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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI’s challenge scenarios place you in control of an historic force facing a difficult scenario from the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history. The scenarios differ between the PC and PS2 game versions. This guide, authored by Kong Wen, is for the PS2 version, and offers instructions and advice to for completion of each scenario. Each victory unlocks a new historic officer to appear in gameplay. For more information, see the discussion topic at our forum.

Challenge #2: The Turbans’ End

Win: Capture Pu Yang within 36 turns (360 days).
Lose: Time runs out or Chen Liu is captured.


The general strategy for this one is to get burn down the enemy camp, set up an archer tower, and have a few units sitting near the Band Platform keeping the enemies confused while another unit or two escorts your Rams to the city.

Start by having Bao Xin move forward one space and ignite the camp. Send out a cavalry unit of Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yuan, and Yu Jin. They’ll help burn the camp when they get down there, and they’ll repair the archer tower that Bao Xin should be working on next. Get the archer tower going before you finish the camp off—it’ll burn on its own, or your next wave of units will finish it off. Don’t attack it; just use fire. Stay near the Band Platform to keep will up.

You should use the people who don’t get sent out right away to Recruit troops, Drill them, and maybe build a market (only if it’s going to be fast). On your next turn, Drill or Outfit (whichever you need) with the guys you want controlling the Rams (since they won’t be going anywhere just yet), and then send out a few smart units (Cao Cao, Chen Gong, and Cheng Yu, with buff guys to help beef the units up). Cao Cao can be alone, since his strategies will always work and he should be able to avoid combat. Sit these smart units near the Band Platform, but don’t be afraid to move them out a space or two if it means Perturbing another unit. Keep as many units Perturbed as possible. If the Camp isn’t gone by the time the smart units get there, have them burn it too.

Bao Xin and Xiahou Dun should have an archer tower built by now. I put mine smack in the symmetrical middle of the Embankment formation, three spaces from the camp and three spaces from the enemy crossbow turret. Avoid that turret if at all possible, until it can’t be avoided. The enemies should be closing in on you by now. Keep Liu Pi perturbed if you can help it, since his giant tower unit does big damage.

Your next wave of units will be the two Rams, led by Yue Jin and Li Dian, and possibly an escort unit. If you can’t muster an escort right now, don’t worry about it, since Bao Xin’s unit will probably get wiped out and you can redeploy him with one. Have the Rams hang back around the Band Platform until enough enemies are confused that they have a path, and then send them through to attack that crossbow turret.

This is the part where luck comes into play. It would be great to be able to keep most if not all of the enemy units confused long enough for you to destroy those turrets and get to the city. Xiahou Dun’s unit at least (and hopefully another, if you can spare it) should head up with the Rams, since Pu Yang will probably deploy another couple of weak, tattered units at you. Use the escorts to distract them while the Rams make short work of the city walls.

Unlocked Officers

In reward for your efforts the following officer is unlocked:

Shi Tao
LDR: 62, WAR: 32, INT: 82, POL: 81, CHR: 78
Spear, Pike, Bow, Horse, Weaponry, Navy: B
Skill: Integrity (Immunity to ‘Misinform’)
Character: Bold

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI Biography
Zhuge Liang’s friend. Appears as “Shi Guangyuan.” In the famous story in which Liu Bei paid three visits to the home of Zhuge Liang, Shi Tao and Meng Gongwei (Meng Jian) met Liu Bei, who was trying to visit Zhuge Liang at his hermitage for the second time, when they were out drinking. Shi Tao was friends with Xu Shu, who was from the same area. When Dong Zhuo was in power and a conflict broke out in Zhong Yuan, Shi Tao and Xu Shu escaped to the south. Shi Tao and Zhuge Liang, Xu Shu and Meng Jian studied together in Jing Province, and Zhuge Liang commented that if these friends had government positions, they would be governors or prefects. Later, when Jing Province came under Cao Cao’s rule, Shi Tao returned to the north. During Cao Pi’s reign, he served Wei, and held the positions of prefect and agricultural advisor successively. It is said that when Zhuge Liang heard that Shi Tao did not hold a high government position, he expressed surprise at what an abundance of talented people Wei must have.

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