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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI’s challenge scenarios place you in control of an historic force facing a difficult scenario from the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history. The scenarios differ between the PC and PS2 game versions. This guide, authored by Kong Wen, is for the PS2 version, and offers instructions and advice to for completion of each scenario. Each victory unlocks a new historic officer to appear in gameplay. For more information, see the discussion topic at our forum.

Challenge #7: Nanman Rebellion

Win: Destroy Zhuge Liang’s unit or survive for 18 turns (180 days).
Lose: Meng Huo’s unit is destroyed or Yun Nan is captured.


The general strategy for this one is to build embankments everywhere and then clutter up the main paths with units and fire.

The enemy can come at you from two different directions, and I’ve seen them go both ways, so your best bet is to build embankments on both fronts. Have King Duosi turn the single embankment he starts beside into a triple embankment in a straight line by building new ones on either side. Trap him outside of the city. He’ll come in handy as a delay later on. Jinhuan Sanjie and Dong Tu Na can build Embers somewhere along the path and then just act as nuisances for the rest of the battle. Get in the enemies’ way, Rake them into poison swamps, attack Juggernauts, but most importantly, light fires along the path to slow the enemy’s advance. You’re going to lose these units, but you want to do it at the last possible moment!

To complete the northern defences, you can have Meng Huo build an embankment that’s two embankments long, right behind where King Duosi started off. Have Meng Huo save his last embankment; when you get a better idea of which direction is going to cause you the most problems, you can plant it accordingly. Zhu Rong’s two embankments can be used the same way. In the meantime, sit use Zhu Rong to drop rocks on the enemies below. Sit Meng Huo beside the castle. You could use him for rocks too, but the enemies can use fire strategies from three spaces away, and you don’t want him taking unnecessary damage.

Down south, start by having Wu Tugu turn the embankment that’s already there into a nice triangle. Have Meng You repair it to finish it in time. Mulu Duosi can create three embankments, so he can make a line of two beside the barracks and plant the other one farther up the pass. These three units will now be used as distractions, lighting fires all the way up the path and trying to use Perturb on Guan Suo and other units if they get too close.

By this time there should be fires and embankments everywhere, but you should also have a couple of emergency embankments left to plant where you need them when things get ugly. Try to keep fires and embankments between you and the enemy at all times, and when you run out of will, just dump units in front of them. Use your Zone of Control. Zhu Rong should be the last line of defence before you have to go to your last resort and put Meng Huo in the way (which probably won’t happen, but que sera sera—he’ll last longer than the city walls).

Unlocked Officers

In reward for your efforts the following officer is unlocked:

Wang Tao
LDR: 64, WAR: 76, INT: 46, POL: 30, CHR: 67
Bow: A
Spear, Pike, Horse, Navy: C
Weaponry: C
Skill: Bowmanship (Able to use bow tactics in forest)
Character: Reckless

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI Biography
A woman who appears in “The Story of Hua Guan Suo,” a tale that has Guan Suo as its leading character. The daughter of Wang Ling Gong, a thief in Lu Tang Sai. The elder sister of Wang Yue. Wang Tao lost in battle to Guan Suo, who stopped by Lu Tang Sai, and she and her younger sister Wang Yue became Guan Suo’s wives.

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