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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI’s challenge scenarios place you in control of an historic force facing a difficult scenario from the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history. The scenarios differ between the PC and PS2 game versions. This guide, authored by Kong Wen, is for the PS2 version, and offers instructions and advice to for completion of each scenario. Each victory unlocks a new historic officer to appear in gameplay. For more information, see the discussion topic at our forum.

Challenge #6: Mai Castle Escape

Win: Guan Yu reaches escape point within 18 turns (180 days).
Lose: Time runs out or Guan Yu’s unit is destroyed.


The general strategy for this one is to build no less than three crossbow turrets around your camp, hide Guan Yu’s unit as much as possible, and let the Wu forces wear down before attempting an escape.

Now, unfortunately, this challenge and the Jie Ting challenge have a lot of natural variance in specific strategies just because of the nature of what you’re supposed to accomplish, so I’ll just hit on some main points. Right off the bat, your priority should be to get three turrets built around the camp while keeping Guan Yu out of harm’s way. He should be able to help repair one of the turrets into being while staying behind where the enemy can reach him. I planted a turret near the bottom of the facilities, another one as close as possible to that one (a couple spaces to the right) in front of the camp, and another fairly close to that. This way you can get two or three of the turrets firing on the same guys, and weakening them up faster.

After the turrets are up, the key is to wait for a suitable opening in the enemy forces that will allow Guan Yu to sneak out behind the faclities and start the stage of the challenge I call “the run.” Move Guan Yu back onto the bridge behind the camp and build an embankment facing where the most heat is coming from. Use your other units to rake or confuse if you can. Have Guan Suo near the facilities weaking them down to create a path for Guan. Use the other units to throw up embankments where you need them, mostly to prevent units from getting too close to Guan Yu.

If Guan Suo is around the facilities and Guan Yu is behind him, eventually Jiang Qin and his goons are going to try to go around to try to get at Guan through your well-turretted fortifications. Don’t be afraid if the camp is destroyed, but try to keep the turrets up. They’re not going to take out any units yet, but they are going to keep them distracted, weaken them, and thus cause them to do less damage to Guan and to your units.

You should be inching Guan Yu up behind the facilities whenever you can, but not soon enough that enemy units are going to charge around to block you. I managed to start the run when Lu Meng and his buddy showed up and had made it down pretty close to the facilities.

Now, on “the run,” one thing you’re going to want to keep in mind in this scenario is that pikes and confusion tactics are of utmost importance. Guan Yu can use Rush and Guan Suo can use Onslaught. Use these tactics to confuse units, thus disabling their Zone of Control! The pikes’ Rake tactic can drag an enemy back a space, and Guan Suo’s Onslaught and Guan Yu’s Thrust can do the same. I’d stay away from using Guan Yu for this purpose unless absolutely necessary, though, because you want him taking as little damage as you can. Besides, the point of these tactics is to get units out of the way so Guan Yu can move past them.

Anyway, when Lu Meng got close, I charged out with Guan Suo and confused him (Onslaught), thus allowing Guan Yu to get by. I did use Guan Yu to confuse the other guy. The rest of my units kind of lagged behind, because they were caught up in ZoC, but my reinforcements where there to help me out. When I got to the centre of the run, I built two more turrets and a couple of embankments, just to keep people busy in case they got close to me. Really, as a matter of principle, while Guan Yu and his reinforcements are moving, they should never really just "wait." When Guan Yu moves, build something with him or use him to repair a turret into shape! When the other guys move, have them lay down a turret, repair it, or drop an embankment. No problem. For the record, none of the original wave of enemies ever caught up with Guan Yu once I began the run. All I had to contend with was Lu Meng and his friend, and Lu Xun and his two buddies. It was no problem to have Guan Suo keep Lu Meng confused while Guan Yu got ahead of him. At this point, my pikemen were instrumental in dragging people out of Guan Yu’s way. Once he ran past, they were stuck trying to catch up with him, and the scenario was over.

Your scenario probably won’t go exactly the same way, and I know how frustrating it can be when something I describe here doesn’t happen for you. The key is to prevent as much damage to Guan Yu as you can by hiding him early on and by using your other units (ZoC), turrets, and embankments to keep them away from him. Sneak Guan Yu and Guan Suo out from behind the enbankments whenever you can, but don’t rush. You don’t want the enemies to see what you’re planning and loop back around to block you. You should have plenty of time. Keep Guan Suo and your pikes with Guan if you can, and use the other guys as distractions and annoyances. Don’t waste turns when you’re moving up the map: if you can build something, then build it. Finally, use your tactics to change the ZoC on the run, making it easier for Guan Yu to make his escape.

Unlocked Officers

In reward for your efforts the following officer is unlocked:

Lu Baishe
LDR: 5, WAR: 1, INT: 31, POL: 39, CHR: 66
Spear, Pike, Bow, Horse, Weaponry, Navy: C
Skill: Wealth (Cities’ monthly Gold income x1.5)
Character: Timid

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI Biography
The sworn brother of Cao Song, Cao Cao’s father. He gave shelter to Cao Cao and Chen Gong when they were escaping after a failed assassination attempt on Dong Zhuo. Wanting to offer hospitality, he told his family to prepare meat for the guests. Cao Cao and Chen Gong, however, mistakenly thought that the family was planning to capture them, and they ended up killing the entire family. When they realized it was a misunderstanding, Chen Gong regretted what they had done, but Cao Cao declared, “I’d rather betray the world than have the world betray me!” Once Chen Gong saw how heartless Cao Cao was, he parted ways with him.

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