Biography (SGZ): Sun Jing (Youtai)

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Sun Jing (Youtai)
孫靜 (幼臺)

Sanguozhi Officer Biography
Pei Songzhi in Blue, Translator Notes in Green
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Sun Jing styled Youtai, was the younger brother of Sun Jian. When [Sun] Jian started his career, [Sun] Jing, together with Xiang Qu and Zong Shi and between 500 to 600 men to serve as guards, and they were all very close.

[Sun] Ce then routed Liu Yao’s forces and went on to pacify many Prefectures. [Sun] Ce then advanced to take Kuai Ji Commandery, and sent a messenger to ask Sun Jing to join him. [Sun] Jing was a relative of [Sun] Ce, and thus went out to meet him at Qian Tang.

At this time, Wang Lang protected [Kuai Ji] as Grand Administrator, and he resisted [Sun] Ce’s attack at Guling. [Sun] Ce frequently crossed the river to attach, but was not able to subdue him.

[Sun] Jing then told [Sun] Ce: “[Wang] Lang obstructs our path by fortifying his force on the city walls, it will be difficult to take the city quickly. Zha Du is only ten li south of our position, and the road is important to him. (1) We should follow the road and try to go behind them, we should then attack them when they are not prepared, and move out when they least expect it. I myself will go out with some troops and distract his main force, the army should then be split up in smaller teams, then routing their forces will certainly be possible.” [Sun] Ce replied: “[This plan is] good.” Thereupon he drafted a decree for the army, which said: “A while ago, the water was altogether impure, the soldiers who drank it all had abdominal pains. Therefore I decree that we will fill several hundred small clay vases with clear river water.”

(1) Chen Shou notes: Zha Du is pronounced as “Za”.

He thus arrived in the middle of the night, and had infiltrators starts a fire in the camp of [Wang] Lang to distract him. Then he seperated a part of his force and sent them on the road to Zha Du. He then raided Gaotian and stationed his troops there. (2) [Wang] Lang was very scared, so he sent a messenger to the Grand Administrator of Danyang, Zhou Xin, to request that he sent soldiers to fight [Sun Ce]. [Sun] Ce routed [Zhou] Xin’s troops, beheaded him and then went off to conquer Kuai Ji. (3)

(2) The Records of Chen Song say: Gaoqian Prefecture is currently Yongxing Prefecture.
(3) Kuaiji Dianlue says: [Zhou] Xin styled Daming. When he was young he traveled to the capital to find a teacher. While he worked for Grand Tutor [of the Han], Chen Fan, he would extensively read many books, was knowlegable about divination using the wind, and was very good at extinguishing misfortunes and strange happenings.
While visiting the Grand Commandant, he was elected from a group and promoted to be the Grand Administrator of Danyang. When Lord Cao raised loyal troops, [Zhou] Xin dispatched 10,000 reserve troops to assist Lord [Cao] on his expedition. Yuan Shu was stationed at Huai Nan, and [Zhou] Xin loathed his oppresive and wanton behaviour, and would absolutely not take orders from him.
Xiandi Chunqiu says: Yuan Shu dispatched Wu Jing to attack [Zhou] Xin, but could not win. Thus [Sun] Jing went out to recruit common people who were daring enought to join him to attack Zhou Xin. [Zhou] Xin said: “Have I not followed the rules of morality, why are the common people blaming me?” Forthwith his soldiers scattered and returned to their home counties.

A memorial was sent to the court to acknowledge Sun Jing’s achievements, and he was appointed as Colonel who Exerts Might. [Sun Ce] wanted [Sun] Jing to award him an important position, however, [Sun] Jing felt attached to the tombs of his family, and would not be happy with such an appointment. Therefore he requested to stay and guard the smaller villages. [Sun] Ce followed him.

When [Sun] Quan came to power, he promoted [Sun] Jing to General of the Gentleman of the Household Who Manifests Righteousness, and the rank remained in his family. He had five sons, [Sun] Hao, [Sun] Yu, [Sun] Jiao, [Sun] Huang and [Sun] Qian. [Sun] Hao had three sons: [Sun] Chuo, [Sun] Chao and [Sun] Gong. [Sun] Chao served as Lieutenant General. [Sun] Gong begot [Sun] Jun, and [Sun] Jun begot [Sun] Lin.

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Translated from Chen Shou’s Records of the Three Kingdoms annoted by Pei Songzhi