issue.

4/28/02: I am happy to announce that starting now me and will be working together on the novel and history page to make it one of the most informative RTK information sources on the Internet. Check the page regularly for updates. :)

4/23/02: The new Novel & History section has just gone online! At this time not much content is available, but in days to come this should change. Please help with this section in any way you can as it will depend on the Three Kingdoms community for most of its content. If you have written, found, or translated anything that would be appropriate in this section and would like to share with the community please do not hesitate to email me.

4/16/02: I am moving to a new home and for this reason I have not been able to work on the site as much as usual. At the end of this month progress will again be swift. We will still update current content and post new submitted content. I have decided that the novel/history section will be made (no more doubt there) and we are currently setting up a database for the forum. Enjoy.

4/12/02: We have just added a search engine (see updates for more information, it can be found at the bottom of the right-hand menu). We would also like to extend our welcome to Sanguo ONline, our first partner site! In the near future we may add an online forum for RTK novel and games discussion.

4/8/02: Welcome to our new domain name and enjoy, we will be here for a very long time to come. Also, we are now providing professional POP3 e-mail hosting (incoming and outgoing) under our domain name for five dollars a month or discounted yearly fees (yourname@kongming.net). If you are interested, or if you have any questions, please contact the Webmaster.

4/1/02: We are currently revising the layout of the web site and improving the graphics in the menu section of all pages. If you like the new look please let us know, we would love to hear about it (also please let us know if you have, or find, any problems with it. If you want to see the original appearance of this web page please click here.

3/31/02: There have been many changes since we went online a month ago. In addition to basic game information we now host a vast amount of informative and original content for your pleasure. Nearly all errors and issues faces by our pages have been resolved thanks to extensive testing and many kind reports from our regulars (regarding site errors nothing has changed, please send me an email so we can fix them immediately). With so much content taken care of the time has come to look into expanding the site. Just now online you can find the new Kessen and Kessen II pages; Fate of the Dragon and perhaps even more soon to come. If you have ideas or content of any sort you would like us to host please do not hesitate to contact us. If you know of Web sites that host content similar to our own please contact us so we can post the links.

3/4/02: This is the site’s first day live on the Web. I hope you enjoy the content currently available on this site and I look forward to adding more as time goes by. Just a minor note, because our Windows box is broken we are not able to test in Windows browsers as fast as we can test the Mac versions. We have checked current versions of most major browsers and, at this time, can think of no problems. It is the way of things that they (problems) will, of course, appear at some point or another. If you happen to be the fellow that comes across one of them please send me an email so we can fix it. Screenshots are very helpful in fixing problems like this. You might also try upgrading your browser if you are using a very old version. Thank you for the visit and enjoy.

Fixed some minor layout issues, added webmaster e-mail to right-hand menu bar, and hide all occurrences of e-mail address from spiders. Why? We hate spam.

2/16/02: When completed this site will contain content (anything) regarding the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Koei’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Dynasty Warriors game series, and Capcom’s Destiny of an Emperor series. In addition, if any new games come out that are related to Romance of the Three Kingdoms or its characters they will also be included here as long as there is some content to offer. I am aware of the PC war strategy game related to this subject, I will probably include it as well when I get more information on it.

Whenever I hear something new about any of these games I will post it here. Consider this page as the hub for all other Rot3K sites we host. Contribution is welcome, as is feedback, please enjoy your visit.

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