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Three Kingdoms Style Names: Ma Teng Faction

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Ma Teng Faction: style names from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms officer style name reference tool. Cross-reference style names (zì), given (xìng) and personal (míng) names, Wade-Giles, pronunciation (tones), and original hanzi for simplified and traditional Chinese.

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Style Names (Zi, ): By Officer Name [TOP]

Name (family, given), style, Wade-Giles, tones, traditional and simplified Chinese.

Xing and Ming Zi (Style) Wade-Giles Pronunciation T.CH S.CH
Yancai Yen-ts‘ai 彦材 彥材
Mengqi Mêng-ch‘i Meng4qi4 孟起 孟起
Shoucheng Shou-ch‘êng Shou4cheng2 壽成 寿成
Lingming Ling-ming Ling4ming2 令明 令明

Style Names (Zi, ): By Style Name [TOP]

Style, name (family, given), Wade-Giles, tones, traditional and simplified Chinese.

Zi (Style) Xing and Ming Wade-Giles Pronunciation T.CH S.CH
Pang De Ling-ming Ling4ming2 令明 令明
Ma Chao Mêng-ch‘i Meng4qi4 孟起 孟起
Ma Teng Shou-ch‘êng Shou4cheng2 壽成 寿成
Fu Gan Yen-ts‘ai 彦材 彥材



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