Biography (SGZ): Sun Qian (Gongyou)

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Sun Qian (Gongyou)
孫乾 (公祐)

Sanguozhi Officer Biography
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Sun Qian, styled Gongyou, was a man from Beihai. When the First Ruler [Liu Bei] took command of Xuzhou, he was raised from a commoner’s status to be his aide (1). After that, Sun Qian followed Liu Bei to all the lands.

When the First Ruler defected from Lord Cao, he sent Qian to build connections with Yuan Shao; and right before they went to Jingzhou, Qian and Mi Zhu were sent as emissaries to Liu Biao – and everything went smoothly. At some later time, Liu Biao wrote to Yuan Shang regarding the division among the Yuan brothers, saying, “Everytime I discuss this issue with General of the Left, Liu [Bei], and Sun Gongyou, we become greatly troubled and distressed about it.” This shows how highly Liu Biao considered Sun Qian.

When the First Ruler took over Yizhou, Sun Qian’s rank went from Gentleman Attendant to “General Who Upholds Loyalty”, the same rank as Jian Yong. After some time, he died.

(1) Zheng Xuan Zhuan: Zheng Xuan had recommended Sun Qian to the province. It was due to Zheng Xuan’s recommendation that Sun Qian was given a official position. <return>

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Translated from Chen Shou’s Sanguozhi