Biography (SGZ): Cao Shuo

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Cao Shuo
Lifespan: Unlisted

Sanguozhi Officer Biography
Pei Songzhi in Blue, Translator Notes in Green
Translated by jiuwan (Giao Chau)

The Prince of Xiang Shang was named Cao Shuo (I), who died early. In the third year of Tai He [AD 229] he was conferred a posthumous title. In the first year of Qing Long [AD 233], his son Prince of Min, Cao Qian (II) inherited it but died that year. In the second year [234], Cao Qian’s son Prince of Huai, Cao Yan inherited [the title], his fiefdom was increased 2500 households. He died in the fourth year [236] with no heir, the line ended there. In the second year of Zheng Yuan [AD 255], the Prince of Le Ling – Cao Mao’s son Cao Yang, the Duke of Dou Xiang was adopted to continue the line of Cao Shuo.

I: Cao Shuo was mothered by Lady Liu. She gave birth to Prince of Feng Min – Cao Ang, Cao Shuo and Princess Qing He – who became the wife to Xiahou Mao.
II: Cao Qian was adopted from Cao Jun.

Copyright © 2003 jiuwan (Giao Chau)
Translated from Chen Shou’s Records of the Three Kingdoms annoted by Pei Songzhi