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Romance of the Three Kingdoms II, a multiplayer kingdom management strategy game, is the second installation in Koei’s historic simulation series, Romance of the Three Kingdoms. You assume the role of a ruler (historic or your own creation) as you manage your kingdom, officers, diplomatic relations and economy, drafting troops, and waging war—all in a bid to unit China under your flag.

Characters and events in Romance of the Three Kingdoms II are inspired by the namesake novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms (Sanguo Yanyi; 三国演义), written in the Ming Dynasty, 14th century, by famous Chinese author Luo Guanzhong. Events in Romance of the Three Kingdoms are, in majority, based on historic government records from the Three Kingdoms era of Chinese history—a chaotic period marred with civil war as famous warlords fought amongst themselves for control of China—and further romanticized through storytelling, folklore, and the mind of a brilliant author.

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