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Presenting some Romance of the Three Kingdoms X screenshots and media from the Asian Windows release. Contents include portraits, the new civil duels, events, battles, and city location screenshots along with some information on new features.

Officer Portraits

Following the tradition of Romance of the Three Kingdoms games Koei has remade portraits for all the major characters, and it looks like they have again done a wonderful job. Minor characters will probably again reuse portraits. Below are some higher resolution originals along with another preview..

Zhang Fei
Zhang Fei

Guan Yu
Guan Yu

Liu Bei
Liu Bei

Jiang Wei
Jiang Wei

Lu Bu
Lü Bu

Yuan Shao, Pang De, Dong Zhuo, Yu Jin, Zhuge Dan; Cao Zhen, Zhang Bao (Yide’s son), Wang Yun, Wen Hui, Pan Lin
Yuan Shao, Pang De, Dong Zhuo, Yu Jin, Zhuge Dan
Cao Zhen, Zhang Bao (Yide’s son), Wang Yun, Wen Hui, Pan Lin

Civil Duels (“Tongue Game”) Screenshots

Romance of the Three Kingdoms X will include a new civil duel event (translated literally to ‘Tongue Game’ from Japanese), probably inspired by Zhuge Liang’s visit to Wu before Chibi and the debate which followed. When circumstances are right, you can initiate a Civil Duel, and the outcome will influence the results of the diplomatic event in question.

RTKX Screenshot c1

RTKX Screenshot c2

RTKX Screenshot c3

RTKX Screenshot c4

RTKX Screenshot c5

RTKX Screenshot c6

RTKX Screenshot c6

Event Screenshots

As was the case in previous installations, special events inspired by the novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, will exist in Romance of the Three Kingdoms X. Events will now impact storyline in greater ways, and will become less dependant on officer placement (making them easier to find without a guide).

RTKX Screenshot e1

RTKX Screenshot o1
Visiting Kongming

RTKX Screenshot o2
Visiting Kongming

RTKX Screenshot o3
Visiting Kongming

Battle Screenshots

Battle will function much as it did in Romance of the Three Kingdoms IX with an overworld map on which forces exist and travel. Unlike the previous installation, however, separate types of battle take place including the standard field warfare along with siege warfare and urban warfare. This draws in some features from earlier installations of Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

RTKX Screenshot b1

RTKX Screenshot b2
Field Battle

RTKX Screenshot b3
Siege Warfare

RTKX Screenshot b4
Urban Warfare

RTKX Screenshot b5
Out of power” general may participate in combat

RTKX Screenshot b6
Out of power” general in active combat

RTKX Screenshot b7
Battle Graphic

City/Location Screenshots

Below you will find some screenshots of city management interfaces for a few different locations. It looks like Koei has again outdone themselves in the detail added to the city in these interfaces, right down to defects and inconsistencies in wall construction. Also included are some screenshots from the interface provided for certain areas of your city.

RTKX Screenshot m1
North of Yellow River

RTKX Screenshot b6
Kure Surpassing

RTKX Screenshot b7

RTKX Screenshot l1
Star Cottage

RTKX Screenshot l2

RTKX Screenshot l3

RTKX Screenshot l4


RTKX Screenshot l5

RTKX Screenshot l6


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