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Presenting our Samurai Warriors 2 Fourth Weapon Walkthrough, a Scholars of Shen Zhou Public Development Project. In Samurai Warriors 2 each officer can unlock a very powerful unique fourth weapon. Some are found in regular storyline stages, while others are found in gaidens, special secret stages found only by meeting specific requirements. A select few are found through other unique means. If you have any questions, or would like to contribute to the project, please see this guide’s project thread! Enjoy!


KMA Public Development Project Page
 This walkthrough is a public development project, which means anyone can
    contribute updates and information. Also note that, while in this stage of
        development, content may vary in terms of quality and completion.

I would like to extend my thanks to the members of Scholars of Shen Zhou who participated in this community project. I would like to offer my greatest thanks to Xiahou Mao and Maojing, who have written the vast majority of content already found in this guide. If it wasn’t for them, there would be very little detailed information here for you to enjoy! I would also like to extend thanks to Andrew J and Xiahou Mao for their assistance in categorizing the officers into kingdoms.

Oda Officer 4th Weapons

4th Weapon instructions for all Oda Officers (e.g. Oda Nobunaga, Nouhime, Akechi Mitsuhide).

Akechi Mitsuhide

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Reiken Futsumitama

Reiken Futsumitama (霊剣布都御魂)
Base Attack: 99; Element: Fire
Stats: Attack +99, Defense +99, Life +99, Musou +99, Fill +99, Range +99, Horse +99, Jump +99, Speed +99, Luck +99
Stage: Mitsuhide Battle For Unification – Gaiden


Location: The supply team appears at the north gate.

Requirements: Defeat Masamune Date, Keiji Maeda, Katsuie Shibata, Okuni, Yukimura Sanada, and Kanetsugu Naoe while keeping at least four of your own generals alive.

Walkthrough: Note: This stage is pretty tough, and you will most likely end up fighting more than two officers at a time on numerous occasions. A fast horse (Persian Mare/Matsukaze/Moon Child) is a good idea, as you may end up running to save officers who are struggling, as you need to keep at least 4 of yer generals alive. Also if you run across any generic officers while heading towards the unique officers; take them out, as this will save you from being attacked by numerous officers at one time later in the mission.

First head to the southern garrison where Masamune is stationed, defeat Shigezane in front of the garrison, then enter and defeat Masamune. (this will save one of yer officers from defecting later in the mission)

After that head towards the center of the map where Katsuie is located, defeat him and the other officers with him.

At this point Keiji should be attacking, or about to attack, the Akechi main camp, head towards him and defeat him.

Now Yukimura and Okuni will likely begin to attack the main camp, head for whichever is closest (normally this is Okuni) and defeat him/her.

Naoe Kanetsugu will begin his charge as well by this point.

Head for Yukimura and defeat him, then take care of Kanetsugu who should be attacking you by now as both he and Yukimura start in almost the same location, if not head for him and defeat him.

After all of them are defeated head towards the Tokugawa camp and take out the generic officers guarding the gates (it does not matter which gate you go through). After the first gate is opened Ieyasu and Tadakatsu will have a dialogue. Once you approach Tadakatsu; after passing the second gate; a mission will trigger telling you to defeat him.

This prompts Kotaro Fuma to appear and the Akechi army to charge. At this point the supply team will show up from the north gate.

Defeat Honda to open the gates to the main camp and defeat Ieyasu to end the stage.

Mori Ranmaru

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Iron Vengeance

Iron Vengeance (神剣カムド)
Base Attack: 46; Element: Ice
Stats: Defense +38, Life +37, Fill +37, Range +14, Speed +19
Stage: Infinite Castle – Special*

Delivery: Precious Item

Location: -Dropped by Maeda Keiji on floor 50 in the “Keiji’s Real Request” challenge of the Infinite Castle

Requirements: - Defeat Katsuie Shibata on Floor 46, Lady No on Floor 47, Lady Oichi on Floor 48, Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Nene on Floor 49 and hyper Maeda Keiji -twice- on Floor 50

Walkthrough: First, to even unlock Keiji’s Real Request on Floor 45, you have to complete Mitsuhide’s 3rd Request on Floor 41 and Keiji’s 2nd Request on Floor 31. These can both be done with any character you want.

Once those are both done, Keiji’s Real Request will appear on Floor 45 as a selectable mission. For this one, unlike the previous two, you -MUST- be playing as Mori Ranmaru. A high level Ranmaru (30+), with at the very least, all of the store bought skills if not some of the learn-only ones such as Awakening and Opportunity and a good 3rd weapon, with Lightning/Death or possibly even Ice elemental and a very high level if not maxed bodyguard. For the record, I did it with a level 32 Ranmaru, all the store bought skills at 3 and Awakening 1 with a lvl 20 Kojiro Sasaki bodyguard.

-Floor 46: Defeat Katsuie Shibata

-Floor 47: Defeat Lady No

-Floor 48: Defeat Lady Oichi

-Floor 49: Defeat Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Nene

Toyotomi Hideyoshi is hyper, but otherwise it’s the same as the previous floors. Beat the designated officer then move on to the next floor.

Floor 50: Defeat Your Fill of Enemies

Now is when the fun begins. Normally on this type of stage, you can just slaughter enemies to your heart’s content and then leave. Not so this time as you will soon notice, since after defeating 10 enemies a message appears stating “90 enemies left!”. Once you defeat 100 enemies total, Maeda Keiji will turn hostile and challenge you to a match, with a reward if you win.

While you fight Keiji, the floor will be flooded with enemies who only attack you or your bodyguard. This both helps and hurts since obviously you have people trying to attack you in the middle of attacks, from behind, etc. but it also gives you plenty of targets to use to refill your musou gauge, which you will be doing, a lot.

Hopefully you brought someone strong like Kojiro Sasaki or Katsuie Shibata, since any extra damage helps.

As for the fight itself, there really isn’t much to it honestly. Maeda Keiji is in hyper-mode which means his attacks do outrageous damage, he won’t stagger unless you’re very high level or have Attack x2 in effect or use charge/musou attacks. Unlike a normal hyper general, Keiji does have two tricks up his sleeve…

Once you nearly defeat Keiji the first time, he will completely refill his life-bar. Yup. You have to beat him twice. Secondly, once you get him low on health a second time, he will use Attack x2 and Defense x2. Just run away until this wears off since he can kill you in as little as 4-5 hits and can’t be staggered while under those effects.

For an actual strategy, there isn’t much to it, just standard stuff. Block attacks, don’t leave yourself open, use plenty of musou attacks to wear him down. It’s -very- risky but there is a little merit to letting enemies knock your health down into the red and using true musous on Keiji, then running away until it refills, fire it off, repeat until he falls. As mentioned though, this is -very, very- risky since one hit from Keiji in that state will finish you.

Once Maeda Keiji finally falls, he’ll drop the red weapon box where he fell. Grab it and head up the stairs to finish that section of the castle. Keep the weapon, save the data and quit to the menu. Go into free mode to clear the interim data and save the data officially.


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Delicious Venom

Delicious Venom (蛭コ)
Base Attack: 44; Element: Wind
Stats: Defense +36, Musou +38, Fill +36, Speed +37
Stage: Incident at Honnoji – 5th Stage

Delivery: Supply Team

Location: Supply team that appears at the northwest reserve gate and heads east across the center road of the map.

Requirements: Nobutada Oda and Nobunaga Oda must survive until Ranmaru Mori is slain by Mitsuhide Akechi and the mission to rescue Ranmaru Mori must not be triggered.

Walkthrough: Notes: This stage is made a lot easier by having a fast horse (Matsukaze, Moon Child or Persian Mare) and a Lightning or Death elemental weapon. Neither is neccessary though.

The stage begins with you/Nouhime at Honnoji temple, by Nobunaga Oda and Ranmaru Mori. Head west until you reach the reserve gate all the troops are pouring out of, then head north. Keep going until you run into Kaneaki Mimaki. Defeat him real quick. By this time, depending on your own speed and choice of horse or lack-there-of, the fire attack event should have gone off already or will go off momentarily.

Now head north-west, past Nobutada Oda until you run into Hidemitsu Akechi. Defeat him as quickly as possible. It’s important to kill Kaneaki Mimaki and Hidemitsu Akechi quickly since while you’re doing so, Nobunaga Oda and Ranmaru Mori will be swarmed by enemies. If Nobunaga dies, the stage ends and if Ranmaru dies before he’s supposed to, you can’t get the weapon.

Nobutada should be fine now, so return to the starting point at Honnoji and help out Nobunaga and Ranmaru. On the way, the roads will be blockaded by debris, so you might have to use the alleyway depending on how fast you’ve done everything to this point. Once you arrive, start clearing people out as best you can, with the priority on the enemy officers. Noh’s SSTT is rather good at crowd clearing, especially with a Lightning or Death elemental weapon and the Ele-Charge skill.

Eventually, Mitsuhide Akechi will arrive and Ranmaru Mori will head off to challenge him. Once he does, stay away from Akechi and Ranmaru at all costs. If you go near him, the “Rescue Ranmaru!” mission will trigger and you cannot get the weapon. Just continue clearing out enemies and officers as they come at Nobunaga and wait for Ranmaru to die. You’ll need to get three or four “Ranmaru Mori is struggling!” messages on average before he croaks, so just be patient.

Once you get the “Ranmaru Mori has been slain!” message, the transport unit will appear at the reserve gate next to where Kaneaki Mimaki was at the start of the stage and head east. They stay on the map as a glowing red icon, so you won’t have to worry about loosing track of them. This is where having a fast horse really helps, as you are forced to go through the alley to get back to the north-east section of the map where the transport team arrives.

Once you catch up to the team, kill the supply captain and grab the red weapon box, then complete the stage as normal by defeating Mitsuhide Akechi. Nouhime’s Delicious Venom 4th weapon is yours!

Oda Nobunaga

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Demon Regalia

Demon Regalia (蛇之麁正)
Base Attack: 46; Element: Wind
Stats: Attack +35, Defense +16, Musou +18, Fill +33, Range +19, Speed +18
Stage: The Battle of Tedorigawa – 3rd Stage

Delivery: Supply Team

Location: Supply team appears just south of Kenshin’s base and proceeds south.

Requirements: Rescue all five officers (Hashiba Hideyoshi, Maeda Toshiie, Takigawa Kazumasu, Niwa Nagahide and Shibata Katsuie) and escort them to safety in the west.

Walkthrough: Make sure you have a fast horse equipped. I suggest doing a clockwise circuit of the battlefield, defeating generals quickly as you go. First meet with Hideyoshi in the northwest, defeating the officer near him to make him back off. Travel around along the northernmost path, saving the general along the way before reaching Katsuie in the east. As he’s the farthest from your starting position, he’s usually in the most danger of defeat, so this method prevents that. Once his officer is defeated, loop down to save the last two on the way back to the western area. Once all officers are in the safe target area, Nobunaga will order a counterattack and the supply team will appear in the east. Hurry over to get it.

*Make sure before you protect the last officer -in this case is Niwa Nagahide- defense the main camp*

At some point in the battle, Naoe Kanetsugu will move to the floodgates in the south castle. It is not necessary to stop him, even though a mission will appear. The use of the floodgates will lower the water level, opening more paths through the middle of the stage, but this is as much an advantage to you as it is to the Uesugi.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi

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Simian Sansetsu

Simian Sansetsu (三貴宇津皇子)
Base Attack: 42; Element: Lightning
Stats: Jump +40, Speed +60, Luck +60
Stage: The Battle of Shizugatake – 2nd Stage

Delivery: Supply Team

Location: Supply team appears from a gate near Toshiie’s base and heads south.

Requirements: Defeat Maeda Toshiie before he is ordered to charge, then defeat Maeda Keiji.

Walkthrough: When the battle begins, head east and defeat one of the garrisons there, which should trigger a mission to talk to Maeda Toshiie. Do not defeat any more garrisons, instead go to visit Toshiie immediately. If you go up the central path of the battlefield, you will pass Sakuma Morimasa, which will trigger another mission to prevent him from nearing your main camp. I recommend you go that route, but ignore the mission. If the mission is not triggered, Morimasa will trigger an event to access your main camp automatically, which may cause problems. Once you enter Toshiie’s fort, you will have to defeat him to convince him to back down. If he enters ‘hyper mode’ at some point during this, then you took too long to defeat him, and you will fail to get the weapon. As long as you don’t defeat too many garrisons or Sakuma Morimasa, that shouldn’t happen.

Once you make Toshiie back down, Maeda Keiji will say he’s bored and charge through the battlefield. Ignore him for now. Go and defeat Sakuma Morimasa, and the followup defector near your main camp as well. Then mop up the rest of the garrisons, if your allies haven’t done so already. By this point, you should have the room to deal with Keiji. The problem is, Hideyoshi is not a physically strong character. You may be unable to stagger Keiji with your attacks. In that case, your C7 throw can still be effective, but it will take a long time to wear him down. While it‘s risky, you can resort to ’True Musou’ abuse, by deliberately letting your health fall into the red, turning and blocking while waiting for Keiji to attack, and then using your Musou attack to damage him with its fire. Once you’re done, run away from him while your Musou recharges, then turn back and block again, waiting for an opening to use your Musou. Make sure you use it while he’s attacking, or else he will simply block it. With Hideyoshi, I recommend using strings of normal attacks during your Musou rather than the jumping strikes that result from holding Circle. You can score more hits with his normal combo, which means more fire damage.

Once Keiji is defeated, the supply team will appear near Toshiie’s fort, and head south. Run over to capture it, then heal up as needed and complete the rest of the stage as normal.

Tokugawa Officer 4th Weapons

4th Weapon instructions for all Tokugawa Officers (e.g. Tokugawa Ieyasu, Hattori Hanzo, Inahime).

Hattori Hanzou

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NARTO (闇牙黄泉津)
Base Attack: 99; Element: Fire
Stats: Attack +99, Defense +99, Life +99, Musou +99, Fill +99, Range +99, Horse +99, Jump +99, Speed +99, Luck +99
Stage: Attack on Ueda Castle – Gaiden

Delivery: Precious Item

Location: Contribute!

Requirements: Contribute!

Walkthrough: Contribute!

Honda Tadakatsu

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Tousen Arahabaki

Tousen Arahabaki (闘尖荒覇吐)
Base Attack: 50; Element: Fire
Stats: Attack +37, Defense +53, Musou +15, Fill +33
Stage: Match Before Tenshou – Gaiden

Delivery: Supply Team

Location: The Supply Team appears at a southeast gate traveling northeast.

Requirements: Defeat Hazno Hattori, Nene, Kotaro Fuma, Keiji Maeda, Musashi Miyamoto, Kojiro Sasaki, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Masamune Date, and Ieyasu Tokugawa, while not allowing any of them to enter any of their personal, intended and desired, three forts.

Walkthrough: Notes: This is incredibly tough, and using two-player mode is not a bad idea in order to keep enemy officers from entering other forts while you are busy on the other side of the map, however Tadakatsu must get each KO himself.

The officers listed above are allowed to be distracted in any of the two other forts just as long as its not their intended location, which would be the third.

There are four separate waves of enemies: Ninjas, swordsman, minor lords and miscreants. The order in which wave appears is completely random.

You must prevent each officer from getting into a fort, if one goes into hyper mode you will not be able to get the weapon because that means he has entered the fort he was heading towards. This does not apply to the generic officers, if they enter a fort you will still be able to get the weapon.

After you have defeated all nine unique officers the supply team will show up at a southeast gate heading northeast.


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Coiled Viper

Coiled Viper (天之麻迦古弓)
Base Attack: 44; Element: Ice
Stats: Attack +17, Defense +33, Fill +36, Range +38, Jump +16
Stage: Siege of Odawara Castle – 1st Stage

Delivery: Supply Team

Location: Contribute!

Requirements: Defeat every enemy officer on the stage, save the final enemies Hojo Ujinao and Hojo Ujimasa.

Walkthrough: As Ina’s first stage, this weapon isn’t too hard to get. But you must get every kill yourself. Starting from the east, protect the siege ramp as it moves south and defeat the officer manning the cannons. From there, move to the south gate and defeat the officers there, both inside and out. Go to the east gate and repeat, then finally the north. If you take too long in doing this, your allies outside the castle might defeat an enemy on their own, so hurry if you can. Once all the gates are open, a sneak attack will likely be launched on your main camp. Rush back to protect Hideyoshi and wipe out the officers attacking him. From there, move to the southwest corner of the stage to receive messages about a storehouse nearby. Enter the storehouse to spring an ambush from two more officers, who won’t appear on the map until you get there. They must be defeated too. From there, go to the northwest where Masamune will likely be fighting a pair of officers. You’ll be locked in a garden on the way and have to kill 100 enemies, which won’t take too long. Defeat the enemies by Masamune, then enter the castle. Defeat the two enemies on the first floor to deactivate the bomb corridor. At this point, if you want to be sure you can get the weapon fast, go back and get your horse and stick it outside the east entrance to the castle, where the bomb corridor was. Go up to the second floor. Fuma Kotaro will appear, defeat him to trigger the weapon message. The supply team appears in Hideyoshi’s main camp and heads to the southeast. Get on your horse and ride them down to get the weapon, then defeat the two remaining Hojos to win the stage.

Tokugawa Ieyasu

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Quake Maker

Quake Maker (煌刃獲加武)
Base Attack: 48; Element: Fire
Stats: Attack +35, Defense +18, Musou +17, Speed +35, Luck +19
Stage: The Battle of Sekigahara – 5th Stage

Delivery: Supply Team

Location: The supply team start in the north west corner, and then head south.

Requirements: Defeat every officer, other than Mitsunari Ishida.

Walkthrough: Essentially, to get the 4th weapon, you have to defeat every single officer on the map. This is obviously a large accomplishment.

Now, the key notes about this are you cannot let the people who normal defect do so. This requires you to go nowhere near Hideaki Kobyakawa, and Ekei Ankokuji, at least not until Magobei Fuse is defeated.

At the start of the battle, it would be wise to defeat all the generals in and around centeral Sekighara. Your allies should start dropping like flies soon enough, and rarely do they steal kills from you. It would be wise to take out Yoshihiro Shimazu and Musashi Miyamoto now, giving you less to do when the Western Army charge. Ginchiyo will make her way to the Tokugawa main camp before long as well, and she’ll meet Tadakatsu. Taking her out now would also be smart, as Tadakatsu could be needed for the countless troops later in the stage.

Now, Magobei Fuse (who was sent to deal with the Kobayakawa situtation) should have been defeated, which is where the fun starts. Mitsunari will order the entire army to charge, which will include the men you usually have defect to your side. Everyone will rush towards the Tokugawa main camp, and you’ll have the ever so lovely job of fighting them all off. I would advise going to the East entrance to the camp first, and defeating the 4 or 5 officers that go up that route, which also allows Kazutoyo Yamanouchi chance to guard the gate later.

Mitsunari, Sakon Shima and a few other generals will make their way to Ina’s position. If you’ve been maxing out Ieyasu at this point, it will pay off. You’ll need to defeat the rest of them, EXCEPT Mitsunari, which is a hard task in itself. After defeating them, The supply team will arrived in the North West corner and head downwards. Quickly grab a horse, and high tail it to follow them, and take the weapon. Then double back, and take on Mitsunari.

This is an extremely hard battle—even harded to do a proper walkthrough, considering theres so many ways of doing it. Hopefully this will give you some sort of guide to work from.

Takeda Officer 4th Weapons

4th Weapon instructions for all Takeda Officers (e.g. Takeda Shingen, Sanada Yukimura).

Sanada Yukimura

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Ensou Susano(Dragon’s Tail)

Ensou Susano(Dragon’s Tail) (炎槍素箋鳴)
Base Attack: 45; Element: Fire
Stats: Attack +35, Defense +38, Life +19, Fill +32, Horse +18
Stage: The Osaka Campaign – 5th Stage

Delivery: Precious Item

Location: Second floor of Osaka Castle, indicated by an X on your map in a black box (hit it to get the weapon).

Requirements: Destroy the Tokugawa cannon before it begins firing and prevent both Ina and Date Masamune from entering Osaka Castle.

Walkthrough: The weapon has high Attack and Defense addition plus Riding Skill allow Yukimura has more advantages in riding horse and kill enemy, which is his main ability.

Takeda Shingen

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Tenson Kourin

Tenson Kourin (天孫降臨)
Base Attack: 48; Element: Wind
Stats: Attack +20, Defense +37, Life +18, Range +19, Horse +20, Speed +19
Stage: the Battle of Nagashino – 4th Stage

Delivery: Supply Team

Location: The Supply Team appears at the south gate heading east.

Requirements: Contribute!

Walkthrough: Contribute!

Uesugi Officer 4th Weapons

4th Weapon instructions for all Uesugi Officers (e.g. Uesugi Kenshin, Naoe Kanetsugu, Maeda Keiji).

Maeda Keiji

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Ama no Nuboko (Divine Mandible)

Ama no Nuboko (Divine Mandible) (天之瓊鉾)
Base Attack: 50; Element: Lightning
Stats: Attack +53, Life +18, Fill +49, Horse +19
Stage: the Battle of Hasedou – 4th Stage

Delivery: Supply Team

Location: Supply team appears at the entry point southwest of the third gate and heads southeast.

Requirements: Complete Keiji’s Story Mode once.

Walkthrough: All you need is 1000 KOs, the catch being you have a limited number of respawning enemy troops so don’t let too many retreat on you!

Naoe Kanetsugu

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Kamunaobi no Mitsurugi (Evil’s Bane)

Kamunaobi no Mitsurugi (Evil’s Bane) (神直毘御剣)
Base Attack: 45; Element: Fire
Stats: Defense +18, Musou +56, Fill +51
Stage: Uesugi Conquest – Dream

Delivery: Supply Team

Location: The Supply team shows up at the gate north of the central plain traveling northeast.

Requirements: Defeat Date Masamune, Honda Tadakatsu, Hattori Hanzo and Ina.

Walkthrough: Make sure to finish the Story Mode of Naoe and start the Dream Stage at Hard

Go South and ready to defense the main camp -defeat the officers along the way- Date Masamune should appear right before you can reach the main camp. Lure him along to the main camp (optional) and defeat him with other two officers.

Push through and defeat Hond Tadakatsu and Hattori Hanzo at Central Camp.

Go East and defeat Ina with two other officers in the camp and get ready to chase the Supply Unit appear in the middle of the map heading NorthEast.

Uesugi Kenshin

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Ama no Murakumo

Ama no Murakumo (天叢雲)
Base Attack: 46; Element: Ice
Stats: Attack +50, Musou +19, Fill +34, Speed +38
Stage: Conquest of Kyushu – Gaiden

Delivery: Supply Team

Location: The Supply Team appears at the gate in Kenshin’s camp.

Requirements: Contribute!

Walkthrough: Contribute!

Azai Officer 4th Weapons

4th Weapon instructions for all Azai Officers (e.g. Azai Nagamasa).

Azai Nagamasa

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Waou no Yachihoko (King’s Honor)

Waou no Yachihoko (King’s Honor) (倭王八千戟)
Base Attack: 45; Element: Lightning
Stats: Attack +35, Defense +17, Fill +56, Horse +35
Stage: Defense of Odani Castle – 3rd Stage

Delivery: Supply Team

Location: Supply Team appears near the middle-western stronghold and proceeds east.

Requirements: Samurai Warriors 2: Xtreme Legends Description -

Claim Mt. Jizo, then defeat the famous enemy officers.

Walkthrough: (1) From starting point, head west. Defeat Hidemasa Hori and Saizou Kani

(2) Head to Mt. Jizo and defeat Nagahide Niwa and Nagachika Kanamori—Prompts Hideyoshi Hashiba to move towards Central Garrison

(3) Immediately head towards the Central Garrison and await Hideyoshi’s arrival in the Garrison—Allow Hideyoshi to destroy the wall. He must get close to the wall for it to happen. Once this occurs, defeat Hideyoshi.

(4) Once the wall is destroyed, three generals will appear inside the Central Garrison as an ambush. Defeat these three and proceed southeast towards the Kingo Ward.

(5) Once near the Kingo Ward, defeat Katsuie Shibata and any other officer near the Ward.

(6) Proceed slightly north of the Central Garrison, the same place where Hidemasa Hori and Saizou Kani were earlier and defeat Ujistao Gamo—He should be near the destroyed wall engaging Oichi who in turn is headed towards the minor ward, and Tsuneoki Ikeda.

(7) Now, to finish this, Nagamasa Azai (you) will call for an all-out attack on the Oda main camp. Once this is prompted, defeat every officer with the exception of No and Nobutada Oda. This should allow for the supply team to appear. Defeat the Supply Captain and get the weapon. Complete the stage by defeating Nobunaga.


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Konohana Sakuya

Konohana Sakuya (木花開耶・菊)
Base Attack: 42; Element: Lightning
Stats: Attack +38, Defense +34, Life +34, Fill +32
Stage: Revolt at Shizugatake – Gaiden

Delivery: Supply Team

Location: The supply team appears at a gate on the left side of the center area.

Requirements: Succeed in the mission ‘Rescue Nagamasa Azai’ and defeat. Nobunaga Oda and No. Defeat Ginchiyo Tachibana and Ina. Defeat Ranmaru Mori. Lastly, defeat Okuni (defects) and Nene in that order and wait until No shows up 2nd time.

Walkthrough: Take out Narimasa Sassa, Toshiie Maeda and Hidemasa Hori when the stage begins. Move to north and defeat Yoshinari Mori. Enemies should have already ambushed Nagamasa in the north. Go for his aid and complete the mission ‘Rescue Nagamasa Azai’ by defeating generals near him. Now comes the hard part, you must defeat No and Nobunaga, but not Nene. But if you defeat No first, Nobunaga leaves the battlefield and you can’t let that happen. So take your horse and charge into Oda main camp. Defeat him quickly though because No might go after Nagamasa and you can’t afford to lose him. Once Nobunaga has been defeated, finish off No. Now all Oda and Azai generals retreat, except Nene, Okuni and Nagamasa. Soon Ginchiyo and Ina appear in the east and they’re after you. Show them whose the boss while avoiding Nene. Your next opponent will be Ranmaru (hope you’re not surprised :P) who appears in the south. Just like Nene, he’s in the hyper mode but at least he’s slower than you. Defeat him as fast as you can and yes, you still need to avoid Nene. Now that you have defeated all generals, Okuni thinks she’s the most beautiful and decides to defect. However, YOU MUST DEFEAT NENE FIRST (watch out, she’s quite strong) and then Okuni. Finally, No appears for the 2nd time and at the same time the transport units come out from the stronghold located southwest from the central garrison. Annihilate them and beat No to claim the title of the most beautiful woman in the Japan!

Date Officer 4th Weapons

4th Weapon instructions for all Date Officers (e.g. Date Masamune).

Date Masamune

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Manhunters (大覇狩)
Base Attack: 44; Element: Ice
Stats: Attack +37, Fill +38, Range +35, Horse +34
Stage: Showdown at Mikatagahara – 5th Stage

Delivery: Supply Team

Location: Contribute!

Requirements: Defeat all enemy officers before any allied officers are killed.

Walkthrough: Straightforward, if not particularly easy. To start, ignore Musashi and take the eastern and western forts. Musashi will get angry that you’re ignoring him and charge, but be ambushed in doing so. This will make him easier to defeat. Beat him, occupy the central fort, and make your way around the map beating the other enemy generals. The stage isn’t hard at this point, so feel free to take your time. Occupy as many of the gates as you can by killing Reserve Captains to make your life easier later. You won’t be able to reach Ina in her fort, so don’t worry about her. Once you’re ready, enter the southeastern fort where Ieyasu is. You will find it’s a decoy, Hanzo will attack you, and the real Ieyasu will appear outside the fort. Ina will choose this time to charge, and Tadakatsu will appear with reinforcements in the north as well. Beat Hanzo quickly to escape the southeast, then do a run around the map taking out all the new generals save Ieyasu. You’ll need to hurry to ensure that no allies die. Once everyone except Ieyasu is defeated, the supply team will appear in the northwest and go east. Grab the weapon then beat Ieyasu to clear the stage. Once the weapon appears, it doesn’t matter if an ally dies, except for Magoichi. Him dying means you lose the stage.

Hojo Officer 4th Weapons

4th Weapon instructions for all Hojo Officers (e.g. Fuuma Kotaro).

Fuuma Kotarou

^ top

Thorns of Peril

Thorns of Peril (闇御津破)
Base Attack: 45; Element: Shura
Stats: Attack +48, Life +19, Fill +33, Jump +17, Speed +38
Stage: Kotaro’s Dream: Defense of Odawara Castle – Gaiden

Delivery: Supply Team

Location: First floor of the main keep, room on the right of where you enter if you enter from the front/west, last room on the left if you enter from the bottom/south and last room on the right if you enter from the top/north. In a big black box with a red ribbon

Requirements: Destroy the siege ramp, defend the Odawara castle main gate, rescue Ujiteru Hojo, protect Yasuhiro Ogasawara, then defeat the Tokugawa army while preventing the destruction of the main keep. Ujimasa Hojo and Kotaro Fuma must survive.

Walkthrough: This weapon is a royal pain to get. You’re going to need a fairly high leveled Kotaro (level 40+), a maxed speed stat, a fast horse (nothing below Pale Wind, preferably Matsukaze/Persian Mare/Moon Child) and a good third weapon with the elemental of your choice. Lightning or Death is preferable since you need to deal a lot of damage very quickly. Even with all of this, the level requires a fair amount of luck in that things need to go your way since you cannot fail any of the missions. However, once the mission is completed, the person it involved can die, as long as it’s not Ujimasa Hojo.

The battle starts with Kotaro right in front of the ninja path at the southern wall of Odawara castle. Ditch your horse and bodyguard, if you have either, and take the ninja path to end up outside the castle. Head north towards the front gate until you run into Yoshitaka Kaki. Defeat him real quick and head back to the wall, where you came off the ninja path.

Hideyoshi and Mitsunari will be talking at this point, or just finished depending on how fast you took out Yoshitaka. A siege ramp will appear/have appeared and begin/be making it’s way towards the wall of Odawara. Wait for the “Destroy then siege ramp!” mission to trigger, then destroy the siege ramp as quickly as possible. Now head all the way to the south-west corner of the map and Yasuhiro Osagawara while Hideyoshi asks Nene to kill Ujimasa. Fun.

Once you arrive at the south-west garrison, the gates will open and Yasuhiro will start to head for the front gates of Odawara castle. Defeat Hideie Ukita and Terumasa Ikeda while leaving as many of their men alive as possible for Yasuhiro to fight. The reason for this is once he clears the area, he’ll head for the front gates and get ambushed by Sakon Shima at the garrison between where he starts and Odawara, which is something you want to put-off for now.

With Yasuhiro safe, for now, head back to the front gates of Odawara and quickly take out Tadaoki Hosokawa and Hidemori Hori to save Naoshige Chiba and complete the “Protect the gates of Odawara castle!” mission. Tired yet? Too bad, we’re not even halfway done yet.

Head north from the front gates to the northern garrison where Ujiteru Hojo is being triple-teamed by Kanbei Koroda, Yasuharu Wakisaka and Kazutoyo Yamanouchi. Once you arrive, the “Rescue Ujiteru Hojo!” mission will trigger. Take out the three enemy officers to complete it and save the poor guy.

By this point, Nene should have appeared in the main keep with fire ninjas and explosives and attacked Ujimasa Hojo. Tokugawa should arrive at about this time as well. You have to walk all the way back to the ninja path at the southern wall and take it back into the castle. If you have one of the faster horses, it pays off now. Head directly for Ieyasu Tokugawa and Ujitada Hojo, ignoring everything else for now. Once you take out Ieyasu, take out Naomasa Ii and Yasumasa Sakakibara. Keep heading south and take out Masanobu Honda and Tadatsugu Sakai. Go south some more to where Ujimitsu Hojo is fighting Hidetada Tokugawa and take out Hidetada to complete the “Defeat the Tokugawa army!” mission.

Now, assuming Yasuhiro Osagawara and Ujimasa Hojo are still alive, you should be in good shape. Head for the keep to trigger the “Prevent the Destruction of the Main Keep!” mission. Just destroy the fire ninjas and explosive jars on the first and second floor. Don’t go upstairs to the third floor until you get the message saying you prevented the destruction of the main keep. The placement is random, but there generally seem to be three ninjas/jars on the first floor and two ninjas and three jars on the second floor. Once you get the message, head up to the third floor and defeat Nene to save Ujimasa Hojo. Just one mission remaining!

By this point, Yasuhiro Osagawara should have reached the southern garrison and been ambushed by Sakon Shima. Hopefully he’s still alive. If so, head over there as fast as possible and defeat Sakon Shima. After you do so, simply escort Yasuhiro to the x on the minimap, which is at the front gate of Odawara. Once he arrives, assuming everything went well, you should get the valuable item mission and the x on the minimap at the main keep. Head inside from the front gate and go to the last room on the first floor. It’s a big black box with a red ribbon. Smash it open and obtain your very well earned reward! Interim Save, then complete the stage as normal by defeating Mitsunari, then Hideyoshi. (Although honestly, it’s easier to just kill all the remaining officers instead of trying to beat those two while the others pound on you.) Kotaro Fuma’s Thorns of Peril 4th weapon is yours!

Other Officer 4th Weapons

4th Weapon instructions for all other officers (e.g. Miyamoto Musashi, Saika Magoichi, Okuni).

Ishida Mitsunari

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Golden Frill

Golden Frill (志那都神扇)
Base Attack: 45; Element: Ice
Stats: Defense +38, Musou +36, Fill +33, Range +37
Stage: The Edo Campaign – Dream

Delivery: Precious Item

Location: Precious item box (Big black box with red ribbon) on 2nd floor bridge between small keep and main keep.

Requirements: Defeat the three generals guarding the gates, save Hideie Ukita, defeat the traitor generals, defeat all generals inside the castle, defeat Fuuma Kotaro, escort Ekei Akokuji to main camp, enter castle from north and find locked gate in smaller keep.

Walkthrough: Notes:

* Make sure when you before find Ekei Akokuji, DO NOT get inside the north Keep and kill those generals in there. Also, do not get up 2nd floor in the Small Keep in South (you will know when you see Date Masamune with a mission take control of the smaller keep) Try not to do that mission before u protect Ekei completely.

* Unless your Mitsunari is maxed or your extremely good as rolling/blocking, you’re going to get smacked around, so Resiliance 3, Fortitude 3, Vitality 3 and Ele-Charge 3 are all recommended. For weapon usage, a third weapon with an ice or death elemental. Why ice over the usual lightning recommendation? Mitsunari’s SSSTT circles 360 around him, with Ele-Charge 3, the last three hits are all ice elemental, freezing about 1/5th of the enemies they hit. Considering the number of times you’ll be surrounded by crowds, or fighting generals, (hyper Fuuma Kotaro, Masamune Date, Tadakatsu Honda and Ieyasu Tokugawa included!) this is extremely helpful as Mitsunari isn’t the best one-on-one fighter. Finally, a fast horse is needed as in the beginning you’ll be moving from one spot to another rapidly to handle the various situations.

Miyamoto Musashi

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Mastery and Vision

Mastery and Vision (石烈岩刀剣)
Base Attack: 48; Element: Shura
Stats: Attack +48, Fill +35, Range +50
Stage: Chaos in Kyoto – 3rd Stage

Delivery: Supply Team

Location: Supply team appears at a gate along the east side of the map and heads south.

Requirements: Defeat Tokugawa Ieyasu before he retreats.

Walkthrough: This is one of the simplest 4th weapons to acquire. Once the stage begins, simply ride your horse towards the northeast to intercept Tokugawa Ieyasu as he flees. You have plenty of time to do this. He will stop to fight you when he sees you, so don’t be afraid to fight his other officers while waiting for him to arrive. Once you’ve defeated him, the supply team will appear at the central eastern gate, and head south. You will have plenty of time to catch up to it, particularly if you start there right after beating Ieyasu but before the supply team appears.

Do not worry about Toyotomi Hideyori at the start of the stage, he can stand against the initial vagabonds for quite some time. Once you have the weapon, complete the stage as normal, aiding Hideyori’s retreat and then defeating Sasaki Kojiro once he appears.


^ top

Devil Feathers

Devil Feathers (豊玉翔小太刀)
Base Attack: 42; Element: Ice
Stats: Defense +37, Range +36, Speed +38, Luck +38
Stage: Battle of Komaki-Nagakute – 3rd Stage

Delivery: Supply Team

Location: Supply team that appears at the Tokugawa army rampart checkpoint and runs west for the edge-of-map checkpoint.

Requirements: Save the detached unit, defeat Hattori Hanzo before he enters the main camp, then defeat Tadakatsu Honda and Inahime before they take Iwasaki Castle. Hideyoshi must survive.

Walkthrough: This is a pretty tough stage, not for the requirements but for simple fact that Nene is not a very strong character and you have to fight a hyper Tadakatsu Honda. Weapon elemental wise, a death or lightning is good as always but ice may be worth considering since Honda can be difficult to stagger if your Nene hasn’t had the benefit of Growth-Potence very long and is still fairly low in level. For the record, I did it with a level 25 Nene, only 7-9 skills at levels 1 and 2, with a lightning elemental third weapon. A really good bodyguard like Kojiro Sasaki or Katsuie Shibata helps a lot.

When the stage begins, immediately leave the garrison and head north-west towards Iwasaki castle. Take out Naomasa Ii and Ujishige Niwa to rescue the detatched unit. Hideyoshi will grumble and then decide to make the best of things and give the order to take Iwasaki castle, which you do by defeating Yasumara Sakakibara. So go defeat Yasumara Sakakibara.

This is when things get tough. Ieyasu Tokugawa relocates to the western garrison, Hattori Hanzo appears in the Hideyoshi army’s rampart and closes the gate, while Tadakatsu Honda and Inahime head for Iwasaki castle to take it back. What is a mother/ninja/wife supposed to do to counter all of that? Speed is of the essence for this part, so get over to the rampart as fast as ninjaly possible and use the ninja path to the right of the gate to get in. Run over to Hanzo and defeat him for being a bad ninja. Take the ninja path back out, or wait for the gates to open even though every second counts for this part, and get back to Iwasaki pronto.

Now comes the hard part. Honda and Inahime will most likely be at Iwasaki already when you get back over there. Interim Save, then go at it and try to defeat Ina, then Honda. Ina is easy but Honda is in true-hyper mode. With any luck, you’ll get assistance from other allied officers and your bodyguard. An alternate idea is to use Nene’s morph ability to become Honda, or even your bodyguard depending on who you have. I had Kojiro and found his fast yet powerful strikes to be effective, more so than Honda’s own moveset but whatever suits your play style. Once you defeat the father/daughter duo, the supply team will appear at the supply gate at the Tokugawa army rampart and run to the west. They move pretty quick, so get over there and kill the supply captain immediately or they might leave with your weapon. After that, just finish the stage normally by defeating Ieyasu Tokugawa, although taking out the other enemy officers first makes things a bit easier. Nene’s 4th weapon Devil Feathers is yours!


^ top

Raging Sun

Raging Sun (日向天細女)
Base Attack: 44; Element: Fire
Stats: Attack +19, Defense +37, Range +35, Jump +39, Speed +17
Stage: Survival Mode – Floor 61+

Delivery: Precious Item

Location: Dropped by Keiji Maeda after his defeat on the last floor of the mission.

Requirements: You must play as Okuni on floor 61 or above of Survival mode and select “The Traveling Dancer” request.

Walkthrough: Notes: Even with a Death elemental second weapon and a maxed Okuni with Awakening 3, this was pretty hard to get. It almost made me long for Kotaro’s weapon again, so be prepared going in. This weapon is rather difficult, made more so because of Okuni’s real lack of crowd clearing, officer-smacking and the circular nature of her musou which makes it miss most enemies. (Her tap circle once version isn’t much better since it strikes completely random spots on the screen.)

The mission itself isn’t difficult. On floor 61 or above, select the task “The Traveling Dancer”. Fight through the first four floors normally, completing the missions. On floor five, Keiji Maeda will be there and finally point out that there are two Okuni and that one must be a fake. Complete the mission to defeat the fake Okuni by defeating the fake Okuni. Sure you didn’t see that one coming. Anyway, after that Keiji Maeda will say he has something for you: a match against him! What a romantic, him and Ieyasu, real romeos. (Play Komaki-Nagakute on Hideyoshi’s side as Okuni to get that joke.)

Defeat hyper-Keiji and he’ll drop the weapon. Watch out, even a maxed Okuni with all the regular skills at 3 can’t take more than eight hits from Keiji. Grab the red box he leaves behind, then head to the stairs to finish that section of the castle. Keep the weapon, then save data and exit. Go into any mode to get rid of the interim data and officially save the weapon. Okuni’s Raging Sun is yours!

If you feel a little gipped, I don’t blame you.

Saika Magoichi

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Marksman’s Pride

Marksman’s Pride (獄焔火具土)
Base Attack: 45; Element: Fire
Stats: Attack +38, Life +35, Fill +20, Range +39, Luck +12
Stage: Escape from Honnouji – 4th Stage

Delivery: Supply Team

Location: The Supply Team comes from the central of the map heading south.

Requirements: Defeat Nobunaga as quickly as possible.

Walkthrough: Just some tips:

* Make sure when you get off the horse to start fighting, point the head of the horse where you are heading so you will know the next step.

* Don’t fight too far away from the horse or you will have a hard time finding it or won’t be able to find it at all.

* Check the map right when you get to a intersect to make sure where you are on the map.

Shimazu Yoshihiro

^ top

Beast Crusher

Beast Crusher (大鎚伊武岐)
Base Attack: 48; Element: Wind
Stats: Attack +34, Defense +35, Fill +18, Speed +54
Stage: Struggle at Sekigahara – 4th Stage

Delivery: Supply Team

Location: Supply team that appears at the North-West reserve gate where Tadaoki Hosokawa starts the stage and heads South towards the Western army HQ.

Requirements: -All enemy officers must be defeated personally

- Toyohisa Shimazu, Sakon Shima, Ginchiyo Tachibana, and Mitsunari Ishida must survive

Walkthrough: A high level Shimazu, good third weapon and high level skills such as Potence and Resilience are a must, as is a fast horse since you travel across the map repeatedly. It’s a pretty bad idea to bring a bodyguard since even one stolen kill makes you lose the weapon and your allies are enough of a concern in that area. If you use interim saves, it’s recommended to save after each area when you get all the officer K.O.s yourself, so you don’t lose much progress if an ally steals one.

The stage begins with Mitsunari Ishida, Ginchiyo Tachibana and Sakon Shima surrounded by three generals each while you (Yoshihiro Shimazu) and Toyohisa Shimazu begin surrounded by five generals. Take out the five (Yoshinaga Asano, Masanori Fukushima, Tadayoshi Matsudaira, Sadatsugu Tsutsui, and Yoshiaki Kato) in any order, as long as it’s quickly. Remember, you must defeat each officer in this stage yourself!

Next, head for Mitsunari Ishida in the Western army HQ and defeat Yoshimasa Tanaka, Takatora Todo, and Hideaki Kobayakawa.

Now head for Sakon Shima’s position and defeat Hiroie Kikkawa, Hidemoto Mori, and Terumasa Ikeda.

At this point, Tadakatsu Honda and Hanzo Hattori will charge Sakon Shima and Mitsunari Ishida respectively. Ride down to Hanzo and deal with him as fast as you possibly can. If Sakon is left alone with Honda for any substantial amount of time, he will take tons of damage if not outright die, ending the stage.

Head back to Sakon Shima and deal with Tadakatsu Honda quickly, since letting him linger is a very bad idea.

Now head to the North-West and defeat Tadaoki Hosokawa, Naomasa Ii, and Nagamasa Kuroda. Be careful as Ginchiyo Tachibana is typically the ally that will steal your officer-kills the most. Once those three are defeated, Ina will charge. Defeat her as well, then head for the center of the map where everyone is gathering.

Once everyone arrives in the center area, Hidetada Tokugawa arrives with reinforcements. Yasumasa Sakakibara, Tadachika Okubo, Masanobu Honda, Tadamasa Honda, Tadatoshi Sengoku, Yasunaga Ishikawa and Tadamasa Mori all appear around the center while Hidetada Tokugawa appears at the western gate of the Eastern army HQ. Defeat all the guys around the center, keeping careful eye on if you get the K.O. or an ally does. Once they’re all cleaned up, go defeat Hidetada Tokugawa. Once he’s out for the count, the Eastern army HQ gates open and the supply team appears over in the North-West corner. Go defeat the captain for the red weapon box and then defeat Ieyasu Tokugawa to end the stage.

Tachibana Ginchiyo

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Heaven’s Bite

Heaven’s Bite (雷鋼須世理)
Base Attack: 44; Element: Lightning
Stats: Attack +20, Defense +17, Life +18, Musou +18, Fill +20, Range +17, Speed +18, Luck +19
Stage: Conquest of Kyushu – 1st Stage

Delivery: Supply Team

Location: Supply team that appears at the Tsuruga castle checkpoint and heads west for the checkpoint at the edge of the map.

Requirements: Defeat Iehisa Shimazu, Toshihisa Shimazu and Yoshihiro Shimazu, then charge the Shimazu main camp and defeat Iehisa Shimazu, Toshihisa Shimazu and Yoshihiro Shimazu again, in order. Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tachibana Ginchiyo must survive

Walkthrough: All you really need is a decent weapon and a fast horse to chase the supply team down, the rest is cake.

The stage begins with our lovely heroine Ginchiyo at the top-center of the map. Proceed to the right past the bridge until a cut scene goes off and shows the bridge you just crossed being destroyed. Iehisa Shimazu and Nobumitsu Saruwatari will ambush you but they’re both pretty weak so use Ginchiyo’s R1->T weapon power-up and smack them around like they so richly deserve. With those two out of the way, head to the right and crush Arinobu Yamada. Keep going right and you will run into Tadanaga Shimazu. He’ll go down easily as well, so chop-chop.

Leave the garrison by the east gate and follow the curving path to the south, to Tsuruga castle where Yoshihiro Shimazu awaits. He’s a bit more difficult than any of the others so far since he’s in hyper mode, but not by much. Charge up your sword and let him have it. Exit through the eastern gate and head south-east towards Toshihisa Shimazu. Toshihisa, Tadatsune Shimazu and Hisatora Ei will ambush you. Just like everyone not named Yoshihiro so far, they go down with minimal resistance.

Now head for the fortress at the bottom of the map where Yoshihisa Shimazu awaits. As you do, the Shimazu will launch an ambush on Tsuruga castle. (Those devils!) Head back north and take out Kakuken Uwai and Hisataka Kabayama. Taking out Toyahisa Shimazu is optional but oh-so-much fun since he’s just as weak as the others.

Head for the southern fortress and Yoshihisa Shimazu. Once you pass through a gate, a cut scene will go off, with Iehisa Shimazu, Toshihisa Shimazu and Yoshihiro Shimazu all appearing in front of you. All three of them in hyper mode. Eep. Interim Save as the next part can be a bit tricky. You need to defeat Iehisa Shimazu first, then Toshihisa Shimazu, then finally Yoshihiro Shimazu. Once Yoshihiro bites the dust, the supply team will appear at the Tsuruga castle checkpoint and head directly west for the checkpoint at the edge of the map. You’ll need a fairly fast horse as they really make a run for it. Once you catch up, just defeat the supply captain and grab the red weapon box, then finish the stage by defeating Yoshihisa Shimazu. Ginchiyo’s Heaven’s Bite 4th weapon is yours!

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