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Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII: Gameshark Skill Codes

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Using the information on this page you can generate a GameShark to give a created officer the exact set of abilities you want. This is idea for players out there that create officers based off role-playing characters or personalities they have already come up with. Everything may appear complex, but if you follow the instructions carefully you will not have any trouble.

Gameshark Code Data Tables

Please reference these tables while assembling your own unique Gameshark codes.

Row 1 Spy Invent Tame Trade Counter Reverse Aid Scout
Row 2 Valor Charge Duel Dash Repair Navy Missle Volly
Row 3 Riot Wile Rumor Chart Flood Rally Jeer Sap
Row 4 Mystic Bless Zeal Study Doctor Oracle Critic Wealth

How does this work?

After generating your code and entering it into the GameShark you load up your Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII game (using normal GameShark instructions). Check the skills of the officer you targeted with the code and you should see the exact skills you chose using the menus on this page. Change the stats of that officer (while the GameShark is active) using any officer type, save, then exit. Even if your stats are correct you must make a change and save your officer (otherwise the skills you chose will not be valid). After saving the officer data remove the GameShark and shut off the PlayStation (to clear the internal RAM). Start up the PlayStation again and your officer should permanently have the skills you choose (without the GameShark).

Please note that we will not help people that have trouble with these codes (all the instructions are on this page) and we do not assume responsibility for any damage that may occur to any of your hardware or your saved game (which may happen if you do not follow the instructions properly). These codes have, however, been tested with complete success.


The first thing you need to do is enter this code into GameShark, it is required for Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII codes to work.

0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
EE4F4CC6 BCF87352

Aside from this code you also need to make the officers you want to alter. Make a note of what officer number each of these officers are. (Important: if you delete a created officer the officer numbers will not change even though they appear to in the game. You will have to experiment with this). Once you have those numbers use the information to generate the first eight letters of your code.

Slot Code Slot Code
Officer 1
Officer 2
Officer 3
Officer 4
Officer 5
Officer 6
Officer 7
Officer 8
Officer 9
Officer 10

Notice: At this time we do not have the beginning codes for created officers after number 10 (we cannot find a patterns off which to base the future codes and all the codes on this page were done by hand). If you have these codes, or can get them and are willing to do so, please send them to us in an email. I would very much appreciate it; you will be credited.

Now that you have the first half of your new code you need to determine the rest. To do this use the skill table at the top of this page. The skills are named exactly as they appear in the PlayStation2 officer generation screen. For each row generate a series of Xs and Os from left to right with X meaning that the officer does not know the skill and O meaning that they do.

For example, if I want my officer to have Spy, Inv, Tame, Reversal, and Scout from the first row my Xs and Os would look like this: O O O X X O X O. Do this for each row and record your results on paper.

With your skills planned out, we must now determine the code. Start with Row 4 (marked with green cells in the table above) and then work your way to Row 1. Use the second table to find the series of Xs and Os you have recorded for Row 4. Once you have found the proper lineup you can get the ninth and tenth digits of your code using the numbers and letters to the right. If your X/O series for Row 4 is O O X O X X X X then characters nine and ten will be C7. How do you decide this? You will notice that for each X/O series on the second table there are four sets of two characters. At the top of these columns you will see a Row Number in the same color as found in the skills table above. You start with Row 4 so you get the first two characters to the right of your X/O series. We now have the following code:

DE647B76 C7??????

Next you move on to Row 3. For our example we will assume you have O O X O O X X X for your row three X/O series. Using the table to the right and the second character column (it says Row 3 at the top in blue) we see our next two characters will be C4. We now have the following code:

DE647B76 C7C4????

Next we figure out Row 2. My example is X X O X X O O O. Referencing the third column of row 2 we find characters thirteen and fourteen to be 7F. We now add that to our code making it DE647B76 C7C47F??. Row 1 in our X/O series is the final column on the right menu. We have O O O X X O X O for this row, so using the table to the right we get 2A. Our final code is:

DE647B76 C7C47F2A

If you are following along you should now have your final code as well. Enter it into the GameShark, activate it (along with the generic Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII code), and load the game. You should see your results on the “edit new officers” screen. If your code failed check for accuracy and review the instructions again). Proceed with the instructions in the “How does this work?” section.

Having Trouble?

I understand that the instructions on this page can be quite complicated, but the is the best way I can think of to present the information on this page. As said earlier we will not be able to answer questions about how to use the information on this page (due to time limitations). If you do not understand go over the instructions again. I guarantee that all the information needed can be found on this page.

Errors or Contributions?

Have you found a mistake on this page? Are you having trouble viewing it do to page or layout errors? Do you have the codes for created officers #11 and on? Please send me an email so I can fix or add the necessary information to this page and credit you for the contribution. Thank you in advance. (Do not write in with usage questions).


The information on this page was discovered at great effort on my part. You may not compile the information on this page into a guide, publish it, or post it on your web page without first getting permission from the Webmaster. If you have any questions please write me an email.

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