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Five Generals of Wei (五子良將): The Five Generals of Wei refers to the “top five generals of Wei” and includes Xu Huang, Yu Jin, Yue Jin, Zhang He and Zhang Liao. This saying may have originated from Chen Shou’s Sanguozhi, where he grouped them together and said, “Of all the generals of the period, these five can be considered the best of them all.”

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Name (family, given), style, Wade-Giles, tones, traditional and simplified Chinese.

Xing and Ming Zi (Style) Wade-Giles Pronunciation T.CH S.CH
Gongming Kung-ming Gong1ming2 公明 公明
Wenze Wên-tsê 文則 文则
Wenqian Wên-ch‘ien 文謙 文谦
Junyi Chün-i Jun4yi4 儁乂 儁乂
Wenyuan Wên-yüan Wen2yuan3 文遠 文远

Style Names (Zi, ): By Style Name [TOP]

Style, name (family, given), Wade-Giles, tones, traditional and simplified Chinese.

Zi (Style) Xing and Ming Wade-Giles Pronunciation T.CH S.CH
Xu Huang Kung-ming Gong1ming2 公明 公明
Zhang He Chün-i Jun4yi4 儁乂 儁乂
Yue Jin Wên-ch‘ien 文謙 文谦
Zhang Liao Wên-yüan Wen2yuan3 文遠 文远
Yu Jin Wên-tsê 文則 文则



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