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Five Tiger Generals of Shu (五虎將): Shu’s Five Tiger Generals included Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Ma Chao, Huang Zhong and Zhao Yun. In the novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Liu Bei appointed these honorary titles in recognition of the achievements of these men. In history, Liu Bei never assigned his ‘Five Tiger Generals’, but in the Sanguozhi Chen Shou did group them together in a chapter of Shu’s finest officers. The Three Kingdoms’ most famous group.

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Name (family, given), style, Wade-Giles, tones, traditional and simplified Chinese.

Xing and Ming Zi (Style) Wade-Giles Pronunciation T.CH S.CH
Yunchang Yün-ch‘ang Yun2chang2 雲長 云长
Hansheng Han-shêng Han4sheng1 漢升 汉升
Mengqi Mêng-ch‘i Meng4qi4 孟起 孟起
Yide I-tê Yi4de2 益德 益德
Zilong Tzŭ-lung Zi3long2 子龍 子龙

Style Names (Zi, ): By Style Name [TOP]

Style, name (family, given), Wade-Giles, tones, traditional and simplified Chinese.

Zi (Style) Xing and Ming Wade-Giles Pronunciation T.CH S.CH
Huang Zhong Han-shêng Han4sheng1 漢升 汉升
Ma Chao Mêng-ch‘i Meng4qi4 孟起 孟起
Zhang Fei I-tê Yi4de2 益德 益德
Guan Yu Yün-ch‘ang Yun2chang2 雲長 云长
Zhao Yun Tzŭ-lung Zi3long2 子龍 子龙



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