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Over the years many intriguing and educational discussions have taken place at our forum, Scholars of Shen Zhou, and we have been archiving them ever since the forum’s initial launch in early 2002. Unfortunately, limitations of its search function made it difficult to reference this information—until now. This project solves the problem by maintaining its own archive of Three Kingdoms-related discussions, by officer and special category, so you can easily search through years of content. It even allows you to perform searches of your own. Please read the instructions for a full introduction.

Project Introduction and Instructions

There are three ways to use this tool: First, using the ‘alphabetically’ selection menu, you can view officers alphabetically by the selected letter(s). Second, using the ‘by kingdom’ selection menu, you can view all officers associated with a specific kingdom, or filed in a specific category. Finally, you can enter your own custom search using the text field located to the right from the search menus. There is a limit of 300 results per record, and 999 officers per search.

Going into more specific details, this project caches information in certain categories to provide you with search results as quickly as possible. The cached categories include the Jin, Wei, Shu, Wu, and Han kingdoms, along with the ‘Other’ and ‘All’ officer categories. Once a week, during a download initiated by users like you, the project will re-download all the information and update the cache file. You can tell this is happening when the page loads noticeably slower than usual. If this happens, please allow the page to finish loading, and speeds will return to normal once the job is finished.

Cached files do not always contain the most current information at Scholars of Shen Zhou, but it will never be more than one week old. Your own user searches, all other kingdom searches, and all alphabetical searches will not be cached, and as such, will always reflect current threads at the forum. Certain larger searches in this category (such as ‘Z’ in the alphabetical listing) can take a moment to complete. The same applies to the special categories page.

Officer Appearance Search Tool

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Kingdom of Jin

(Search results for officers in the Kingdom of Jin.)

Chen Shou (Chengzuo); Lived AD 233–297
Served Shu and later Jin. Author of the highly-respected Three Kingdoms history, Sanguozhi.
  • 07/19  10
  • 01/12  28
  • 04/08  23


  • 03/17   4
Du Yu (Yuankai); Lived AD 222–284
Served Jin to unification. The Field Marshal that led the invasion of Wu.


  • 08/05   3

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