Biography (SGZ): Mi Fang (Zifang)

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Mi Fang (Zifang)
糜芳 (子方)

Sanguozhi Officer Biography
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Mi Fang, styled Zifang, was the Grand Administrator of Nanjun, and was serving together with Guan Yu. However, for personal gains he betrayed against Liu Bei and defected to Sun Quan, and caused to Guan Yu’s demise. Mi Zhu tied himself up and asked to be punished, but the First Ruler tried to comfort him by telling him that a fault is never passed from brother to brother, and he treated him as well as ever before. Nonetheless, Mi Zhu became sick from shame and remorse, and died a little after one year.

His son, Mi Wei, reached the rank of Tiger-swift General of the Interior, and Wei’s son, Mi Zhao, became Inspector of the Tiger Cavalry. For three generations from Mi Zhu to Mi Zhao, all were comfortable with horses and bows and arrows, and were said to be talented at driving chariots and shooting.

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Translated from Chen Shou’s Sanguozhi