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Welcome to the dusty tome that is the Kongming’s Archives’ Archives. Here we will store links to old update information, old site versions (fully intact for your viewing pleasure) and whatever other old stuff we feel like pack ratting away.

Update Archives

Listed below, two for each year, are the site update archives. If, for some odd reason, you want to see what we were doing a year ago this is the place to look.

News Archives

Every once and a while there is a site event worth mentioning at the top of the home page (it used to be a sub-section of the home page). These news events remain on the home page as long as they are relevant, and then they are moved to these archives.

And here is the game news archives.

Previous Layouts

Kongming’s Archives has evolved quite a bit ever since it was first launched in February 2002, and only for reasons of amusement (we enjoy looking back on what this place once was) we freeze a version of the home page in the archives for viewing at a later date. The links on the pages are updated (so they don’t die) but the layout and CSS remains the same.

April Fools’ Jokes

Memories of one of our more unusual traditions.

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