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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI’s challenge scenarios place you in control of an historic force facing a difficult scenario from the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history. The scenarios differ between the PC and PS2 game versions. This guide, authored by Kong Wen, is for the PS2 version, and offers instructions and advice to for completion of each scenario. Each victory unlocks a new historic officer to appear in gameplay. For more information, see the discussion topic at our forum.

Challenge #3: Liu Bei’s Subjugation

Win: Capture Xiao Pei within 18 turns (180 days).
Lose: Time runs out or all allied units are destroyed.


The general strategy for this one is to use Lu Bu and Zhang Liao as distractions for Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and Jian Yong’s units while Gao Shun moves his Ram up the road and towards the city.

Start by sending Lu Bu right up the middle and have him begin work on a Camp. The increased defence it offers will make him and Zhang Liao better distractions for a while. Move Zhang Liao to the far left. He can’t reach the Camp to repair it yet, but he will on his next turn. Move Gao Shun as far up the road as you can.

Liu Bei’s force will march out towards the archer tower to the right of your camp. Leave your Ram where it is until the enemy is distracted, or they’ll go after it. Move Lu Bu and Zhang Liao into tempting positions towards the left while repairing the camp.

From here on in, all you have to do is keep the enemy occupied by moving Lu Bu and Zhang Liao into tempting positions and using Perturb. Lu Bu’s unit usually has around a 45% change of Perturbing, while Zhang Liao’s should be over 80%. When the enemies are distracted and confused enough, sneak that Ram up the road, destroying the archer towers that you pass (or else they’ll weaken the Ram) in one hit. The city should take around four hits. Don’t be afraid if one of Liu Bei’s units breaks off and makes for the city. Just keep wailing on those walls and trying to Perturb with whoever you have left.

Unlocked Officers

In reward for your efforts the following officer is unlocked:

Meng Jian
LDR: 73, WAR: 31, INT: 80, POL: 86, CHR: 75
Spear, Pike, Bow, Horse, Weaponry, Navy: B
Skill: Indomitable (Immunity to ‘Perturb’)
Character: Cool

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI Biography
Zhuge Liang’s friend. Appears as “Meng Gongwei.” He appears in the famous story in which Liu Bei paid three visits to the home of Zhuge Liang. When Meng Jian and Shi Tao (Shi Guangyuan) were out drinking, they met Liu Bei, who was trying to visit Zhuge Liang in Long Zhong for the second time. Meng Jian and Zhuge Liang, Xu Shu and Shi Tao studied together in Jing Province, and Zhuge Liang commented that these friends had the potential to be governors or prefects. Meng Jian served Wei, and after Wen Hui’s death, became the governor of Liang Province and showed considerable political prowess.

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